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  1. I think the answer is a strong national identity. I made this video outlining it. But in essence a national identity would help political engagement/education by way of personalizing national matters. If you have time watch the video and critique my concepts (I'm always looking to strengthen/adapt them through scrutiny). Canada who? - YouTube
  2. We are 100% a weak democracy. And I'm not sure that one could point at free and fair elections as the salient feature to buttress a claim that Canada is a democracy, I mean sure a free and fair election is absolutely a critical component to a democracy. But there seems to be something that I see being consistently left out of the conversation surrounding democracy. An engaged and politically informed citizenry. The last time that half of the population even voted was in 1993. That's the highest that we have set the bar in 27 years. The bar is on the floor. Sure the constitution allows us
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