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  1. Ok but all this doesn't eliminate the question about the doctrine itself because if for exmple this doctrine is criminogenic even if the behavior of the Muslims were better there will always be this sacralized doctrine which incites to commit criminal acts.
  2. In the form of Godwin's law, if we were talking about Nazism instead of Islam, I would say that there are many reasons besides the doctrine that can be found, such as the economic crisis, the consequences of the first world war, but all of this doesn't eliminate the question of the doctrine itself because for the Nazi doctrine some nazophobes think that it incites to negative things. In normal form, if we talk about Islam, there are many reasons besides the doctrine that we can find (well, for Muhammad it's an old story but for Osama Bin Laden or Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi it will be easier
  3. François De Smet said : The godwin point shows that in a society marked by the instantaneous writing, by a liberalization of the word... uh inevitably we manage to exchange more quickly radical arguments because when we are online we exchange in short format... and well there is no more binding, all this communication (a glance, a dead time etc.) and we arrive directly to that the bottom collides [...] [...] What is curious about social networks is that we are in a very strong liberalization of freedom of expression [...] I do Cherry picking just because I want to say if I don't
  4. (I get help from a translator because it is not easy for me to speak English) François De Smet said : We live in an environment where the second world war and its qualifiers of evil and good are still prevalent simply because we don't really have an ideology of good in stock anymore, on the other hand we know what evil is by experimentation [...]
  5. I'm watching a Youtube video ( François De Smet - Reductio ad Hitlerum ) and François De Smet worke a book about reductio ad Hitlerium and godwin'law.
  6. In many discussions we find ourselves talking about Hitler or Nazism when it had little or nothing to do with the Second World War and also that it may not be comparable.
  7. In this video you can see David Miscavige (the big boss after the death of L.Ron Hubbard) and Tom Cruise.
  8. I think, the manipulation of the Abrahamic religions is first about the falsification of History and we talk about an old History. If I talk a guru like Muhammad the problem is we don't even have strong evidence that he existed, if I talk about Lafayette Ronald Hubbart we have evidence of his existence and many other elements. After it is a question of power, of terrorism (in the broadest sense, there is notably intellectual terrorism), of the number of followers, of propaganda, and of conditioning (which can notably be educational).
  9. The news religions don't like to talk about god, godness, angel or demon (fantasy). They prefer to talk about alien or extraterrestrial (science fiction). Lafayette Ronald Hubbart (the guru who founded the Scientology religion) is a mythomaniac and a swindler (he was sentenced in absentia to four years in prison for swindlering in France) . He likes the science fiction and he published many science fiction stories. Tom Cruise was first manipulated but then he becomes a manipulator in his turn, which makes him dangerous.
  10. "Mission Scientology : Tom Cruise" If you know to speak French you have "Secrets d'actualité - Tom Cruise, l'autre visage" (on Youtoube) who is a good video. I'm going to watch "Scientology: The Science of Truth or the Art of Deception? | Full Movie | Sabine Weber" and if not I know another video ("THE SECRETS OF SCIENTOLOGY FULL DOCUMENTARY") who is intersting. According to the British journalist Andrew Morton, author of Tom Cruise, an unauthorized biography, the actor would have become the number 2 of Scientology.
  11. And there is global jihadism ( Jihadism - Wikipedia ) : " Jihadism with an international, Pan-Islamist scope is also known as global jihadism. Studies show that with the rise of ISIS, many European Muslims, from countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, France, and Switzerland, traveled to Syria to join the global Jihad. "
  12. In the video EDL Pat Condell The American Dhimmi : " but I still think christianity is a laughable raft of insulting nonsense that any intelligence six-yeard-old child would dismiss out of hand if they were allowed to have a mind of their own " Ok I think he proved that he's not a Christianophile.
  13. There is just one Quran. Ok it is true in theory and it would be the Samarkand Kufic Quran because if I understood correctly all the copy and paste is done on this Quran, the one of Muhammad's time would not exist anymore (or only parts of the Quran). Now this Quran was written in Quranic Arabic (French is arabe littéraire and Irak is a country that knows how to speak this Arabic from what I understand ) and notably Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi come from Irak so he is his terrorist group to more legitimize to speak and know Islam that a lot of Muslims because he is normaly in knowledge of the Ar
  14. (I copied and pasted the title of a topic from a French-speaker forum) What is radical Islamism ? For simplicity, it is the Islamic theology of ISIL ( Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant - Wikipedia ). If I understand the title of the topic in the first degree (in the strict sense of the words). The problem is in Sunni Islam there isn't only the Koran but also the sahih ahadith (who are also used by ISIL). So In other words, the question is rather : In theory, Radical Islamism is when the Muslims try to practice the Koran and the sahih ahadith 100% ?
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