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  1. It isn't approved for people over 65 simply because few people over 65 were included in the trials. Some countries are using it and some are not. Experience with it in Scotland and France are showing very high immunity rates in people over 65. UK vaccination rates are so high because they are producing and using a lot of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The US government has decided not to allow any export of vaccines to anyone until all Americans have been vaccinated. It doesn't matter what kind of contracts we negotiated. We are just damn lucky the EU didn't do the same.
  2. I don't know what to say about where you live but restaurants where I live they have been using plexiglass dividers since before last fall. Scientists give the advice, politicians either take it or they don't. Most public health experts in this country have been on the same page but the same cannot be said of all provinces or the attitudes of their citizens.
  3. This has killed over two million world wide in the past year, including a half million Americans. Doctors and scientists lying for some nefarious reasons that you can't name. LOL
  4. In this case the science is epidemiologists, public health professionals, specialists in the problem at hand and the medical professionals who take their cues from them. Not anti vax, anti mask homeopaths from Denman Island like Steven Malthouse. If you are close to people outdoors, masks are probably a good idea. Went to a restaurant last night. You have to wear a mask to and from your table and then you can take it off. Tables were all decently spaced and separated by six foot plexiglass dividers. They aren't all clueless policies, they are policies that try to give businesses a chance
  5. Brand new virus. Why did people expect 100% knowledge on day one? Some scepticism of political motives is not unhealthy, rejecting science is.
  6. They are finding it has good efficacy now that it is actually in mass usage but it will take awhile for real world evidence to modify more narrow trial data.
  7. Not a leftist liberal, just a conservative who believes in science and facts. You won't provide links from credible sources because you can't.
  8. The BC plan was outlined a few weeks ago. Today there was the big announcement giving details.
  9. You should get some help with those voices you are hearing. Do you actually research them or just swallow everything you want to believe?
  10. Why do you think they won't. BC just announced this today and they were very clear that it all depends on how much of each vaccine we get and when. No one's plan can be cast in stone
  11. BC has already decided. Now that LTC homes and their workers are done it will be done on an age basis starting on March 8 with those over eighty and other highly vulnerable first, then working down in five year increments. The AZ vaccine will initially be offered to first responders, teachers etc out of their age bracket if they want to be done right away or they can wait until they are eligible for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. The AZ vaccine trials showed it 62% effective against symptoms. Real world use has shown it to be over 90% effective in preventing hospitalizations and 100% eff
  12. Yup. About the same population as BC which has had almost 1400 deaths. You might as well say the cause of every death is death.
  13. Just seven days. The majority certainly agree. Ardern just got the first majority in a country with a proportional system.
  14. That's what they have been doing in the past. They react fast to cases, then they get back to normal. 30,000 people were watching rugby matches not long ago.
  15. No one wants to play the virus game anymore but the virus doesn't give a shit. You won't get your normal life back again until a majority of people have been vaccinated. Rant all you want, it isn't going to happen.
  16. Yup and in a week they will be out and about again leading normal lives.
  17. And then there is New Zealand https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/zealands-auckland-starts-second-lockdown-224359651.html
  18. Why do you think posting here would accomplish anything? Do you think the government takes direction from this forum? BTW. Where did you get your medical degree?
  19. Well, you could wait another five or ten years until these companies do a few dozen more butt covering trials. Your choice.
  20. So what's your plan other than trusting professionals? Facebook? Sounds like you haven't learned anything to me.
  21. The medical data doesn't come from politicians. It comes from medical professionals and scientists who are learning more about this virus and the effectiveness of vaccines on a daily basis. Not learning a damn thing since last March isn't a strategy for success.
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