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  1. BubberMiley

    Will Raybould cross the floor?

    Do you base that on facts and evidence, or just a belief that everyone that isn't alt.right is extremely left wing?
  2. BubberMiley

    Hair or Dimples

    Can you discuss politics without being insulting? What did I exaggerate? Or is that just projection again? I await your unwillingness to clarify what you're talking about.
  3. BubberMiley

    NHL General Thread

    Terrible, terrible deal. They're paying all that and just getting one UFA year? There's no way he signs with TO after that, so they're basically way overpaying for a bunch of RFA years and not securing him longer term anyway. Worst of both worlds.
  4. Two-thirds of Americans are opposed to Trump following Putin's orders to withdraw from nuclear pact.

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    2. BubberMiley


      It allows Putin to blame the U.S. as he expands his nuclear arsenal, and it's not like Trump supporters will notice or care because...well...duh.

    3. DogOnPorch


      Russia deployed the updated RK-55 and the the notorious SS-26, in particular, breaking the 1987 agreement. I'm sure there are other systems in question as Russia has been busy in the rocket department...as usual. And to be clear, this wasn't a just happened yesterday thing...Russia has been breaking this treaty for quite some time. Just nobody has called them on it. Plus, the treaty is old and doesn't include anybody but the US and Russia. Time for a new one and here's the time to do it. That Russia already is saying things like: well...we won't deploy if you won't...shows they'd like to chat.



    4. Dougie93


      Bush Administration pulled out of ABM 72', soon as you bring BMD into play, INFs are going back over the trace inevitably, because deploying ballistic missile defenses is an enabler to fight and win a theater thermonuclear war, and INF's are for theater thermonuclear war, so it's all of a piece.

      It's not really an issue in terms of American power, because the Americans already had the treaty exempt INF's at sea from the navy, the Russians have simply taken things back to 1983,  because America is deploying ballistic missile defenses in Europe.

  5. BubberMiley

    Excessive quoting: What the heck is that about?

    Try deleting paragraphs of text on a smart phone without blowing up the whole editor.
  6. BubberMiley

    Hair or Dimples

    Is that the first-rate team that advised him to display a mind-blowing ignorance of how Google's algorithms work, causing him to foolishly accuse google of some bias for muslim terrorists because its search results displayed his obsession for Omar Khadr? Was that an example of them running rings?
  7. BubberMiley

    How do you know what media/sources to trust?

    I have a Republican cousin whose evidence that the MSM is all lies is the fact that her Facebook feeds contradict it. She insists that the Mueller investigation is a bunch of sore loser Hillary supporters making things up, that Benghazi was practically orchestrated by Hillary herself, et cetera, et cetera. There is no reasoning with people who refuse to allow their beliefs to be swayed by evidence.
  8. So if Trump doesn't believe his own intelligence people, where is he getting his information from?


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    2. Truth Detector

      Truth Detector

      Obviously he's getting it from the Russians.   They're getting it to him secretly without anyone detecting it.

    3. Dougie93


      Conspiracy theories are fake news by definition.  /shrugs

    4. BubberMiley


      How is asking the question of where he is getting his contradictory intelligence a conspiracy theory?

      I await you being completely unable to answer that one. :lol:

  9. BubberMiley

    How Fake News Goes Viral

    Was it a vast coordinated conspiracy or was it one of those improvised conspiracies?
  10. BubberMiley

    Excessive quoting: What the heck is that about?

    There should be a way to trim quotes when posting from a smart phone or tablet. I understand that's the direction the world is headed.
  11. BubberMiley

    How Fake News Goes Viral

    They reported on the viral social media video and then reported on the additional videos as they became available. And once again, the people who complain that the MSM isn't reporting the same BS as their Facebook feeds are grasping at straws.
  12. BubberMiley

    How Fake News Goes Viral

    Do you have examples? In this one, they reported all the facts, as they received them, about a real social media event, so it doesn't really cut it.
  13. BubberMiley

    How Fake News Goes Viral

    Yeah, but nobody was defending those guys and trying to pretend they were totally innocent.
  14. BubberMiley

    The democrats

    Extreme poverty has been successfully eliminated in societies like the formerly great USA, where fair taxation of extreme wealth was used to build infrastructure and a social safety net, thereby creating a strong middle class.
  15. The FBI has an obvious bias against people who break the law. Deep State!