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  1. I think that what we are referring to is the pipeline that is being built towards BC to attract Chinese and other asian companies. The US will always be our biggest customer, but fiscally, it makes sense to diversify to asian markets who have the strongest economy. I think some economic forcasters expect Asia to be our largest customer base in years time, but i doubt that..because the US is the biggest energy consumptions... But if they are successful in building the pipelines in Alaska, their demand on Alberta's energy resources will decrease. There, i've nerded out.
  2. BTW..not sure if you are a sistah or a brother..hahahah. Just had to toss out an Amen...hehehe.
  3. Oh for sure..me too. If that time ever came to be, i'd move out of Alberta! But you hear that old "lets seperate" by whining old guard conservatives who, when they don't get their own way, threaten to seperate. Hell, most Albertans ignore them too! But, there is a formal political party that advocates seperation, and as we know all to well by Canada's political history, you never really want to ignore them completely either..ynwim? You can always tell who they are because to them, despite the fact that most albertans are doing better today, and despite the fact that oil prices across the
  4. You and I must live in different Alberta's than For sure, its a 630 Ched favorite topic for that blowhard Dave Rutherford. But I guess I must just hear about it more than you do. I work with a great deal of conservative minded people, i have family that live in rural areas. I'm not saying its openly talked about out loud..but it is talked about. Otherwise, it wouldn't keep being brought up on the news... and mentioned by Klein as a "possibility he has heard about" when asked in scrums.
  5. hehehe..dude..have you been to Alberta lately? Seperation has become part of our daily dialogue..
  6. ROTFLMAO I was drinking pop when i read that it almost flew out of my nose. Thats hilarious. Thanks for my daily laugh! K..seriously. I live in Edmonton. Its fine. Calgary is fine. From a completely practical point of view..if you live in Montana and have family in Montana, you would probalby want to live in Calgary because it is closer. If thats not an issue, than it comes down to various things. Like whats important to you. Calgary is very much of a conservative business town. I don't say that in a mean way..it just is. Its expanding so much that the price of living there is slight
  7. I have no problem with getting money But i do have a problem in the way its dolled out. Do you give me who pays more than my fair share of taxes 400.00..and give my 8 year old sister (yes..i have a sister 20 years younger than me ) 400.00? She does not work. She does not pay the energy bills. She does not contribute to the society in taxes. Nor does the kids of the lady who has 5 kids.. What they should do, IMO...is give every adult over 18 (because those that work who are under 18 do not pay in goverment taxes) a rebate. But not just a rebate. A rebate based on the percentage of taxes p
  8. Going away from the left vs right debate for a second... As a moderate voter who votes on the candidate and the party as it suits my needs at the time (yes..my vote has to be earned..its not a given)... I just plain don't like Harper. I am sure he is a nice guy, but he has about the same media appeal as a turnip. That is not to say that he wouldn't do a good job in leading the country. But the fact is that for the majority of people that really don't pay much attention to politics, that don't take the time to get to know a party or its policies, that beleive what they read in opinion peices
  9. Oh..and btw..if you are going to nominate Preston Manning because he developed an political ideology and made a political party out of it, than i guess its only fair to nominate Lucien Bouchard who helped create the Bloc Quebecois? For all its worth, I have met Preston Manning and he is very kind and intellegent in my opinion. He would be a good choice...but i'm just demonstrating how that kind of nomination could be applied to others of the same vein.
  10. This question about who is Canada's best intellectual is absurd. Do you put up an obvious choice who spouts off intellecual thoughts verbatim is the best choice? Or do you measure intellegence by someone who takes their words and actaully applies them in a meaningful way through action? So is the stuffy professor who spouts out a book every semester on the theory of the canadian political sphere any better than the person who comes up with a scientific theory about a disease than goes out and attempts to create a cure? Or the writer who writes a stellar book that becomes standard reading
  11. Left wing..right wing If one hides behind their political ideology as an excuse to be an idiot, than their arguments have no valid merit. Your question can just as easily be interchanged to ask why any political person who suscribes to an ideology behaves that way, liberal, communist, socialist or otherwise. Irrational blanket statements do not contribute to any meaningful dialogue. Critiquing and ideology is one thing. Blanket statements are another.
  12. I worked at Safeway under UFCW Local 401. We got less after the strike than was offered before hand. The people that crossed the line got the same offer. I who voted for the intial offer felt like I had no choice but to stay out because of the so called "black list" that quite frankly does not exist. I wish i had to choice to belong or not belong. I continued to work for years after, never got anywhere near to full time after 10 years of being at safeway because of senority, despite having a better work ethic than four lazy ass mothers effers above me. So after about 10 years they offered a
  13. I just want to say that this is a great site!I have been looking at it for a while and have fianally decided to join up. But i do have a few questions. I am a moderator on a military girlfriends/wives support board (that is also powered by Invision). I notice that you cannot post avatars or signatures on this board. Will we be able to do this at some point? I can definately understand if that is no though. Bandwidth is expensive enough!!! And secondly, I notice too that there is no off topic forum where we can get to know each other beyond the political sphere. Have you given any thought t
  14. Maybe this is time where we reevaluate the Indian Affairs Act, that might have worked in the 60's but clearly does not work now. Perhaps it is time to dismantle the concept of Indian Reserve. I have always wondered why aboriginals need to live on the land they are entitled to. Could they not live off the land but lease the land to the private sector and collect money from them, instead of the government, but on their own terms? And the royalties from that land leasing split amongst the aborginals wherever they may live.... Should we not enable aboriginals who live on the reserve to be self
  15. I think maybe its too easy to expect the exact same deal be extended to a provice that has a quarter of the population than Quebec? Perhaps what they are asking for works out so that that province (in this case New Brunswick) gets more funding per person than any other person? So before i offer any more comments or blanket statements, what exactly is Bernard Lord asking for? I would hate to label our governement as authoritarian or assymetrical before I evaluate the facts.
  16. Hi all! My name is Danielle, I am 28 and from Edmonton. I do not belong to any political party, rather I vote for the candidate that will best represent my interests and for the party that I agree with at the time. So in the time I have been able to vote, my votes have been pretty evenly split between conservative and liberal. Yes...my vote has to be earned...hahaha. Ok..back to the topic. In all honesty, does it matter? Why should the tax payer have to foot the bill for his validation tour? Does he really need to come to Canada to validate the new wife? Do we have to pay for it? In the big
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