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  1. Dr. Fauci needs increased security because of death threats from derp state Trumpers.

  2. I''ve already explained the timeline for you. Now that you've stopped being an irresponsible sociopath by spreading misinformation intended to sabotage the social isolation effort, I can safely ignore you. But be warned. Say another dangerous lie and you will suffer the wrath of bubber again.
  3. No, I'm not. The data from China suggests it isn't as deadly or contagious as it has been everywhere else.
  4. I criticized them for using rhetoric before evidence of community transmission that was remarkably similar to rhetoric you used after there was community transmission. I had to even teach you what community transmission meant. It must take a mind-blowing amount of cognitive dissonance to criticize me for not criticizing other people for saying things that weren't even as dangerous and stupid as what you were saying yesterday.
  5. You're getting desperate and confused. I'm the one that informed you that your BS "3.5 times more contagious than the flu" stat was ridiculous and at least flawed because it was based on Chinese data. Stop using the evil dictatorship's misrepresentations to justify spreading your own misrepresentations.
  6. Look up how people can sue for damages if they suffer loss that resulted from negligent behaviour.
  7. I didn't make excuses for you. I swept in and saved the day by explaining to you how your FoxNews/Trump rhetoric was dangerous. You should now thank me for preventing you from making more of a fool of yourself.
  8. You still don't know what community transmission means? I told you to go look it up 2 days ago. It doesn't mean local cases involving travellers who were infected elsewhere. It means evidence that people are contracting it within the community. There was no evidence of that until March 12, which ended the NBA and NHL seasons. Many people are reluctant to shut everything down until there is evidence of that, which makes sense. So, again, quit talking about things you know nothing about when it comes to infectious diseases. I can't monitor you all the time.
  9. No. He stopped jeopardizing the social distancing effort when he learned better after it began spreading in the community. You still are doing it even though you must know better by now.
  10. Yes, but at least he has learned since March 10. You're still repeating the same lines now when we all know better. Why is that?
  11. Once this is said and done, I expect many lawsuits related to irresponsible messaging during this time. Apparently FoxNews is very scared about this right now.
  12. That is true under ideal social distancing conditions where the hospital is not overwhelmed. The important point you ignore and which makes your posts so dangerous is you fail to mention how much more contagious it is. Do you do that because you don't know any better or because you're an irresponsible sociopath?
  13. With adequate social distancing. Without, it balloons.
  14. I think it's also become pretty obvious China lied about the number of people who died in Wuhan. Apparently they have tens of thousands of cremation urns for the supposed 2500 deaths.
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