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  1. Marvel's new Captain America is an LGBT activist. His queerness is no longer canceled.

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    2. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      It's an alternate universe. Kingpin creates some kind of super collider thing that draws Spider men, women and a cartoon pig in from other dimensions.


      One day after work, in his apartment, the Kingpin of a different dimension activated the Super Collider, a powerful machine that could open portals to other dimensions. During a battle with the Green Goblin of that dimension, the alternate Spider-Man was thrust into the energies of the Collider, and his molecules ended up causing the Collider to hone in on the older Peter's universe, opening a portal in his bedroom. Pulled into the portal, Peter was transported into an alternate Earth, smacking face first into a screen. 

      He discovered his counterpart from this dimension was younger, blonde-haired, and had recently been murdered by the Kingpin. Overwhelmed by the strange events, Peter secretly attended the funeral of his counterpart and realized that whatever pulled him to this dimension is most likely what killed the other version of him and resolved to return to his own dimension. He eventually came across a graveyard, finding a young boy named Miles Morales, who had recently been bitten by another spider and had received similar powers.

      I'm not sure exactly how the death thing works but it's something like the Spider-man who dies is a blond Spider-man from the Marvel Ultimate Universe. Our Spider-man lives.

      In fact doesn't Miles Morales send him home by dropping him into a collider stream in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse?

    3. Boges


      No, he dies. 

      He's not the MCU Spiderman, this movie was made by Sony and not Disney.

      He's just the one we'd be familiar with. And as a Grown-Ass man, not the Teenage Peter Parker you find in the MCU. 

      The movie is a vessel for including many weird comic book runs in one movie. Etc. Peter Porker. 

      But Miles Morales is the clear protagonist of the movie.

    4. Boges


      Note: MCU's Spiderman 3 is rumoured to include the Multiverse with former Spiderman leads Andrew Garfield and Tobey McGuire to be included. It would be interesting if they are able to introduce Miles Morales as well. 

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