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  1. It "freely" allows the super-rich to plunder our economies so that they can "freely" move that wealth to overseas secret bank accounts and "freely" choose not to pay taxes on it. Yay freedom!
  2. I think there is probably a real word to describe this, but I don't know what it is, so I call it "moral infrastructure." "Moral infrastructure" = "the values, beliefs and behaviors that allow a society to operate in a certain way safely and peacefully". For instance, if you live in a town where people can safely leave their doors unlocked, you have the moral infrastructure to support the lifestyle choice of not locking your door. I worry that bad actors are making a ton of money by undermining the moral infrastructure that supports free speech.
  3. Anyone following Trump is an extreme right winger - where else on the spectrum could they possible be located? Having read that article, it does not claim that anyone on the left or the center helped storm the capitol building. That said, on the more interesting question of what this portends for Canadian democracy - bear with me, this takes some explanation. Free speech is the idea that we ought to be free to speak our beliefs without fear of government censorship and retaliation. Speech acts are when, by saying something, we are also performing an action. Marriage vows, de
  4. Mr. O'Toole is, in my eyes, a big step up from Mr. Scheer. I think the best thing he could do is the same as the best thing any politician can do - advocate for clearly understood policies that will benefit Canadians. We have a real dearth of policy discussion right across the political spectrum. I think this is partly because of our education system (it functions for the benefit of the employer, not the student, parent or society) leaves those without university education at a large cognitive disadvantage, and partly because the non-wealthy have to spend so much time working to make ends m
  5. This is an interesting thread. It prompted me to go back and revisit the story. After much googling, I was not able to find the controversial comments in context. This is very strange to me. I mean, if I were in Mrs. Ford's shoes and believed my comments were being taken out of context, I suppose I would publish the entire "secret" conversation in full, provide that context, and then answer any questions Canadians had for me. If I were a reporter, rather than insinuating that someone is a white supremacist, I would give the raw, unedited transcript, highlighting the problematic areas
  6. Not being raised in gun culture myself, I initially found the idea of "banning assault rifles" to be kind of a no-brainer. I mean, why do we allow private ownership of weapons designed to kill large numbers of people? Turns out it is more complicated than that. If anyone is interested, hop on youtube and search for 'beau of the fifth column gun control.' He doesn't have all the answers, but does explain the complications involved in a pretty easy to follow way. As a result of having watched his videos, I understand why this legislation is a foolish waste of money.
  7. Try telling that to the Hell's Angels.
  8. To the question in the OP - very few Canadians vote Liberal as their first choice. However, FPTP makes it so that the Liberals can tell Canada, "If you don't vote for us the Conservatives will get in."
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