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  1. Boom. Islamic terrorism is a lot less relevant in Canada than white supremacists. It's hilarious watching the cries that something is being "over-hyped". Especially from someone like the original poster.
  2. Do you have any examples of this or is this just an opinion? The Liberal party, when you look at their foreign policies and natural resources policies are pretty much the same as the Conservatives. They just gift wrap it differently. I would say that the CBC's commentators and coverage are more aligned with the NDP policies than the Liberals.
  3. Water is also good and a necessity, but if it's flooding the cities and villages, then it's bad. The rate of CO2 being emitted is tilting the balance of our planet. It's pushing the planet towards stronger and more natural disasters that are costing billions of dollars.
  4. The reality is that any prime minister could have gotten the following pipelines through. Pipeline #1 - Alberta Clipper (Line 67) pipeline expansion - This pipeline runs through Alberta and Saskatchewan, through crap land. No province or premier would get in the way of that. Pipeline #2 - Enbridge’s Southern Lights Pipeline - Same as above. Some of it went through southern Alberta, Sask and Manitoba. No push back for the pipeline from anyone. Pipeline #3 - Anchor Loop Project. - This was approved and permitted by the Liberals in 2004. Then built by the Conservatives. It's only 150km in length. Yay. Harper tried and tried hard to get the Trans Mountain through and failed. Now, the Conservative crowd is bitching about Trudeau not being able to get it through. The truth is that Harper failed like Trudeau did. But the hacks only complain about Trudeau.
  5. All this whining about Trudeau and the pipelines. How many pipelines did Harper get through during his decade of reign?
  6. No kidding. But they are from different spectrum of political ideology as well. The Koch brothers have invested heavily into conservative and libertarian candidates, think tanks and campaigns. Whereas Soros has invested heavily (although less than the Koch brothers) towards socialist/liberal candidates and causes.
  7. It's the classic fear of the unknown and the stereotypes that have been created in his head, in order to understand the unknown.
  8. Because majority of the people who want to come to Canada are from non-Western countries. See above for the reason why there are more from non-European countries. I have and do go to many right wing, alternative, sites. Yes. He wants to bring in 1 million immigrants in the next 3 years. That adds up to 300,000+ a year. Which is what our total is. Stop being the target audience of Fake News.
  9. Charles Koch, of the famous right wing, Libertarian Koch Brothers trusts him. Why is that?
  10. The Koch brothers put A LOT more money into influencing ideals in politics. Especially when it comes to natural resources. That said, oddly enough, Soros and Koch brothers have teamed up to push their anti-war agenda. There’s an unlikely pair of philanthropists behind Washington, DC’s, newest think tank. The new outfit, launched yesterday, is called the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, and it’s funded by liberal billionaire George Soros and libertarian billionaire Charles Koch. Its mission: to make the case against foreign wars. The Boston Globe broke the story yesterday, calling the team-up “one of the most remarkable partnerships in modern American political history.” Soros is, of course, widely hated on the right for his support of liberalized immigration and is frequently the target of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Koch, meanwhile, has come under fire for his contributions to the Republican Party and his opposition to climate policies. The Quincy Institute is named for US President John Quincy Adams, who said in an 1821 speech that America “goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.” https://www.vox.com/2019/7/1/20677441/soros-koch-end-interventionist-wars-military
  11. That's interesting information. I wonder why, with our relatively low population, our emissions are comparable with countries with 3 times+ our population. Is it due to our land size and the commuting? Then again, Russia and India are also huge and have many times more the population.
  12. So... in your head, he has said this, but in reality, he has not said it? Where did this conspiracy come from? Stop reading shitty memes and bullshit articles to get your information. Look at the information in front of you. Majority of our immigrants come in as skilled workers and our skilled worker system is based on points. The higher the points you have, the better the chances. You receive no points for which country you're from. You do receive points for education, language skills and work experience, however. This is the reality. You cannot maneuver around this reality. I don't get my queue from any particular media outlet or memes or posts on facebook and twitter. I try to go to the source. In this case, the source is the immigration policy and immigration statistics. Are you suggesting that the immigration point system is all a lie? Eh? There is no link to this "source".
  13. This type of conspiracy would need coordinated effort by several private entities to be in on it. I don't believe there is a conspiracy, because there is no way it would work. It's just not possible. I do believe that there are columnists and editors who may be leaning towards one way or another. For example: National Post - This paper + several local papers are owned by Post Media. This is generally a right leaning media outlet. Look at the editorials and you will see what I mean. They have historically been Conservative supporters. In fact, they ended up fully supporting the Cons in the last election. Here is what Post Media owns: National National Post Broadsheet dailies Calgary Herald Cornwall Standard Freeholder Edmonton Journal London Free Press Montreal Gazette Ottawa Citizen Regina Leader-Post The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) The Vancouver Sun (not related to the tabloid Sun newspapers also owned by Postmedia) Windsor Star Tabloid dailies Calgary Sun Edmonton Sun Ottawa Sun The Province (Vancouver) Toronto Sun Winnipeg Sun The Globe and Mail seems to be more at the centre. Toronto Star is more left leaning. As far as television: CBC - Their pundits are usually left leaning. Their coverage, I find, is actually quite balanced. A few examples of this is the coverage of the refugees coming into Canada. That extensive coverage did NOT help Trudeau. There was also the coverage of SNC-Lavalin. Their coverage of that was quite extensive as well and hurt Trudeau in the polls. CBC also gives a lot of voice to the environmental protesters and the First Nations, which are usually anti-Trudeau. So I disagree with what you say. There is no conspiracy.
  14. No. I encourage questioning intention of our government and all governments. But this is not about questioning our government. It has been demonstrated in this thread, that the article in your original post, is FAKE NEWS. Read the links that have been shared with you. Look at the fact that the same article, with a different country name has been posted numerous times. Despite these realities, you continue with backing the fake news.
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