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  1. Hudson Jones

    America under President Trump

    I see that you're getting defensive when it gets pointed out that you support Netanyahu, another animal. This might be a new concept to you, but just because I don't support Netanyahu and Israel's violations of international law, it doesn't mean that I support others that do. It's okay to be against all of these animals, instead of selectively pick and choose, like you do.
  2. Hudson Jones

    The Great Immigration Debate

    The unemployment rate has not changed much. There is the up and down, but at around 6%, we're doing pretty well to historical numbers. No there aren't that many refugees coming in, compared to the population and the rest of the immigrants. It's a drop in the bucket. You're getting hysterical over nothing. Here is our immigration rate, which has been below 1% of population for a long time. The number of immigrants coming in has been around 250,000 and currently sits at 300,000 (this includes the refugees): You should go look at jobbank.gc.ca. Companies, specifically in the tech, engineering and health industries cannot find workers. Just because your cousin Joe is unemployed, it doesn't mean that he can get a job in the oil fields in Alberta. You need to stop being so emotional and start looking at the information that is right in front of you before you begin to have strong opinions. Bringing families into through immigration is NOT easy. If you care to know more, go look at the immigration page and see the process that it involves. For example, Canada does not allow more than 10,000 parents/grandparents through the family sponsorship into the country per year. You also cannot sponsor your cousin, uncle, aunt, etc. The percentage of unemployed has not changed much when you look at the percentage. I recommend that you go with more than just feelings. We should cut down on military spending and put that money towards Canadians. Contrary to what you have in your head, immigrants are not a contributor to our debt and spending. In fact, research after research has shown that after the first year in Canada, immigrants become an asset after they get going.
  3. Hudson Jones

    America under President Trump

    Trump continues to suck up just fine to Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson, the Israel First donor! You're just fine with him sucking up to and colluding with these (your) animals, of course.
  4. Hudson Jones

    The Great Immigration Debate

    The Social Justice Warriors do mysteriously forget the parallels between Obama and Trump's policies. That's for sure. One difference between Trump's policy when it came to"separating children from parents" is that Obama only did it in particular circumstances, like for example, if a parent was carrying drugs. Under Trump, every family was separated.
  5. Hudson Jones

    The Great Immigration Debate

    It's important to understand what is happening before having an opinion on it - This information shows the similarity and the differences between Obama and Trump when it comes to prosecution of border crossers: Both presidents prosecuted many border crossers. But Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy created family separation. Prosecuting people for illegal entry into the US is not new. Illegal entry and illegal reentry have been the two most commonly prosecuted crimes in federal court for years — often via mass trials that basically prosecuted dozens of people at once. Obama didn’t start this trend, but he certainly continued it. While people charged with illegal entry or reentry made up as much as half of all people prosecuted in federal court in April 2018, they still made up only 10 percent of all people Border Patrol apprehended for crossing into the US between ports of entry. In other words, officials were still deciding not to prosecute a lot of people — or, at least, didn’t have the resources to prosecute a lot of people and so had to be deliberate in deciding who deserved to be prosecuted. As a general rule — though not always — people who said they feared persecution in their home countries and wanted asylum were not prosecuted. Neither were people who came to the US with their children. In April 2018, however, Trump’s Justice Department (led by Jeff Sessions) announced that they would start prosecuting every illegal entry case referred to them by the Department of Homeland Security. And in May 2018, Sessions and the Department of Homeland Security announced that they would start referring everyone who entered illegally for prosecution: “zero tolerance.” The Trump administration isn’t actually prosecuting everyone who crosses the border between ports of entry yet — or even the majority of them. But the implied corollary to the “zero tolerance” policy was that the Trump administration would no longer make decisions about whom to prosecute based on whether someone was seeking asylum — or whether they were a parent. That meant that parents were now being referred into the custody of the Department of Justice — while their children were separated from them and reclassified as “unaccompanied minors.” Trump made separating families a matter of standard practice. Obama did not. It’s not that no family was ever separated at the border under the Obama administration. But former Obama administration officials specify that families were separated only in particular circumstances — for instance, if a father was carrying drugs — that went above and beyond a typical case of illegal entry. We don’t know how often that happened, but we know it was not a widespread or standard practice. Under the Trump administration, though, it became increasingly common. A test of “zero tolerance” along one sector of the border in summer 2017 led to an unknown number of family separations. Seven hundred families were separated between October 2017 and April 2018. From May 7 to June 20, separating a family who had entered between ports of entry was the standard practice of the Trump administration. It was the default. Trump administration officials denied family separation was a “policy” for legalistic reasons, but they affirmed that “zero tolerance” prosecutions were a policy. Until Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday allowing families to be kept together in immigration detention while parents were prosecuted, the administration maintained that separating families was an inevitable outcome of prosecuting parents. Not every family was separated. But dozens of families a day were. At least 2,300 families were separated over those six or so weeks. We don’t know how many families were separated under the Obama administration, but there’s no reason to believe that it numbered in the thousands even over the eight years that Obama was president. Because it simply wasn’t standard practice. Under Trump, it was.
  6. Hudson Jones

    Iran needs some democracy

    From personal experience, there are so many different Muslims that it's hard to say "it's a Muslim thing". I'm half-Iranian and married to an Iranian. Iranians, in general, are not religious. In Iran itself, once you're indoors, most Iranian women remove their hijab. The older, more traditional Iranians may continue to wear them. But one thing I know is that, indoors, women are not scorned for not wearing the hejab in front of people. I certainly have never heard or noticed any resentment towards Muslim women who don't wear the hejab. However, this could be different for an average Saudi Muslim woman. But I don't know. I'm not immersed in the Saudi culture to know that.
  7. Hudson Jones

    Iran needs some democracy

    Love this post by Dr. Golbarg Bashi. There are a myriad of problems in Iran and no one knows about them better than those paying the price for trying to eradicate them within Iran. These problems range between extreme poverty, chronic unemployment, suffocating pollution, lack of water, street children, prostitution, political corruption and tyranny, inhuman, degrading treatment and punishment of prisoners, capital punishment, discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, race and overt gender apartheid in family and criminal law. I am aghast at the fact that Orientalism's greatest fascination, preoccupation with women's bodies has become the focus of now progressive media's attention on Iran (even in the age of Trump). Women's right to dress is among the many, many problems facing Iranians once their bellies are full, they are breathing relative fresh air, have access to health care etc etc. And they themselves are fighting for gaining this right among the many others since the mid 19th century CE. So if you think charlatans “fighting” from behind their laptops, funded by the U.S. government, making grand gestures of bravado (oh wow, look at my hair) is something to celebrate, report on…then be my guest. Iranian and American labor unions, women's rights activists, lawyers, millions of girls working the streets in Iran, they all thank you very much. They are surely waiting for you to report on their country in the same outlets that used the legitimate cause of women's rights to wage war on Afghanistan and Iraq. They'll be sending their special thanks for the bombs that are yet to liberate them and "re-build" their nation from their ashes, just like in neighboring Iraq...
  8. Happy for the boys! The rescue effort is still underway to save the children trapped in America.
  9. It's fun pointing out hypocrites. What better place to point them out than where they are displaying it?
  10. Hudson Jones

    Iran needs some democracy

    This is terrible. She is a popular instagram vloger. A beautiful dancer and a talented gymnast. Hopefully this will be more motivation for the people to rise against tyranny. I feel that these extremists are coming close to the end of their power. They're losing control. The boiling point within the Iranian people has been reached!
  11. Hudson Jones

    Iran needs some democracy

    You don't speak for Iranian people. Majority of Iranians were happy about the nuclear deal.
  12. I think it's a great story and I'm rooting for them personally. This is not about whether or not these kids deserve our attention or empathy. Just like Marcus, I find this so-called empathy you're trying to display here somewhat comedic, considering the ruthless, soulless comments you and others make here. Just look at your Syrians are terrorists comment. Thumbs up buddy!
  13. Nice. Syrians are all terrorists. Capricorn has "liked" your comment. Marcus has a point. You are all hypocrites.
  14. Hudson Jones

    Iran needs some democracy

    Any idea who John Bolton is? In case you don't know, he is one of the architects of the Iraq war. You are so out to lunch! You are distorting facts! I can't believe you want people to believe that the U.S. is just "giving incentives"! Hilarious! The world would definitely be a much better place if people did not try to cover, excuse and minimize all of the actors involved.
  15. Hudson Jones

    China nerves are buckling under trump

    What absolute B.S. Do some research before typing. Stop spreading fake information that occupies your mind.