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  1. Funny, I was thinking the same thing when I was reading your post, but I wasn't thinking it about Harper.
  2. Guess what? It's never going to happen. He's already gone down the road of bashing corporate Canada. He has also insulted right-of-centre voters by implying theyr'e part of the old scandal structure that exists between the Liberals and Conservatives. "They just go back and forth" I think were the words he used. For all those people who think Jack Layton is the second coming, I'd start re-examining that proposition. If you look at his rise in the polls, its come essentially because he's thrown eggs at the Cons and at Paul Martin. I still don't think Canadians have taken a close look at the g
  3. Also, I have yet to find a link to this new poll. Interesting. Laschinger's tricks?
  4. By the way, this leadership race is NOT a one member - one vote system of selection, as per the demands of the PC's. Therefore, any poll citing general percentages has to be taken with a grain of salt. A polling of the riding associations would be a much better assessment of where this race is going. If you recall, during the PC ratification of the merger deal, a sense of where the ridings were headed was being assembled in the run-up to the final vote. Only a similar compilation will get us anywhere, in my opinion. Who has the ridings and where. That's what we need to know. Plus, this p
  5. I don't know. Maybe you like dreaming or something. This party, for better or worse, is what they have right now. It took a lot to break it in the first place. It took a lot to put it back together again. These kinds of things don't happen every other year. All the important players are committed. Only thing that remains is the shape the new party takes in future years, not whether it continues to exist, in my opinion.
  6. There is no PC Party of Canada any more. Its now a part of the Conservative Party of Canada. Live with it!
  7. Morgan, This is not the PC Party. This is the Conservative Party. Let's try to remember that.
  8. I agree with that. My only concern is that this initial hyping turns out to bolster a candidacy into the leadership of this party when the substance isn't there. The media is already hyping her up. I suggest members of the party, or prospective members, let them do a lot of that stuff, and stick to some more sober scrutiny of our candidates.
  9. Well, yes you can. History has shown that tax cuts can have a stimulative effect on the economy, resulting in a net increase in tax revenues. A similar analogy would be a budget for a business. Yes, you can try to reduce costs. And you can charge more for your product and service to generate more revenue. But the latter tactic can actually serve to reduce sales and revenues. Putting more money in the economy and in people's pockets can make people happy, and can put more money in cash registers, which means more money for Mr. Government.
  10. Don't you read my posts? If you had you wouldn't be criticizing me with an unsubstantiated characterization. Here it is again for you: SHE HAS NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER! What is it about this statement you don't get? I'm sorry if I'm raining on the hopes of your dream candidate. But it IS substance that I'm worried about here. Policy positions are important. But in a leadership contest, how can you possibly ignore who it is that is providing those policiy positions. You seem to want to ignore her qualifications for leadership. I don't. And I hope the Conservative Party membershi
  11. Just how do you know that? Its one thing to have business smarts. Its quite another to have politcal smarts. And, for all we know, she could make Stockwell Day look like Winston Churchill.
  12. My stance on Belinda: SHE HAS VIRTUALLY NO QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE JOB! Doesn't matter what her policy positions are if she can't sell them to the public as a credible national leader. And, regarding patience, that's exactly what I'm asking for. Some of you think that patience means waiting for that moment when Belinda proves to us she is ready for the job. My definition of patience includes not going ga-ga over her candidacy because she looks good on camera and adopts a stand you find favourable on some paricular pet-issue. My definition is the safe one. Your definition, one that seems
  13. Please. That's a very knee-jerk response. And it doesn't take a partisan to obvserve that she did indeed trip up on a number of occasions. Whether she can improve on the performance is at issue. She stood their blank-faced while someone had to fix the teleprompter. A more skilled politico would have filled the time with some playful banter. I've seen Joe Clark do it in person. She seemed stumped on a few questions, not having anything to say for a few seconds - politicians simply don't do this. Her speech was flat and not very well written. She failed to give pause and emphasis in order f
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