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  1. No, I'm right. Wynne stated the obvious, that Deputy Ministers are not curriculum writers: “Ministers and deputy ministers do not write curriculum.... Curriculum is written by subject experts in conversation and in consultation with a wide array of people and curriculum is reviewed and written on an ongoing basis.” it would be accurate to say he was overseeing the whole department when the curriculum was developed, but it's ridiculous to assume he was the writer. He was the Deputy Minister. There would be writers hired for that project (probably on contract) and they would have a libel case against anyone who calls them pedophiles. The content itself is always dictated by a large development team made up of subject-area experts, which is led by a departmental project leader who specializes in that subject area. That's how it works in every province.
  2. No, he didn't. You made that up. If it were true, you could prove it. But you can't because it's not. That makes it libel.
  3. That's not true at all. You're just making stuff up to bolster your argument again.
  4. He did not write the curriculum. You are making that up. Deputy Ministers don't write curricula. You're just trying to tar a whole group of educators who had nothing to do with Levin's crimes because you are otherwise unable to make a sound and coherent argument. But that's what we would expect from a fake internet lawyer. Weird that the Ford government would continue to be using this "pedophile" curriculum, isn't it? Wouldn't that strike you as odd if what you said wasn't libelous BS?
  5. Not ready yet to admit you made a foolish mistake and libeled the actual writers of the curriculum? What character!
  6. You guys are the ones insinuating his social conservative beliefs are a bad thing. I don't have a problem with them at all. I just wouldn't vote for them.
  7. Watch the goalposts shift from "he never ever talked about his beliefs" to "we didn't become a theocracy".
  8. The only problem with the theory that he is not a social conservative is that he has made it clear he is a social conservative. Not that there's anything wrong with that. You can vote for or against it, as you wish. The bigots seem to be those who treat it like some kind of slur and automatically try and deny it, like you're calling him a white supremacist or something.
  9. Trudeau won democratically, sore loser.

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    2. Shady


      I can’t stand Alex Jones.  He’s definitely one of the most annoying people ever.

    3. BubberMiley


      He took the preying on gullible right wingers with fake news too far even for you?

    4. Shady


      I never got into him.  I think he just does it for money.

  10. Not true. Harper coined the term "theo-cons" and called for the Conservative party to take a stronger stance on social conservative issues, saying: "On a wide range of public-policy questions, including foreign affairs and defence, criminal justice and corrections, family and child care, and health care and social services, social values are increasingly the really big issues." He may have tried to downplay his beliefs to maintain power, but they were still his beliefs and he still made them known.
  11. You guys don't have Christians with special religious gear in Ontario? I swear they make up more than 10% of the population here. Lots of women in long skirts and headscarves everywhere I go, but we've always had a strong Hutterian and Mennonite population. I think that's why our premier is so strongly against Quebec's Bill 22 and is even advertising in Quebec for persecuted religious groups to come to Manitoba. Some have suggested he should make a run for the federal leadership, but I doubt he's interested.
  12. Who are you referring to? As I said, Ben Levin didn't write the curriculum. So you are libeling the people who did. Actual lawyers would agree that's a stupid thing to do.
  13. Do you have a cite for that? Because I would think even a fake Internet lawyer would know you can't make up vile libel based on nothing without risking a lawsuit.
  14. Spotify says I spent 12 hours listening to the Mills Brothers last year. Sounds about right.

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    2. BubberMiley


      12 hours in a year. How would that get in the way of employment?

      Regardless, I cashed out of the family business years ago. I am a gentleman of leisure.

    3. OftenWrong


      Retired? That's surprising. I had heard that with great age comes great wisdom. Of course, those generalizations obviously don't apply to everyone...

    4. BubberMiley


      You have to have worked harder than I did to call yourself retired. Unless I was always semi-retired. So in addition to stupid, you can call me lazy.

  15. Changing the subject to the poster is never an effective strategy when losing an argument.
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