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  1. I think what it comes down to is, people see Meghan as an imposter. I just don't see Meghan as a trashy girl from the hood. Unlike some of the snobs in the Royal family, Meghan seems organic. They could of used her to help connect with the global community, and instead blew it, by allowing the press to throw her under bus. With Meghan's acting experience, they should of had her traveling the world. She could have made powerful speechs, and that would have improved public relations for the Monarchy.
  2. It's very snobby for us to be commenting on who other people fall in love with. At the end of the day, it's no one's business who wealthy people choose to love. Have you ever dated someone, and had a bunch of your friends put your relationship under a microscope? Then you know what it feels like for Harry to constantly be defending Meghan against the world. Maybe we should all just wish the best for them, and leave them alone.
  3. Like I said, what I don't understand is why the men of these countries would want woman to have their clitoreses removed. It sounds like a great way to have their wives lose interests in sex, so they're end up with blue balls.
  4. Yeah, but that's like saying a broken arm is going to hurt more than a broken finger. If both are painful, than both should be outlawed. We need to wake up to our hyprocrisy. If we're appauled by those who take away girls ability to feel sexual pleasure, than maybe it's time to re-think what we've been taught to believe about circumcision.
  5. So if we're so appauled by female genital mutulation, why do we continue to be so tolerant of circumsion in Canada?
  6. Look at the origins of circumcision. Religious parents were worried that if their boys started masturbating, they would be spiritually condemed. So they started removing the foreskin, thinking it would reduce the likelyhood of them masturbating. Circumsion was invented to reduce sexual sentation. The overall reduction in pleasure between loosing the foreskin, and losing the clitoris, is less severe, but the principle is the same. When you amputate nerve endings, it reduces sexual sensitivity. That's why non-consensual circumcision should be made illegal. There is no basis for allowin
  7. The tried destablizing a lot of countries at once. Look into the weapons smuggling out of Libya into Syria, and the Benghazi connection.
  8. We only accept circumsision, because we're use to it in our culture. When you look at it scientifically, there is no legitament reason to remove the foreskin. The foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis. When you remove it, sexual pleasure goes down. I think it should be illegal, until the child can make an informed choice.
  9. Well the men who want their women to undergo female genital mutulation are idiots. What good is having a less horny wife around? Imagine hearing, i'm sorry but i'm not in the mood all the time. If a guy wants to enjoy sex, it's more fun, when the girl smiles back at you. It's not fun when your girlfriend looks back at you with an uncomforable stare.
  10. It shows the hypocrisy. Circumsision is technically male genital mutilation. The only reason why our ancestors did, it was to prevent children from masturbating, because they thought it would bring them bad luck.
  11. As a guy who's uncut, I can tell you from first hand experience that your wrong. Having the foreskin caressed is a lot more pleasurable than having a girl grip the middle of your shaft.
  12. Canada fully supports Male Genital Mutilation. Don't you see the hypocrisy here? Studies show that went you amputate the foreskin, males lose a significant amount of pleasure. It's almost like removing the clitoris. We're so brainwashed, we're told that uncut guys look growse. I think all genetical mutulation should be made illegal. If a guy over 18 wants his foreskin removed, let him have it removed. It should be a choice made by the individuals, and not the parents at birth. You're saying Muslims are barbaric for removing girls clitorises, yet the Canadian government allows for boys to
  13. It was an election between the worlds greatest narcasist, and a war criminal. Pick Your Poison. This is why I sometimes vote independant.
  14. Here's Hillary Clinton celebrating her own war crimes. Did it have anything to do with your visit? "I'm sure it did."
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