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  1. How does the above quote/metaphor connect with Canada in any way considering the current crisis? 'Arms economy'? What arms economy? 'Psychosis of war hysteria'? The way I see it the "psychosis of war hysteria" or the "propaganda of fear" isn't coming from people who support the mission. Quite the opposite.. Really? We must be reading different material. Durgan.
  2. It is a pretty sad state of affairs when status of a country is determined by the size of its military. All the money spend to the military is money that could be used for useful purposes. Military spending is a bottomless pit, and those that attempt to fill it are wrong-headed and creates misery for its citizens. No nation ever had an army large enough to guarantee it against attack in time of peace or insure it victory in time of war. - President Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) May I remind the readers that NATO was the organization that was supposed to take on the Russian Juggernaut for about
  3. Revenge? Well, if you say so. As for talk - well, there is light banter in the back room perhaps. Talk will potentially occur - but in the end talk will return to bullets and bombs. Islamics do not negotiate in good faith. Their victim society mentality and their drive to convert all or kill them has pre-determined our fateunless we stand strong. Remember - they are taiught from birth - There is no sin in taking a non-believer and using this person as one would a cow - then killing that non-believer. The thing is - this is what will bring the west down. Western civilizations cannot unde
  4. I suggest the West and the US in particular has waved the big stick and has got revenge for 9/11. It is time to start talking, which will have to be started sooner or later. All that will happen unless talks are started is the circle of war will get larger. There are rumbling against Pakistan about hot pursuit, and lack of will in Pakistan in stopping infiltration of fighters into Afghanistan. I suggest a breach with Pakistan is not in the West's interest. The incessant killing and destruction on both sides has to stop. Afganistan has been reduced to rubble for all intents an purposes. Thi
  5. In all Muslim countries, I believe. What we're doing there is trying to stablize the place so that it doesn't fall into the hands of religious wackos again, and so it doesn't become a lawless place which can be the base for international terrorist training camps and bases, as it was before. It's in our own interest to be there. I suggest it was a engineered democratically elected government conveniently sympathetic to the West. Hamas in the Gaza Strip was a democratically elected government also, not particularly sympathetic to the West as food for thought. That our troops are propping a
  6. I suggest this is a particularly damaging reason why the Commissioner, Giuliano Zaccardelli, should be removed. The previous commissioner of the RCMP gave a resounding defence of Giuliano Zaccardelli on the CBC, particularly emphasizing that Zaccardelli has about 60,000 members and trusted subordinates to do the right thing, and that he couldn't be supervising all. I suggest this is reasonable in normal circumstances. Clearly after Arar was released, Giuliano Zaccardelli must have been in the loop due to the possible ramifications of the event. This implies that he was complicit in the smea
  7. The illegal drugs is about a five billion dollar industry. To chase these illegal drugs the governmnet is spending about seven billion dollars per year. The figures are subject ot correction, since there are many available and they do vary. Economics alone suggest this is a losing battle, and is similar to the NATO Mission in Afghanistan. Do we fight on or withdraw? I suggest we withdraw. Simply remove marajuana from the illegal list. Those who want it can partake. I cannot see how it can affect those who desist. The police could concentrate on other more important issues, like auto theft. Sm
  8. Oh hell yeah. Lets just use our imagination instead of reading and looking at the situation for what it is. Lets not deal with reality...oh no! Lets all just sit here and use our imagination to divine reality. Who needs facts and education when you've got your imagination? Lets just finger-paint us a solution to this instead. If we do we'll be back there in ten years or less killing more of them and us. . You are frothing at the mouth. Your babble is irrational. Stick to the subject matter. I am annoyed at the incessant killing of young men on both sides, and the misery of the bystande
  9. Good point. He could have been anywhere. He may not have left North America. Before crooks drive you to their "meeting place", they usually put a hood over your head. You may be driven around the block endlessly to create the illusion that you are going far away. Surely you aren't serious. Arar was visited in prison in Syria by Canadian Foreign Affairs officials. Durgan.
  10. The propaganda the last two days has been unrelenting 22 and 23 September 2006. Harper will separate support for the troops from support for the mission. He is pandering to the lowest denominator of the Canadian public. I suspect the CBC got the message also the Globe and Mail. Mansbridge, the bugle caller, automatically falls in line. Manbridge interviewed Kazai from a prepared list of questions prepared by the PMO. It is time this lap dog retired. I muse about who is going to get the CBC Chairman position. Goebbels is dead but Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Iraqi Minister of Information (curren
  11. [quote name='Argus' date='Sep 23 2006, In the first, I'm speaking about the need, in a democracy, for compromise. But the world is not a democracy of any kind. It's a free-for-all filled with violent, corrupt, illegitimate leaders and backward, medieval goat-herders, none of whom recognize anything but force. The Sauds know what they're doing. I don't think it would surprise anyone that the US and other western powers have made their displeasure at Saudi funding for religious extremism known. The Saudis continue to fund religious extremism. And that extremism is the basis for most Muslim t
  12. [quote name='Higgly' date='Sep 23 2006, 12:41 PM' OK. So I think you are talking about Voodoo. Actually Voodoo is based in ritual and the interpretation of spirits. It descends from the animistic religions of Africa. The Moslem religion is based on principle and thought and descends from the monotheistic religions of the Middle East. No, I was talking about the Hudood bit, but feel it is about a non-sensical as Hoodoo, so chose the Hoodoo bit intentionally. Any law based on religion that has consequences as severe at the Hudood Ordinance should be ridiculed. That was my intent, but you mi
  13. Well all right then. Just what did you mean? And why do you have to put everything in a bigger font than everyone else? Are you having trouble with your eyesight? Shiah Law or Hoodoo Law is the same bullshit, why separate them. Actually they have the same practices in Haiti, but it is harmless except for the participients. Yep to you second question. Durgan
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