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  1. Ya have to remember only 42 million idiots voted for Perverts Joe Biden and ho Kamala harris POTUS Trump got 95 million votes in 2020 so lets see if Biden makes his first 6 months the way its going in his ist 100 days is HELL NO the riots , Covid 19 the Russians China , lets see if Vladamire takes the Democrat's and 1/2 of the Republicans out to lunch with poison Vodka for Nancy Pelosi and all
  2. HOE Kamala Harris is now a Republican wow Pervert Joe Biden's 1st 100 days was a disaster but she in now a Republican you can keep the Whore
  3. I have proof the HOE Kamala Harris banged Barack Obama, and Michele Obama the gay guys both the Obama's kids are Hoe Kamala Harris , Her campaign payed $1.500 a night for black boys under the age of 16 to bang her for a year in cheap hotels a filth Pig is what Harris is she has more stain s on her pants than Monica had on her dress from Bill Clinton a black slut. They do not call Kamala Harris that old brad with her legs spread wide open, YOUR slut has started a VD epidemic in Washington DC since 01/20/2021
  4. Anyone get a good laugh out of this per stage rehearsed for 9 day clown show. Reading from cards to see who he would call on, questions like what ice cream do you like, How is live in the White house, what time are you taking a nap. I laughed so hard it made me want to call in with Americas Questions like 1 Illegal Immigration, why can no Journalist see whats going on two , covid19 not the fake numbers the White house3 and the media publish their are still 2,000 Americans dying a day, CDC says in 2021 they expect another 900,000 to die, North Korea, China, Russia nuclear threat US economy is n
  5. ya want the real story see c-span the 17 Senators that had to go too Mexico to see what is going on on the Southern Border of the US check anywhere on the net they have posted the pics, its like animals in a cage, filthy living conditions, people piled on to top of people, NO COVID 19 tests or PPE or restrictions, The Covid 19 death totals are already rising again in the US shots in arms that pervert Joe Biden claims are false less than 100 million people, of witch 620,000 were given under POTUS Trump and warp speed
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