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  1. A credit downgrade is based on forecasts. If they were optimistic that the new government has a viable plan, they would raise it.
  2. Ivanka passes on Trump's offer for her to head the World Bank.

    1. BubberMiley


      If there was any question that all Trump supporters are batshit crazy. :lol:

  3. Actually, once the Arctic ice begins to melt, the black water begins to absorb more heat from the sun that the white ice previously reflected. There is then a snowball effect that will happen relatively fast and be irreversible. But it's sort of the opposite of a snowball, in that it's melting ice. But you get my point.
  4. BubberMiley


    I don't believe you're being serious.
  5. BubberMiley


    I must admit the whole thing was kind of a big nothing. Nothing seems to have changed a whit.
  6. Nice to see you're honest now about being a denier. You used to pretend you weren't, like you tried pretending you're not a Trump supporter.
  7. I don't like Trudeau either but you can't tell me he isn't good looking.
  8. You're not a climate change denier like all the Trump supporters on this site aren't Trump supporters. Whatever happened to having courage in one's convictions?
  9. All of the countries cited are northern countries. Northern countries are warming much faster than the average. There is nothing in those statements that is contradictory. It just shows how low the level of understanding is among deniers, that basic data can just blow their minds and immediately confuse them.
  10. No, I was comparing him to you and your buddies. You need to read more carefully. I didn't mention myself at all.
  11. Yes. I agree that the comparative bar I set from which to compare Trudeau was very, very low. So low it's underground.
  12. They hate him because he's superior to them. Smarter, better looking, richer, more successful...
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