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  1. Sure it does, it stops the government from manpulating times that they are doing good in office and calling a snap election to only be re elected again. With this reform it will stop that BS and if a party is doing bad on the fourth year an election is called no matter what and they cannot do anything about it. It is a lo better than our current system of the PM chosing when the election is or every 5 years.
  2. Once the oil in Alberta runs out Canada will not be able to squander away tax dollars on useless programs that beefit only a small minority of people such as bilingualism. This initiative has become nothing but a make work program for Fransophones, while the vast majority of Canadians speak English as the working language of business both in Canada and around the world. Let's also not forget the many other wasteful programs initiated by Liberals like sponsorship, the gun registry, etc., etc. Sure we all nedd funding for necessities of life, and I'm sure Alberta does not mind contributing to t
  3. Who does Ralphy think he is King of Canada? He can't do this its in the treaty or constitution. He is apart of the federation and he should contribute to it and not complain because once the oil reserves run out they are goign to have to rely on the rest of Canada.
  4. US has 150 thousand in theater. With 2000 dead over the past three years. That's one dead for every 150 on the ground. We have two thousand. So, question is, can we withstand 75 dead over three years? Or, broken down more, 25 a year? Interesting question, If we can not sustain the number we already have their by bringing in fresh troops than the mission could end with as you say more than 25 dead a year.
  5. My question to you guys and girls is what happans when we need to send re inforcements because lot of our soldiers are going to be killed by years end. Will we have enough reservists or full time forces to be sent to keep the mission at the current soldier count it is at? Although I agree with this mission I do think it is going to be like the American casualties in Iraq.
  6. I couldnt drive through six nations the other day as their were indians blocking my way into it, because the lazy Ontario government wouldnt do crap all about it. Tee pees? now honestly what would make me think that?
  7. Alright I admit although you don't have proof to back your facts, but I will give you the benifit of the doubt that most murders are white just like most indians are the ones whining to our government to give them more money, your people have no work ethic at all. Why do you say I am still young I have just turned 18 and legaly I am an adult unless indian culture dictates otherwise?
  8. speechless? you know I am right don't you.
  9. Look at this here your saying me, geoffry and argus are all racist talking about indians in the Caladnoia thread and here you go about the white population. Hypocryte.
  10. But you guys are th eones that cry to the government about a new issue every year and demand compensation and the government gives it to you. Residential schools, land claims, and now Caladonia. Go take your people to the US see how better your treated their in Canada becaus eif you pulled that shit their like you did with Caladonia theyd have the national guard in their hauling your ass's out of the way.
  11. so you think your the only on here who can say somthing?
  12. Taking away power from the house of commons and more to committees would make it un reasonably hard to pass anything through the government. That would mean sending the 2006 federal budget to a dozen commitees just in time for the 2007 budget to be read! In the face of disastor just deciding alone whether we should re taliate by invading Mexico for bombing the CN tower would take a year to go through a decentralized house of commons and to a dozen committees. Lets face it we should just leave it up to the people would put our faith in by electing.
  13. I think the senate is an important part of the structure of our government and can act as a watchdog for the House of Commons, where partisan politics play a key role in the passing of most bills. Equal representation for provinces, based on population might be a good start. Elected? I'm not sure about that. More partisan politics? A watch dog? They are all appointed by the government they are not going to risk their jobs by puting a stop to the bill. Since we do not elect them lets leave it up to the elected MP's to decide what bill should pass or not.
  14. The senate is litterally useless. It is full of annoying old people that should have retired hundreds of years ago all they do is block bills and reforms that the government tries to pass. Tax payers money is wasted on the senate and should be paid to the real law makers of Canada which is the House of Commons, which should be the only ones making Canada's decissions as we elect them to do so.
  15. The original mandate is to finish what we went in their for in the first place and that is to wipe out the scum who killed innocent people and ruined the lives of our freinds, negibours and our allies. As Harper so bluntly states it we would be cutting and running if we pulled out now. Lets just keep on figthing until we finish this thing, lets not remeber we have not been attacked yet and let us keep it that way, and the only way we can do that is to continue fighting this war until it is one. Yes, you are right about the purpose of the original mandate but again the original did have
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