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  1. What's in a name? That which we call marriage, by any other name would smell as sweet.
  2. But they DID make the difference! http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/ed...eb-e9df66b7910c Excerpt: "On an issue as contentious as this one is, the Conservative government -- and many Canadians -- felt that an open and fair debate followed by a vote in which members of Parliament were free to vote their conscience was appropriate. It is a credit to the current Liberal leadership that it understood this and freed their party members to vote as they wished. Regrettably, despite pleas from their colleagues, both the Bloc and the NDP ignored the request to allow a fair and democratic proc
  3. Who else is there? Please tell us .... who's better in the CPC ranks than Stephen Harper? NOBODY ... THAT'S WHO!! He is a great leader!
  4. Why the thread on Ted Williams, you ask? OK, I'll tell you. You see, the other day I got a message from da man: .... "I'm getting complaints from Teddy about your mentioning him in your posts. Please do not mention Teddy Ballgame in your posts anymore. Thanks Greg Admin" I immediately wrote back: .... "Dear Sirs!!! Teddy Ballgame hasn't posted on the Forum for close to 5 months (140 days to be exact), but I still have to mind his sensibilities ? ............ Do we have a cadre of other folks with "listening handles" who are lurking around, unbeknownst to us, and whose tender egos w
  5. I agree with that. He has too much going for him to sit around worrying about the smell of sewage in Etobicoke. As usual the Liberals can't recognize brilliance even if it hits them smack in the face. Oh well, Harper seems to be doing a great job so far. He'll do.
  6. Since Dion was a member of the corrupt Liberal establishment, then they're going to have a very easy time with that one. Even if it's off the radar with the electorate now ... a guy who can't speak English with a dog named Kyoto? Nah. Laureen can call in the decorators. As for Iggy. Well, one election next year ... another 5 years later ... that'll make Iggy 65. A bit long in the tooth for a first time PM. He'll be back in England long before that, I predict. Evidently his wife rather misses living in an urban & sophisticated environment.
  7. It's a nice thought ... but I disagree with the "two elections" theory. Stephen Harper is going to sew up a majority the next time around. A big majority. Guaranteed! And before you say ... "Look who is talking" ... let me assure you that I was never so sure about ANY election as I am about this upcoming Harper/Dion one. It'll be a slaughter. I would like to know what Iggy is thinking right now.
  8. LOL so true! I voted for Mulroney too just on the fact that you could dress him up & take him anywhere, unlike Chretien, he wouldn't embarass you in public. I have to give him high marks on the diplomatic /Irish malarkey front.
  9. Peter C Newman has a great article in Maclean's this week about the Liberal convention. It isn't on their website yet so I'll just give you a few excerpts that I thought were salient. Here are some about the new LIberal leader & the man who SHOULD have been the new Liberal leader ( Peter's with me on this one ... he's an Iggy admirer): "Given the chance to modernize and reform itself .... to hook into the global world of progress and opportunity by backing Michael Ignatieff .... Canada'a Liberal party settled on Stephane Dion, the Joe Clark of the 21st century." "Like Clark, he will on
  10. Of course Ted was known by other nicknames too, such as "The kid", "The Thumper" ... who knows how many more. Teddy Ballgame is my favorite by far!
  11. Question #1 - Who dubbed Ted Williams "The Splendid Splinter"? Question #2 - Who dubbed Ted Williams "Teddy Ballgame"? Question #3 - Who dubbed Ted Williams "The Splendid Spitter"? Teddy Ballgame is my favorite.
  12. Two chronic conditions are better than one when one wants to get on the dole. But I agree, we have to get old Ballgame out quick, just in case.
  13. In the NP today I read that ... "In Ontario, 80% of people over 45 have at least one chronic condition, 70% have more than one." Poor Teddy, we have to get him out of Mississauga. PRONTO!!
  14. Jack & Gilles will yet again whip the vote, but still ........... miracles happen!
  15. I agree. Cars are the problem. But a car doesn't emit GHG unless you put gas in it. Someone who only drives their car once in a while is not contributing nearly as much to GHG emissions as someone who drives to work everyday. I can drive hundreds of miles compared to what it takes those modern Alberta cowboys to get to their local watering hole in their monster trucks.
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