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  1. The only "deception" is you calling it a nefarious plot against Liberals. The rules will change and the Liberals and everbody else will adapt by appealing directly to average Canadians to finance their political party of choice. Of course if you want to make the argument that average Canadians can't afford it, they must have been over-taxed in the last 12 or so years.
  2. I've lived in Peel, Halton, Waterloo, Haldimand Norfolk and now Niagara over the last 30 years. Only H-N has done the sensible thing and separated. I am involved in two issues in Niagara currently: 1.) The utter incompetence in managing the water / sewer infastructure leading to prohibitive increases of 10% per annum until 2010 to catch up. 2). The Region has proposed new road allowance under the guise of standardization. The problem is in older areas in the Cities and towns, this uncompensated land grab will allow them to take land literally up to peoples front doors. A few have protested and now much to the Regions chagrin the whole mess has to go to the OMB. The best story of the Regions stupidity concerns their new headquarters in Thorold. Somebody neglected to count the Social Services Dept. so now the project has gone way over budget to accomodate these 50 or so staffers. Oops another boneheaded and expensive move! The local rags scarcely cover the Region so all sorts of things can slide by undetected.
  3. The problem is when raising any questions about this issue is that there is a segment of the francophone community that goes berserk. The situation in Welland has raised serious questions within the larger francophone community that has to live in Anglo Ontario. The concerns are real, such as why these people want to invest in bricks and mortar ($12 million) when the money would be much better spent on curriculum. As it is now the two relatively small student populations(Jean Vanier and Confederation) can't support diverse course programs to make the kids competitive to enter university and college. The choice is to send the children to English public or Catholic schools, thus losing (in their mind) francophone identity. One interesting alternative presented by the parents is amalgamate the two French School Boards, the CSDCCS with the CSDCSO into one school. It seems that neither Board is willing to sacrifice their autonomy to provide a rational and cost effective solution to this problem. In that regard your observations are accurate. As far as your assertions about the Chair/President from Welland, you are dead on.
  4. iamcanadian2 your arguments are bit extreme, but I understand a bit where you are coming from. I live in Welland Ontario with a 12.8% of the population listed as French with a total population of 48,000+. There are two Public High Schools, one Catholic H.S., one French Public H.S. and one French High School operated by the CSDCSO. The three English schools are pretty much maxed out in terms of capacity and the two French schools operating at about 30% capacity. The cash rich (with public money) CSDCSO recently purchased a parcel of land to build a new state of the art High School for about 350 children. The parents don't want it, the City certainly doesn't need it, but the undemocratic CSDCSO is forging ahead none the less. Waste of time money and resources? You bet. We have created a monster that is taking advantage of the system we created to the detriment of the greater population of our children. If you dare open your mouth in this town the whining and indignation is unbearable.
  5. I've been away from this forum for a while but its good to know the apologists and appeasers are still convinced this threat is some how our fault. First we don't know the full extent of the links to foreign Islamic terrorist groups, however we can say for certain the inspiration for these Canadian terrorists is clearly from foreign Islamic groups. This is Canada and we have a process for dealing with political change as part of the democratic process. The so-called anger of these young men should inspire them to change perceptions of Muslims not embrace terrorism as a means to change perceptions. What a niave and absurd argument. Responsible Muslims are doing just that; they must be encouraged and applauded for their efforts. What's truly sad is Canadians who believe our mission in Afghanistan to create a stable democracy in that sad and tragic country is justification for militant action here.
  6. I guess the last 70 days has been unkind to you.
  7. Argh. You keep ducking the fact he's not just controling the message, but he's restricting access. It's one thing to have everybody singing from the same songbook, as they say, another to slink out the back door. This is a perfectly acceptable practice at this point.
  8. We have a guest worker program for agricultural workers used extensively in Norfolk, Oxford and Elgin Counties for the tobacco crop and in Niagara for fruits and nursery work. Several friends of mine have hired seasonal workers from the Barbados and Tobago for years on their tobacco farms and sponsored several who have since become Canadian citizens.
  9. With all due respect or at least as much as I can politely muster, your reference to tales your Nazis grandfather told you and "the Jews were given a nice peice of land in the Middle East" demonstrates an utter lack of historical perspective. As for "IN other words this is a form of sanctioned genocide" an unbelievable statement as I've ever seen on this forum. FTA's analogy Nazis analogy is appropriate to Hamas, both elected government's founded and based on terror. Now it appears you're making an analogy between Nazis and Israel and what Hamas are freedom fighters?
  10. I'm taking another 5 minutes of my busy day to fire a little broadside into your conspiracy theory. 1st did ya happen to look at Liberal donations. Funny but the same Demarais seem to appear there as well. Oh and your reference to Connaught Labs, let's see they dropped that name about 8 years ago for Pasteur Merioux, then Aventis and finally last year to sanfoni-Aventis. Not exactly current on the names and not exactly accurate research overall.
  11. I don't have a lot time to comment on this latest conspiracy theory but I'll point out that Ms. Demarais' brother is married to France Chretien daughter of ex-PM Jean. So by your logic the Demarais off-spring attach themselves to the power players of the day in order to fufill their secret geopolitical mandate to undermine all that is Canadian or some other convoluted theory you're amassing "evidence" on.
  12. $13,000,000 gone for another useless Federal handout and a billion to go.
  13. This comparison on paper may have some validity but in the context of todays political reality no way. Too bad he hasn't worked for the CBC because he'd make a great Governor General.
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