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  1. BubberMiley

    Gay-Straight Alliance Club

    Yes, pedophiles have the most to lose when children are made aware of the dangers of exploitation at an early age.
  2. Melania visits incarcerated children in Texas wearing a $39 jacket that says "I don't really care, do you?" You can't make this stuff up. Lol

    1. capricorn


      She's hip. Millennials will love it.

  3. BubberMiley

    Gay-Straight Alliance Club

    Who is teaching six-year-olds about fetishes and kinky sex? Sounds like a strawman to me.
  4. Actually the Republicans control Congress, not the Democrats. They have the ball but they have only invented crises, not proposed anything to deal with them.
  5. BubberMiley

    Gay-Straight Alliance Club

    Sure, but there are thousands of links in hundreds of different web pages and print documents. I'm sure they removed that one when they were made aware of it. It's hardly evidence of a vast left-wing conspiracy to corrupt the children.
  6. BubberMiley

    Gay-Straight Alliance Club

    Were you aware your link indicated it wasn't the Toronto School Board's website, but a third-party link that was inadvertently put on the website. Are you aware that the content on third-party links can change overnight, so that appropriate content one day can suddenly be replaced with inappropriate content, and the only way you would know is to continually check the links? So the only evidence of this vast conspiracy to undermine our youth is a link to something created by a third party that was somewhat innocuous but still inappropriate. If they removed the link as soon as they found out about it, would that undermine your conspiracy theory?
  7. BubberMiley

    Should Donald Trump win a Nobel Peace Prize?

    But if Obama's was unjustified, then Trump's would be unjustified too, considering nothing has been accomplished yet. No nuclear facilities have been decommissioned.
  8. Yes, although that situation is foreseeable, voluntary, and it involves children remaining at home with grandparents, not locked in cages in an old Walmart. But how is that "sucking up" to Duterte? That doesn't make any sense.
  9. BubberMiley

    Gay-Straight Alliance Club

    True. And if the anecdote as provided is true, it's already agreed that the teacher could have done a better job. Perhaps if they followed the prescribed curriculum properly, it wouldn't have been a problem.
  10. BubberMiley

    Gay-Straight Alliance Club

    The science is not conclusive, but there are indications of differences in the brain development of trans people versus cis people. https://www.the-scientist.com/?articles.view/articleNo/51914/title/Are-the-Brains-of-Transgender-People-Different-from-Those-of-Cisgender-People-/
  11. BubberMiley

    Gay-Straight Alliance Club

    That's exactly right. The problem isn't that these issues are being addressed. The problem stems from an anecdote about a particular teacher who could have probably done a better job talking about the issues so that a particular child didn't get disturbed by a misunderstanding. It doesn't hurt children to be aware that some people do not identify with their assigned gender, and there are ways for the communication of that information to be done appropriately. But as for gay-straight alliances, I don't see why parents need to know if the student doesn't want them to know.
  12. BubberMiley

    Gay-Straight Alliance Club

    True. I don't think your anecdote suggests that 95% of children are having nightmares though. That just sounds like it could have been communicated better, but that ultimately what was said was true.
  13. BubberMiley

    Gay-Straight Alliance Club

    But can you imagine how such information might be helpful to a little girl or boy who doesn't identify with their assigned gender?
  14. So when you immediately denied making personal attacks after making one and deleting it, you were just trying to misrepresent what happened, just as you continue to do in saying that I "admitted on the other place to trolling"? (I even double-checked to be sure, but I never said anything remotely like what you say I said. Way to go. More misrepresentations.) I read your links, which referenced isolated incidents, like the Elan of Cuba case. Once again, it was not a policy of previous administrations to create a deterrent to those who might think to enter the U.S. illegally by taking a zero tolerance stance and arresting everyone on a widespread, systematic basis, thereby taking parents away from their children. People were arrested in the past and you've presented evidence of that, but it was never policy to do that in every case as it was under Trump. You can freak out and put me on ignore because I continually catch your misrepresentations, but that won't stop me from pointing them out. I'm tired of right-wingers making up their own facts and going unchallenged. It's led us to the political climate we are in now. Some Trump supporters have taken a more honest approach and supported the administration's actions as a desperate measure to deal with a serious problem. But regardless, it appears that it wasn't as necessary as they made it out to be and they have already halted the policy.
  15. You just called me a dickhead (would you like to see the screenshot?). Now you say you never did and make up more BS about how I said somewhere I was going to come here to troll? Rather than make stuff up about me, you should show it was a widespread policy and not isolated incidents. If something has made you believe this, why can't you share with us? Quit with the personal attacks and discuss the issues and back up your points with verifiable facts.