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  1. Interesting to watch this all as it plays out. Cameron A recent story from the Calgary sun... OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper has slapped a muzzle on the Canadian military, forbidding brass from speaking for fear of detracting attention from his government's top priorities. A top military officer said the Prime Minister's Office recently reeled in Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Rick Hillier to tell him that all of his speaking engagements had to be approved and his speeches would be vetted by Harper's staff. Hillier was also instructed to advise his top generals, admirals and
  2. Wow. I go away for a week and the political forum community falls apart! I will be watching and participating when babble goes back online. I frequently found myself and my posts under attack there by a select few, but that's how great discussions and debates were started. In those situations either some points were agreed upon, or some posters agreed to disagree, but there was usually mature and reasonable conduct (not always, but usually). Then there were some trolls, and there were some spammers, but by the time this all became a big problem I had grown tired of constantly defending and
  3. Kyoto is only a big waste of our time and money only if you do not value the quality of the air we breathe. It is one part of a strategy to reduce emissions that is by no means the be all and end all of answers, but will help us to become a cleaner country. Our emissions are worse because businesses have not been held accountable (yet) for their emissions. With the new Conservative gov't, I'd like to see them being held accountable. After all, wasn't this part of their platform? Accountability? Maybe it doesn't apply to businesses that pollute, since their environmental platform is so awful.
  4. CBC story on how US has reduced emmisions more than Canada. "...Canada lags behind the United States when it comes to clamping down on air pollution, says an environmental watchdog. Pollution Watch says the United States reduced air pollution emissions by 45 per cent between 1995 and 2003, while Canada reduced air pollution emissions by 1.8 per cent over the same period...." Another CBC story on businesses calling for action to reduce emmissions. "...In a letter to the Prime Minister, the heads of Alcan, Bombardier, Shell Canada, Falconbridge, Home Depot Canada and Desjardins Group, amon
  5. Someone help me out here...I never took any logic courses, but is this the infamous "straw man" that everyone seems to talk about on here? I hope you're not suggesting that I'm a 'straw man'. I'm interested in productive discussions about issues. Coming up to and during the 2006 election I was very active in some political forums learning what the online community thought about various subjects. I have stated my POV on many subjects, and argued well with a number of forum members here and at other forums. I hope to continue to participate here without being called names. If anything, I
  6. You bring up a good point quinton. The GDP has been touted by some as the be-all and end-all of measurement of progress. Nice post august1991. Even someone responsible for the creation of the GDP measurement tool stated that it wasn't meant to be the only economic yard stick, but our government does tend to rely heavily on the incomplete picture it paints so we all can feel comfortable in the ever increasing spped of consuption of our natural capital in the name of a GDP approved 'healthy economy'. The GPI should be applied and used widely by the government at the provincial and federal lev
  7. A very good point speaker. I thank you for your insight, and will look into this further. Cameron
  8. Voting just to keep the party one doesn't want to win from winning, even if it means voting for a second choice, is not giving us what we want or need. There's nothing strategic in a head to head race for votes. The FPTP voting system has ruined our faith in politics, and even if proportional representation isn't perfect, we'd see a lot more voters turning out. The real race is with the Green Party. This little party is growing rapidly, and voting for them is real strategic voting. 600,000 voters agreed last election, (4.3% of the vote), and I expect to see many people supporting the GPC thi
  9. Regarding the GST, read this media release from the Green Party... Media Releases 2005-12-03 Harper, Martin miss the point on GST The Green Party would reduce the GST on products that cut pollution and improve the health of Canadians, while comparably raising it on products that do the opposite. (Montreal, Saturday, 3 December 2005) - By staking out the pro and con sides over GST cuts, the Conservatives and Liberals have forgotten that the GST is one tool available to the federal government to improve the overall health and direction of society, said Green Party of Canada leader Jim Harri
  10. More are more Canadians are realising that the decision isn't our to put off any longer. If every person in the world lived at the same rate of consumption as we do in north america we'd all need three earths to sustain it. Last election almost 600,000 Canadians voted Green. Here in rural Alberta a lot of Conservatives are seeing the Green Party as a real option, as well as the Libs and NDPers. Cam
  11. Ethanol blends and bio-deisel fuels would not be taxed. We know fossil fuels will run out, and that the oil & gas industry is desperate for more fossil based fuels leading to drilling for Coal Bed Methane and extraction of oil from the Alberta tar sands, a process that costs two barrels of oil worth of energy for every three barrels produced. Here are two concepts currently being worked on in our new platform... - Enforce a mandatory target of 25 per cent better fuel efficiency for the automobile industry and increase standards over the next 5 years. - Employ incentives to increase th
  12. I stated... "The Green Party has this in their platform... Increase 10 cents a litre tax on fuel- phased in over 3 years. Implement a carbon tax on gasoline, diesel, and coal. Exclude ethanol blends and biodiesels from fuel tax. Use carbon taxes to pay for incentive programs incentive to speed transition to low-impact renewables, and reduce demand with conservation programs and infrastructure changes. I know there's discussion regarding the idea to shift taxes on fossil fuels to earlier points in the production cycle to encourage competition among companies to lower operating costs while r
  13. Great to see some interest. In that the Greens are fiscally conservative, they are very different that the NDP. In fact the GPC is different from all of the major parties, as we have given serious consideration to Ecological Fiscal Reform, a concept which is opposed to consumption for the sake of an ever-growing economy based on materialism and a skewed measurement of success, the GDP. The Greens support the idea of a Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) that would factor in the environmental costs an more accurately reflect true costs of energy and material goods. Feel free to research these con
  14. The Green Party of Canada (GPC) is going to do well in the upcoming election. We received about 600,000 votes last election, and could get 1,000,000 in the upcoming election. People are realizing that the old left/center/right model is not solving our issues. We need a forward thinking government, and I believe that the GPC is the one that will bring our country back on track. Thoughts? Cameron W
  15. I want to see changes made to the way Canada is run, and I think if we had a Green government, the things that should be done would be done. Regardless of what mechanisms are preventing this from happening, I still see it as something that must happen. In all seriousness, the lives of our children and their children depend on our changing the way we are not taking care of our planet.
  16. Regardless of your opinion of Preston Manning, the article does point to the appeal of the Green Party to conservatives.
  17. I would love to see the Greens be a national party but I do not see them getting any seats in the next election. Here in Quebec, we have again become so polarized by the sovereignty issue that we don't even hear about the Greens (although last time we did, they were ahead of the Conservatives!!!) I think I may consider voting Green next time around but until they become part of the national scene and the debate the NDP will continue to be the only pro-environment alternative. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This coming election will have the Green Party participating. I believe the focus
  18. It's hoped that the voters know where a politician stands on key issues before they vote. Typically, a politician will represent their party, but there will always be some who differ in opinion on some issues. I stand by my original statement, that I will stand by my beliefs, and always bring the voter's thoughts and concerns to the table. That doesn't mean that I'm closed-minded - in fact, I would want to discusss differences in order for everyone to understant the 'why' of eachother's thoughts. Cameron W
  19. I agree. At the same time, one cannot simply set their values aside when representing their riding, so this is where a problem occurs. Ideally, the two would be the same - and it's usually so - but when it's not, I think a politician has to speak on behalf of their voters. That said, if the issue was impassable, I personally would not waver on my stand, even if this meant stepping down from office.
  20. This is a very informative thread. Thank you all for your posts. Cameron W
  21. I believe there will be some Green MP's elected in the coming election. People are becoming more confident in this party. In regards to the policy of raising energy costs, the Green party wants to help ppl get away from fossil fuels. They would introduce incentives to switch to alternative energy sources. Using the carbon tax, they would help foster the switch over to solar & wind power, geo-thermal heating, and other renewable energy sources. This idea comes from the concept of 'true cost economics', where the ecological factor is included in the cost of - in this case - energy. With the
  22. The Green Party doesn't intend to freeze our poor. At my income I'm considered to be living below the poverty line, and 'm running for the Green Party. Through carefull review of their platform and policies one can see that what the Green Party is doing is reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and increasing incentives to use alternative energy sources. At the same time, they will be restructuring taxation to lower taxes for low incomes, and raise them for the rich elite, and big corporations. Many famililies can't afford energy as it is, so doing nothing is obviously not a solution. I thi
  23. Our Lives and Our Environment (from a political perspective) To live green or not to live green. Deaths due to natural disasters (from the International Red Cross website) 1985-1994 – just over 600,000 total worldwide 1995-2004 – just over 900,000 total worldwide Now this year I added up the statistics from all the disasters worldwide that I could find, and it added up to more than 300,000 to date. These numbers take into account the increase in the world population, and it's easy to see that deaths due to natural disasters are increasing rapidly. While there is some question of j
  24. Time to Face Facts Has green living become a national priority? I found some interesting facts in a National Geographic magazine from May, a few years ago. The issue had a big article on climate change and how our studies and models were not certain, but there are some facts that everyone agrees on. As the wet get wetter and the dry get drier, we are seeing some facts emerge. Oceans serve as a vast 'sink' for carbon dioxide (but we're unsure how this happens) Human activity releases about 7 billion tons of carbon (on the form of CO2) into the atmosphere every year, adding to the 750 bil
  25. Strategic Voting & the Green Party Time goes by fast, and every election it seems nothing's really changed very much, and strategic voters are still trying to keep their least favorite out of power. This leaves the country with a government that is definitely not my favorite. If I was to wait to see if it was a close race, and then vote for the party I like the best (but not the most), I see it as throwing my vote away. I vote Green no matter what. I'll tell you why I see this as strategic. By voting Green, I send a clear message to the Liberals & Conservatives that I'm not going to
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