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  1. Marvel's new Captain America is an LGBT activist. His queerness is no longer canceled.

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    2. Boges


      So what do you make of DC? 

      There's several ways to tell both Batman and Superman's story. 

      We have the two Zach Snyder movies that were supposed to lead to a Justice League movie. But a tragedy in his family led to a different filmmaker stepping in and making a box office bomb. 

      Now a re-cut version of the movie from Snyder will be released on HBO (Crave in Canada) this week. What's Canon? 

      Also the treatment of Batman? There is that Incel handbook Joker movie made a few years ago. But that's supposed to be a different universe than the current DC movies. Then there's a Batman movie coming out with a different actor playing Batman Robert Pattinson. 

      I'm sure fans can disagree as well. 


    3. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog


      So what do you make of DC? 

      DC sucks.

      I liked Wonder Woman though. The first one.

    4. Boges


      Apparently the sequel sucked. 

      I'm looking forward to the Snyder Cut. Delves much deeper in to DC "Canon". 

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