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  1. "What about Bob Woodward? Why didn't Bob Woodward tell the American people it was airborne?"  - President Donald Trump

    1. DogOnPorch


      Bob is your Valkyrie and you're in the Bunker.

    2. Shady


      Not even the experts knew that it was airborne at that point!  Trump is a genius.

    3. BubberMiley


      You're incredibly wrong again. Yesterday was a rare example of Trump telling the truth when he said "This is stuff that everyone knew. There’s a report that I have here someplace where China said it was airborne earlier than the statements I made. People knew it was airborne. This was nothing....When I say it was airborne, everybody knew it was airborne. This was no big thing."

      That is correct. He was the only one lying and downplaying it. Everyone else's warnings about its danger were correct. His actions caused many people to not take it seriously and that caused untold lives and fortunes to be lost. This is why it will forever be known as the Trump virus and why, before long, you will cowardly be denying you were ever a Trumper.

      But that will be after you try and deny the integrity of the election he loses. That will be your last, desperate attempt to save face. :lol:

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