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  1. Back in 2017, after Trump had won, CNN was reeeeeeally curious to find out whether voting machines might be hackable. A team of hackers found several ways of compromising the machines. You Trump haters might not want to watch this one, A few tidbits from the video, remember this is 2017, and they are talking about 2020. But now that Biden has won, it's funny how there's nothing to see here... "If we don't get our act together quickly, this could be one of the biggest threats to American democracy in our history." "Do you believe that right now
  2. I'm going to ignore your post for the most part because I can see there's no point in engaging you in conversation. The above part I will respond to as an example for anyone reading this thread who can think critically. The above is made up nonsense, unfortunately. Death threats in Toronto Canada, which hates Trump and is rooting for Biden all the way. Same goes for Colorado, where Biden beat Trump by 13 points. If there is some hate online, well everyone in this election cycle is getting that. Is everyone(Biden, Trump, various judges, lawyers, politicians and civil servants) imme
  3. No, I clarified who, and why is above...sorry for the confusion!
  4. Whatever you say, yankee!
  5. I would accept it and keep my fraud claims to myself, and they say possession is nine tenths of the law.
  6. I find it hard to believe that you believe what you claim, because it's just so off the wall. Are you really that obtuse? It simply can't be. However, since you repeatedly do nothing but yank on people's chains, then henceforth you shall be called yankee.
  7. That's not how their system works. I give you the election 2000 case that made it to SCOTUS in about 3 weeks. I do have faith them as well, to put the Constitution ahead of the fraud. Either way, time will tell.
  8. Here's one for the conservatives only who read this thread. Others will find it upsetting, it's about 13 minutes long and gives a good overview of the situation at present.
  9. There's that anger again, expressed in strawman arguments and other nonsense. You've really gotta save yourself, I can't save you and obviously no one else has yet. I'll just respond to your first paragraph. The Supreme Court has some of the very best judges in the land. That is, both political parties couldn't find any or enough dirt on them to stop their nomination from going forward, and believe you me, they turned over every stone. So there's that. Speaking for myself, if SCOTUS refuses to take the case, or rules against President Trump's legal team, then I will be satisfied that
  10. Every friday after work, your tongue seems to be loosed, I wonder why? So if every state says there's no evidence of "widespread fraud", you should be confident that legal efforts by the Trump team will be fruitless. But instead you're frustrated, even angry at times, and rather defensive. I wonder why? But let's look at this statement of yours, "every single state which administers it, Republican and Democrat, says there's no evidence of widespread fraud." The point is, the fraud occurred in Democrat controlled areas. Do you think they are going to admit their crimes? I a
  11. This is a classic troll post, you must be bored.
  12. And if his ruling is sound, then they'll come to the same decision at SCOTUS.
  13. I'm going to put this altogether in one post. This is just some of what the Trump legal team has affidavits on. They are keeping their Dominion evidence close to the chest, but if they can prove what they are asserting(and they have a witness who was in the room, standing beside Chavez as the votes were being switched(president of Venezuela when he used Dominion to win))then there will be some explosive results when this reaches the Supreme Court of the land. And that is where a case of this magnitude should be decided, IMHO. The key servers and hard drives that were quarterbacking th
  14. It's not a democracy, maybe losing $100 will demonstrate that to you.
  15. And now, for your viewing pleasure, an invigorated, rested, newly minted PRESIDENT ELECT JOE BIDEN!!!(not official just yet) That was during his press conference yesterday. Will he even make it to January?
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