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  1. imagine if Joe Biden mocked Trump's illness like Trump mocked Hillary's.

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    2. dialamah


      Being "fearless" and engaging in "experimental" activity can get people Darwin awards.  "Fearlessness" is what led Trump to eschew masks and hold huge gatherings, resulting in his current illness.  Some common sense, recognition of the risks and care for his followers would be much more admirable than "fearlessness".

    3. betsy


      No, it couldn't be out of desperation.   Why would he feel desperate?  Lol....people older than him had survived Covid 19.   We know he's having some symptoms but nothing indicate that he's anywhere near dying.   He would've been the type to wear masks if coming down with covid would make him desperate.

      I think he like trying out new things.

    4. BubberMiley


      Nobody knows why he's taking the risk of an unproven, potentially dangerous experimental treatment. Desperation is the most logical reason, but he may just be an idiot and overruling medical advice.

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