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  1. For sure, didn't mean to put words in your mouth there. Agreed that those topics are under-taught nowadays, IMO our democracy suffers for it. Yeah, I see the problem you're getting at. For me the problem isn't ideology itself, it's that a)Most of us don't know what an ideology is or what ours is, b)Most of us lack the context and... political maturity?... to be able to engage with people of different ideologies, and c)A tiny group of people is making huge money by polluting public discourse with falsifiable untruths, bad-faith arguments, misleading information and an emphasis on provoki
  2. *this comment scrubbed to avoid spreading misinformation. Thanks to Argus for the fact-check*
  3. I think this touches on a ongoing and important debate - should we be discouraging people from going to university for things which will not increase their earning potential? There are reasonable arguments that can be made for both sides, but I have not read very many people arguing that non-STEM degrees have value as well, so I'll go ahead and make a brief argument in favour or things like philosophy, history, etc. Which skills do you need to be an informed, responsible voter? Do we try to give those skills to people in public education? Do we do a good job? If they don't get those s
  4. Agreed that this Liberal government is error-prone - seems the only target they can reliably hit is their own foot, which is a neat trick considering how often it's in JT's mouth. IMO Trudeau is in the same place Harper was in before Trudeau came on the scene - most Canadians want to move away from him, but feel they lack a credible alternative. I completely understand anyone who doesn't see Trudeau as a serious adult, but at this point in time he is the status quo, and keeping the status quo is always the easiest thing to do, from a purely political standpoint. The NDP is in worse sha
  5. Was astonished to see 6 pages of discussion about this question. FWIW, this would be a very simple, easy and uncontroversial question if people only knew that "Communist" is a word that actually has a specific definition. Unfortunately, it is rarely used correctly in mainstream media. To avoid controversy, I googled "communism definition". From Oxford languages: a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. There actually
  6. Solid point. For me, Guns, Germs and Steel and Collapse! were both very informative and important reads. Highly recommended.
  7. A few thoughts - as technology gets more advanced and more complicated, society does as well. As a result, the problems faced by society will continue to get more complicated as humanity progresses, and therefore our morality must also become more complicated. Put another way, the easy problems were solved a long time ago. Most of the people who go to university are there as an economic investment. Many degrees that will increase your earning potential will not contribute to your ability to be a better voter. I believe that the best voters would be those who are well versed in history,
  8. I would respectfully invite you to consider that civility is the lubricant that allows people who disagree with one another to have fruitful conversations. I worked for more than 3 hours on that post. I am not perfect and neither is it, but it's hard to have a useful conversation with a person who is as angry as you seem to be. I hope that, at some point in time, you will be able to calm down, and if that happens I'll be happy to engage with you about this or any other matter. In the meantime, I wish you all the best. Principle of charity - Wikipedia
  9. Respectfully, taxation isn't theft. We vote on our politicians and our politicians set our taxes. Taxation is legal, theft is not. I am not aware of a nation anywhere that has no taxes. Canadians are free to give their money to whoever they want, and (I believe) the person who receives it declares it as "earnings" and is taxed on it as though it were any other form of income. This is in accordance with the law, and the laws are created by the politicians we vote for. Frustrating at times? You betcha. Theft? Sorry, "theft" is a word that already has a legal meaning. I had not hear
  10. I think most people would argue that states have the right to taxation - not sure if you consider that arbitrary or not. Agreed that being poor does not confer virtue. I would argue that "property law" is enforced in Canada - if you want to evict your tenant the state will help you (after making you jump through a bunch of hoops), if someone destroys your property the police will come and they will get a fine and/or some time (if they're caught), if your employees go on strike the state will legislate them back to work and if they defy that legislation the state will authorize police violenc
  11. No offense taken I didn't mean any either. A lot of what I call "political literacy" is stuff I've only learned in the past few years, and nobody tried to teach it to me in school. Agreed the Liberals used to be much more fiscally responsible, and that they just got elected by running on an NDP platform then welching on the parts they were "just kidding" about. FWIW, I'm scared of China and the US too, I don't blame anyone in government for those emotions, but I do think they ought to have a plan of some kind, and if the Liberals have deviated from their "economic engagement will improve C
  12. Stick-tap for the good sleuthing! Geez, it's getting to the point where you need a university education and thirty hours per week of research to really know what's going on in the news. I am so grateful for the internet, warts and all, because it reduces the ability of gigantic corporations to decide which information we need to know and which we don't.
  13. You do have a point - I was overgeneralizing too much. That said, it's hard for me to see any privately owned, for-profit business as being any farther left than Social Democrat (those are the folks who think we should work within the bounds of capitalism using democracy to advocate for more socialism). Also, many things are not privately owned in Canada, from roads to schools to bridges to airports to hospitals to prisons to parliament. I think I might have misunderstood you on that one though, maybe you meant something else? Interesting point about CNN. I do what I can to avoid 24 h
  14. Haha I've been that guy. Well, not literally, I just mean "sincerely believing that things I saw on TV about American law applied in Canada."
  15. Solid points here. I would probably look to create a few Crown corporations and funnel taxpayer contributions to research and development to them. That way the taxpayer owns the IP of whatever techs they produce, as opposed to how things work now, where we give money to companies to fund their r&d, then they keep the profits.
  16. Sorry, noticed this post after the other one 😕 I totally believe you when you say you've seen a changing platform on the web that claims to represent BLM. I have not yet been able to find any evidence that they are one group, I am totally not an expert (which you probably already knew :P). I think that there are multiple competing movements using the same 'BLM' brand, which makes dealing with them more difficult for sure. Like with Occupy, when 'The Man' finally got around to asking what their demands were, and all the Occupiers started shouting contradictory things at the same time.
  17. Thanks for reading the link keep in mind that was one group out of many. Much like today, there were many competing voices with many competing opinions and many different agendas. Much like today, it takes a lot of background education to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff. I avoid all 24 hour "news" stations as much as possible, I consider them to be privately owned propaganda empires. I don't know who CNN's favourite author is, but I can think of many reasonable adults who would say some pretty uncomplimentary things about Trump, Republicans, Brett Kavanaugh and the Georgia el
  18. Who are "the people?" Is it a club I can join? Are there meetings? Which changes are they making, specifically? Are they making those changes based on the best available, peer-reviewed science? Who are they accountable to? Do they release progress reports? I'm not trying to be a clever jerk, I get that government will always be imperfect and frustrating, but what is the alternative? If we weaken our government, it will leave a power vacuum. Who will fill that vacuum, if not profit-driven multinational corporations? What legal, nonviolent means does one individual have to oppose a
  19. In 1987 I was a nerdy 6 year old who really liked astronomy. I read every book I could find in my local library about our solar system, and because I was way out in the sticks, most of those books were written in the 50s-70s. I learned that Venus is farther away from the Sun than Mercury is, but Mercury is much less hot - surface temperature of Venus is ~900F while on Mercury is ~800F, even though Venus is about 31 million miles farther from the Sun than Mercury. The reason, I learned, is because Venus' atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and methane, which are "greenhouse gasses" that trap
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