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  1. Good point! McCartney is there because he is a celebrity...that's it. What's the big deal? There are all kinds of activities....there was even a large wood boat in the port this weekend that came all the way up from lake Champlain (Gasp!) Don't let this get around but they had english only signs at their kiosk and no one panicked. Although one woman dropped her ice cream nearby but I am not sure that it was related. OK...nuf with the kidding. I just don't getwhat the issue is.
  2. Unfortunately after the publication of the PQ post sepration budget, many actually believe that we will be financially better off by separating
  3. 1- Do you remember where you were when this referendum happened? How could I forget? I was counting votes in an east end riding of montreal with a friend of mine who was the son of a PQ MNA. I was 25 years old and very aware of the fact that I was part of history. People of my mother's generation will tell you in great detail where they were the night Kenedy was shot. I recall that evening in minute detail. 2-How did you feel at the time? I was excited, nervous, sad, confused and knew that the vote would be close. I got on the metro and it was as if I had walked into Church. The m
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