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  1. Yeah sure, maybe in Quebec that is. The English language is the Lingua Franca of Canada and of the world.....get used to it. What provincial rights are those? It will be a long time if ever, I get used to Nazism and racist language policies. English never infringed on the rights of Canadians to chose another language. That is if you are stupid enough to chose another language other than the English language. If you think troublesome segregated, fractionated linguistic cultural societies are the right of Canadians, then I think Canada is headed for major problems, if we are not a
  2. It is difficult to take you seriously using language like that. It is also evident you support fascism, or better still Nazism.
  3. There are many languages spoken in Canada but the English language is the primary language of buisness and communication in Canada. Language is the reponsibility of provinces in Canada and should be and which I may add, without federal interference. The propagation of the English language in Canada is simply nation building. It seems you are against unity and approve of troublesome segregated, fractionated linguistic cultural societies. Other than the English and French languages, all other languages are officially ignored. I don,t approve of this. It is either a single official majori
  4. Firstly, prior to the implementation of the federal OLA all Canadians had the same rights pertaining to language. There were no laws relating to language in Canadian society. Some Canadians had to learn the majority English language in order to become functional in Canadian society. What else would one expect in a free democratic society. Outside of some federal entities there was nothing within the BNA Act that stipulated that English and French languages, or any other languages are to be used throughout Canadian society. English speaking Canadians never demanded that the English language
  5. What Quebec wants is nothing short of being a official independent French nation-state in North America, otherwise known as a country. To bad the federal government does not have the fortitude to tell them once and for all.....
  6. ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES-bullshit! You are making it ABUNDANTLY clear democracy ends at the ballot box in Canada. We are no better off in Canada politically than the people in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan they have to contend with the Taliban. In Canada we have to contend with the political disruptive antics of Quebec and a federal government that caters to Quebecs extreme forever ongoing cultural fantasies at the expense of the English speaking majority of Canada. Firstly- the language laws were imposed, as no one should have the right in a free and democratic society to implement laws of th
  7. Then it is clear you supported a traitorous government. Then I will make it simple for you. Trudeau was a traitor who worked for the province of Quebec, unless of course you can prove otherwise.
  8. Why don't you move out of the past. Ancient history is done and over. Any reference I made To Nazi or Nazism is the dictionary definition and has nothing to do with genocide or your ancient history or Godwin's law.
  9. Word Web definition of Nazi: "Relating to or consistent with or typical of the ideology and practice of Nazism or the Nazis" Nazism: "A form of socialism featuring racism and expansionism and obedience to a strong leader" I did. You are blind to facts. I don't care about culture, but it seems the feds and people like you do care about the culture of a previous foreign enemy of Britain. So in turn I have to defend the rights of the majority culture of Canada that mostly all English speaking Canadians take for granted and normally could not even take the time to talk abo
  10. I call them Nazi-type policies because the three Liberal imposed policies, Official Languages/Official Bilingualism/Official Multiculturalism mimic Nazi Germany's totalitarian principle of government relating to racial superiority and or authoritarianism. I don't have to get into specific clauses since the three policies together could very well be considered a French conspiracy to advance the political fortunes of Quebec by utilizing culture to combat the natural majority English speaking language of Canada. Unless you can prove otherwise, these policies could have been designed to reduce
  11. Which only proves how stupid you are in not knowing what a racist is. I will say it again. In calculating racial majorities and minorities in Canada, your calculations must include races from the entire country. You will find that Francophones are a sub-majority (minority) in Canada. Use another word to describe your friends in Quebec. Our political system to-day is based on minorities/majorities. Majority rule. Then why to you put such emphasis on culture...CANADIEN? That is water under the bridge. We all know what has politically transpired in this country,
  12. You are the catalyst in my thread, I am simply rebutting your never ending moronic extreme socialistic replies.
  13. It is obvious the best part of you ran down your old man's leg, which accounts for you being such a low bred moron.
  14. Again! Wait no more. Official Languages,Official Bilingualism, Official Multiculturalism.
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