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  1. It's not for a communist takeover. Goodness. Hospitals are now flooded and there are people who are actually dying. Not because we don't see it means that we should not believe that the pandemic is real. We all want to get back to our normal lives, yes, me too! But knowing the risks is one thing. There had been many pandemics before and people abided by the rules even if they didn't like it. I mean, can't we all just follow the rules and sacrifice our old habits for everyone's sake?
  2. I don't think that it's no longer whether it should be Trump or Biden. Enough with the protests, Biden won. Let's all just look forward to a better America and hope for the best in his term. All president didn't win by landslide votes. There will always be people who can say negative about who is in position. For now, let us just wait for what Biden can do for the country. Let's also be wary of his actions so that we can point out things when they go wrong.
  3. I know we are all entitled to our opinions but I definitely do not agree that statues and street names should be changed. Also, if people were to look for something that is located ion that street, wouldn't they refer to is as the former Churchill street? I mean, changing the name is pointless. Also, he really wasn't that great but he did play a large part in history and it needs to be acknowledged. let's not revise history.
  4. It's not actually limiting your personal rights. Technically speaking, it's just common etiquette and respect that we do these things. It's no longer about the rights. Practicing your rights don't necessarily mean that you are free enough to not abide by the rules. I mean, we all want to do something, but we're not always entitled to what we want because sometimes it's not right. Same goes for travelling even thought there is a pandemic. Just keep your masks on, everyone. LOL.
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