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  1. How come they don't show the Dr. Seuss images the publisher decided to stop using on Foxnews? They always just show the Cat in the Hat? Do they find them too inappropriate to publish too?

    1. Boges


      It's a classic culture war tactic. 

      The whole outrage is disingenuous. 

      It was the publisher who made the call and not some left-wing mob. 

    2. OftenWrong


      I saw 6 cover pages on a Fox article. I guess CNN would never show that. Go to the library, BubberMiley if you want to see them. Probably dont even know where the libary is,

      Docter Suess was Banned from eBay, even. I don't see how the publisher could do that, eh Boges?. Those books were already bought.

      Yep, I agree. Looks like a classic culture war tactic to me...

    3. BubberMiley


      You have, once again, absolutely no idea what you're talking about. None of the sensitive images are on a cover. And nobody was banned from eBay. You are so easily manipulated. :lol:

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