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  1. Biden's not going to win.  It'll probably take 3 or 4 weeks for the fraud cases to work their way up the courts, and the boom gets lowered on the Dem fraudsters.  Be patient and let the left do their dancing until then.

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    2. sharkman


      Over 23,000 ballots show up Tuesday night in PA, all for Biden.  138,000 ballots are delivered to the main Detroit polling station around 3 am in a Chrysler 300, a Ferrari and a white van.  100% went for Biden.   

      These Dem volunteers are pretty stupid.  Good thing, I guess.  By December we’ll know who the winner is.

    3. BubberMiley


      You have no evidence that what you say is true. You are just repeating misinformation that was generated to make stupid people question the integrity of the democracy. You should know better, but given your track record, I'm not at all surprised. 

    4. bcsapper


      Weren't some of those Detroit votes delivered in a Tesla?  You'd think they would take climate change into account. 

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