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  1. Babylon Bee keeps fooling these idiots into thinking it's real. Imagine how easy it must be for foreign adversaries to trick this clown.

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    2. bcsapper


      Couldn't they get the secret service to jam his signal, or something?

      Anyway, he must know that satire is a thing, right?  And he's using Twitter to respond, isn't he? 

      (I don't know much about Twitter.  Is there some way he could post his response if the entire network was shut down?)


    3. BubberMiley


      It's a sick burn among those who are smart enough to discern reality. I can understand how it would be acceptable among those who can't. 

    4. CampMassad


      I had to do a double take.  What was worse, is he left the tweet up.  LOL

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