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  1. And I thought Giuliani couldn't sink any lower than fabricating smears against Hunter Biden. Lol.

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    2. BubberMiley


      They would allow people access to copies of the emails, not just pictures of the emails, if they were real. There is no other explanation for them not doing that, other than...the emails are fake. 

    3. Shady


      FBI says there’s no evidence of it being Russian disinformation.  Just bite the bullet and accept reality.  You’re acting like a crazy person.

    4. BubberMiley


      Reality is that creepy criminals Giuliani and Bannon have pictures of some emails and a questionable story about where they got them, and that you are really uncomfortable with acknowledging that. They won't allow journalists to verify anything and then they encourage people to complain that they won't report on it.

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