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  1. Relax homie. This is more than the killing of one man. This is about a government that has, for so long, received very little criticism because they have been able to buy the support of most Western governments. Now that they have taken out a fellow journalists, the normally docile mainstream media is talking about the situation and the situation goes well beyond a journalist who dared to criticize the prince and the Saudi policies. Saudi Arabia’s brash young crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, under scrutiny over the Khashoggi case, now faces a fresh reckoning for his ruthless prosecution of the war in Yemen — yet another foreign policy debacle for Saudi Arabia, and a catastrophe for the Arab world’s poorest country. Link Don't worry. There is plenty of room to still criticize the brutal and corrupt Iranian mullahs and the racist Israeli regime. Don't let the attention that this news is receiving from stopping you from fighting for justice.
  2. The Turks are playing the Saudis beautifully — they drip-drop evidence to preempt the Saudi “rogue elements” narrative — through Trump and Kushner the Saudis are trying to find out how much the Turks know to tailor their bullshit accordingly —but the Turks are keeping their cards close to their chest and don’t divulge — Pompeo bought the Saudis a few more days for 100 million dollars wired to US — the Turks are not buying — The momentum between Turkish and US journalists is magnificent — Riyadh is outmaneuvered — Istanbul, Washington DC, and New York are triangulating — this is transnational journalism at its best — yes the Turkish officials are using the Turkish media for their own purposes — but so are Turkish journalists using their officials for the dignity of their own profession— what they feed the Post and the Times is indispensable—I tip my hat to Turkish journalists—without them the story would be stillborn— Yes Erdogan will soon tighten the faucet to strike a lucrative deal with the Saudis and Trump —but by then the cat is out of the bag in Istanbul and entrusted to transnational media — by which time what is left of Kashoggi’s body will have to be found — We are witness to the glory of transnational investigative journalism outmaneuvering pernicious power to reveal the truth — all the power to them! Link
  3. Goddess, you need to chill with the brush strokes and stereotypes. There are so many different types of Muslims. You only show your ignorance by continuously commenting on how Muslims are like this or like that. It's like someone commenting that all Christians have the same exact thoughts and beliefs. Even if you try to validate your generalized comments with "some", you are still showing your ignorance. It shows that you have no clue about the diversity of people and are only looking at the situation from a small, ignorant lens.
  4. When someone who is not a Canadian citizen is charged with a criminal offence, immigration officials will be notified. You could lose your permanent resident status and you could be deported to your country of origin if you are convicted of a serious crime. A crime is serious if: the maximum sentence you could get is 10 or more years in prison (even if you get a shorter sentence), or the sentence that you do get is more than six months in prison.
  5. Sounds like you're too drinking the Trump coolaid. Trump' has had a lot of failures and this administration is on the list of many failures. Trump Airlines -- Failed Trump Casinos -- Failed Trump Mortgage -- Failed Trump University -- Failed Trump Vodka -- Failed China Connection -- Failed Bankruptcies -- Four of them Remind me again, what makes him such a winner, besides him continuously telling the world that he is? Here are some charts that show that Trump's performance has not made any real change in the US economy or it is just following Obama's performance: this downward trend began during President Barack Obama's time in office. When Mr Obama left the White House, unemployment was 4.8%. Following the global economic crash, the labour force participation rate in the US fell dramatically and now stands at 63%. It has remained stable since Mr Trump was elected.
  6. Trump's strategy is to collapse the Iranian gov. Iran's strategy is to wait out the Trump presidency. IF both strategies are viable, the question is: Will Trump be impeached before Iran's gov collapses, or will Iran collapse first? If the former starts become true, will Netanyahu start a war?
  7. This is what you're trying to justify. Thumbs up, buddy. 41 men targeted but 1,147 people killed: US drone strikes – the facts on the ground
  8. The potential bombing of NAFTA doesn't have anything to do with Trudeau. I never voted for Trudeau and will never vote for him. But c'mon. Stop being one of those people who tries to fault EVERYTHING on Trudeau. Trump is trying to bully people into accepting whatever he wants. He's not even consulting with the States to see how a change in NAFTA could effect him. He's all hot air. That's all he is. After all of this hot air and stage acting, he'll end up making a couple minor changes and then call it a win. There are too many states that need NAFTA to continue as it is. Their number one partner in trade is Canada and there is the reliance on immigration to fill skilled position that they're not able to find any Americans to do. Yes. Bankers and energy companies who lobby not only Trudeau, but also they did with Harper and they do with Trump. Find it in yourself to look at the system and not at individuals. EVERY one of these politicians (Trudeau/Trump/Harper) have learned to accept the system, in order to be able to continue to stay in power. It's oil prices. Canada's economy, at least compared to the Harper., is actually doing better. Unemployment rate? What you can argue is federal spending, where Trudeau has set records. But this was not done secretly or without notice. He ran on increasing spending. I may not agree with it, but he ran on a platform where he said he is going to increase spending, including money towards infrastructure: But then again, Trudeau's spending is not much different than Harper's. Important to note that Trudeau is spending during a time where the economy is doing well, where Harper had to deal with the world economic down turn. That said, Harper's last few years included some of the highest spending anyway: With the Liberals planning to spend $8,337 per person in 2017, the government of Justin Trudeau is close to breaking the all-time record for per-capita federal expenditures, according to a new report by the Fraser Institute. The number one spot, however, remains Stephen Harper. The Conservative leader hit a per-Canadian total of $8,375 in 2009 when he was overseeing spending increases intended to counteract the effects of the global recession. Note that liberal's spending, Chretien!
  9. Trump can't just kill NAFTA. It's not that simple. El Presidente doesn't have that much power. Mexico might be agreeing to some concessions, but Canada does have an upper hand. Canada has the U.S. states on its side, as there are numerous states who disagree with Trump on making any changes to the trade agreement. The usual people here, who blame stepping on dog shit on Trudeau, want to blame Trump's style of so-called negotiation, on Trudeau. Kind of like the hissy fit by Saudi Arabia showed, when Canada made a comment like they usually do about human rights. The usual suspects blamed Trudeau for S.A.'s hissy fit. Trump believes he has the upper hand in all of these agreements. To a point, he does. However, now he is trying to bully his way through agreements, treaties and foreign policy without really looking at the big picture. Have you asked yourself, what has Trump accomplished with his style so far? Take North Korea for example: Is North Korea disarmed? Not really. Is it going that way? Not really. Does Trump even have a plan or an agreement in place? Not really. What about the backlash Trump has received for his work permit and immigration stance? When you have an overwhelmingly number of tech workers from outside of U.S. Trump is all huff and puff, and the idiots fall for it. What do the experts say about the potential of NAFTA being canceled? Here is Phil Levy, senior economist for trade on President George W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers: It took Congress to pass NAFTA and it should take Congress to kill NAFTA. These agreements are not treaties, but rather international deals that only come into effect when Congress passes “implementing legislation.” As things stand, there is some ambiguity, because the agreement itself allows for countries to withdraw, and the president would be the one to initiate such a withdrawal. But a president should not be able to revoke a law unilaterally. Further, the Constitution grants Congress, not the president, the power “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations.” Congress could pass new legislation clarifying this constitutional assignment of responsibilities. One might expect the White House to oppose any diminution of its power, but we’ve already seen Congress overcome such reluctance in the case of sanctions on Russia. To do it here would require some bipartisan understanding of the damage NAFTA withdrawal would do. Here is Rob Scott, director of trade and manufacturing, Economic Policy Institute: Trump can withdraw from parts of NAFTA without the consent of Congress, but it would have limited effects on trade or investment with Mexico or Canada. The NAFTA Implementation Act, which cannot be revoked without the consent of Congress, says that if a country ceases to be a NAFTA partner, then tariff provisions of the agreement — rules that say that internationally traded goods are free from border taxes — will cease to be in effect. However, many other aspects of NAFTA would remain in effect, including provisions on government procurement, labor, and environmental conditions, services trade, and arbitration proceedings. Also, if NAFTA were revoked, the president would be free to raise tariffs, but only to levels agreed to under the World Trade Organization — the so-called most-favored-nation rates. Under those rates, tariffs on imported goods are only 2.7 percent for the United States, 4.6 percent for Mexico, and 2.4 percent for Canada. While noticeable, these tariffs would not cause large initial trade disruptions.
  10. It's fashionable to blame that on Trudeau, but our dollar follows oil prices.
  11. True. His handling of the situation, where the woman was shouting was not so good. At least we can give him some credit, if Trudeau were to be compared to the last prime minister. The last prime minister barely made any public appearances and limited questions to media that supported him or even paid his party. He never did any town hall meetings like Trudeau has and Trudeau has not engaged in muzzling government workers, like the scientists who weren't happy with Harper's policies. But yeah, who cares what Harper did and the fact that you supported him, let's continue with the double standards.
  12. I see that you're getting defensive when it gets pointed out that you support Netanyahu, another animal. This might be a new concept to you, but just because I don't support Netanyahu and Israel's violations of international law, it doesn't mean that I support others that do. It's okay to be against all of these animals, instead of selectively pick and choose, like you do.
  13. The unemployment rate has not changed much. There is the up and down, but at around 6%, we're doing pretty well to historical numbers. No there aren't that many refugees coming in, compared to the population and the rest of the immigrants. It's a drop in the bucket. You're getting hysterical over nothing. Here is our immigration rate, which has been below 1% of population for a long time. The number of immigrants coming in has been around 250,000 and currently sits at 300,000 (this includes the refugees): You should go look at jobbank.gc.ca. Companies, specifically in the tech, engineering and health industries cannot find workers. Just because your cousin Joe is unemployed, it doesn't mean that he can get a job in the oil fields in Alberta. You need to stop being so emotional and start looking at the information that is right in front of you before you begin to have strong opinions. Bringing families into through immigration is NOT easy. If you care to know more, go look at the immigration page and see the process that it involves. For example, Canada does not allow more than 10,000 parents/grandparents through the family sponsorship into the country per year. You also cannot sponsor your cousin, uncle, aunt, etc. The percentage of unemployed has not changed much when you look at the percentage. I recommend that you go with more than just feelings. We should cut down on military spending and put that money towards Canadians. Contrary to what you have in your head, immigrants are not a contributor to our debt and spending. In fact, research after research has shown that after the first year in Canada, immigrants become an asset after they get going.
  14. Trump continues to suck up just fine to Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson, the Israel First donor! You're just fine with him sucking up to and colluding with these (your) animals, of course.
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