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  1. Could someone please tell Trudeau Jr that he's allowed to get a haircut now.  The shaggy dog 'do is really getting old, as is the pirate beard.  Maybe he wants to do some black face first in a  "We Beat Covid" celebration party?

  2. And of course then there's the money. Trudeau Jr's government has borrowed hundreds of billions to fund his strategy of throwing money at any group that bleats for it during this 'crisis'. I have not heard one single report by Canadian media mentioning this, or calling it anything but "new funding". Nor has any Canadian media done so much as add up the various programs and given the number of total debt the Liberals have spent on Covid. That's because the Canadian Media, by and large, like Trudeau, so they are downplaying anything that might hurt him. It's kind of disgusting that our media, which is supposed to be a watch dog for the public good are instead of working as a propaganda arm for the Liberals. When the second wave hits in the fall, is Trudeau going to give the reigns of the country to the medial moms again(all of the head medical appointees seem to be women, another odd, sexist strategy) and allow the country to be shut down? If he does, we'll probably approach a trillion bucks of Covid debt, which will eat up tax dollars just to service the debt. I've never heard of an economy that's been shut down twice and come roaring back as if nothing happened, it's just not reality. If they kill the golden goose, and the economy stutters long term because of it, they'll probably just borrow more until our credit rating is shredded. As soon as interest rates go up, it'll be fun times. One Canadian report was that 471 billion has been borrowed so far. When an actual crisis does hit Canada, like flooding or some other natural disaster, there will be no credit left to borrow with. THEN, Canadians will wake up and throw the bums out, after all the damage has been done.
  3. Bottom line, the left and the right are getting too far apart to live under the same roof in the US.  Will the country be eventually split up?

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    2. OftenWrong


      Buy stock in Smith and Wesson?

    3. BubberMiley


      Once Trump is gone, it will all go back to normal and Trump supporters will pretend they never were.

    4. sharkman


      Ferguson happened while Trump wasn't in office, it was actually Obama, so I remain skeptical.

  4. Instructions on how to successfully rape? I don't recall that one, or is it some kind of gross exaggeration? I concur with the idea that Biden has some form of early stage dementia. It's obvious with the way he misspeaks and also the way he's kept under wraps for weeks at a time. I also suspect that the Dem braintrust is frantically strategizing a way to get him replaced, either before the election or after a win.
  5. Whatever fear and panic we want to avoid, we sure don't need the lack of common sense that Justin and Sophie have demonstrated thus far. Gosh, how about not flying around the globe when there's a pandemic underway.
  6. Howdy. I haven't been around here much for quite some time. As I look around I see that the more things change the more they stay the same.
  7. At least Americans haven't fallen for a dumb young empty suit yet. I am surprised that the old guys are making a comeback. Even Warren's in her 70's.
  8. I think they are both dumb Americans. One is an outsider, the other a career politician. I'm kind of surprised Biden is looking like the eventual candidate, his many gaffs rival Trump and his former boss has refused to endorse him. Does Obama hate Biden more than Trump? The Dem field was pretty weak this time around. I suspect that Bloomberg would have been an effective president, but he sucks in the debate category, which basically means he looks weak on TV. It's a sad day when looks trump anything else, but there you go.
  9. I guess one good thing that may come out of this is that when China crushes the uprising, anyone who can think clearly will see China for the regime that it is. It will actually win support for Trump’s position on China.
  10. Nazis? More recently, I've considered how it is that China become such an economic powerhouse, and the answer is quite simply, the USA. Or maybe it was Bill Clinton. Below is part of a post I made elsewhere, and edited it somewhat for this thread. In the early 90's China started welcoming American companies into China to build factories and set up manufacturing, and everybody involved made tons of money, and you had to ask yourself, why was China suddenly allowing this? And was Clinton a genius? Fast forward 20 years, and it becomes clear that China was allowing this so that they could appropriate all kinds of tech, manufacturing know-how, and industry for themselves without actually having to develop it out of nothing like the rest of the world did. Stealing tech, selling counterfeit products, supporting North Korea's nuclear ambitions, these were all warning signs that the rest of the world ignored until it started biting them in the ass, and at that point it was too late.Oh, and by the way, looks like they are going to get a "better grip" on Hong Kong, is Taiwan next? Also, in their tariff response to the US, they are specifically targeting swing states that Trump could lose. How's that for interfering in an election? If we didn't like Russian interference, we shouldn't like this, or else we are hypocrites. In reality, there is nothing that can be done about Hong Kong unless war is on the table, and it's not. The US has been scared of China since Viet Nam, and China has gotten slightly more dangerous since then. They are going to do whatever the hell they feel like now, and nobody will do anything about it. And you can thank Bill Clinton, George Bush and Obama for doing absolutely nothing about it as the storm clouds started forming. Trump is too late, but at least he's forced China to reveal some of their ambitions.
  11. looks like traffic to this site is way down from what it used to be years ago.  I wonder why?  

  12. Haven't bothered to post here in many months, now I see that the 'editorial bias' slant has completely changed again.  Can anyone fill me in on this?  For instance, it looks like all of the jew hating posters are gone.

    1. bcsapper


      It depends on how far back you go.  A few posters seem to have committed to the "other site", somehow being of the opinion there's a difference.  I took a couple of months off myself due to life's real pressures and when I came back there was a whole slew of new posters here.  Stalwarts all.  I'm still sorting out their leanings though. 

  13. 1) north korea would never, never, never take any role that the United States gave them or wanted them to perform and it's silly to suggest such a thing. north korea HATES the US like an islam terrorist. 2) You've mistakenly used the word "logic" in a sentence regarding north korea. One day you will realize that some types of people have no logic. None. That's because their cheese has slid off their cracker, if you know what I mean. So get some time in. Maybe read about how Britain's Chamberlain got Germany to sign a peace treaty and then proclaimed "peace in our time". Again, with some folks, there is only deception, lies, bullying and hate.
  14. Mob rule is on the rise in the US.  See an idiotic statue you don't like?  Tear the mutha down!  Hear some idiot trying to speak?  Chase 'em out of hate, cause their hate is worse than yours.  

    1. bush_cheney2004
    2. sharkman


      No no, I think this is where it germinated out of "don't-offend-me" Socialism.

  15. Churchill, a vampire? The internet is allowing sadly obsessed and deluded sick people to spread complete nonsense, and network with other obsessed sick people. I can only hope that one day the internet will have restricted access with a simple test built into all access points/software. Seriously.
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