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  1. They invaded another country to steal their oil against the wishes of the UN security counsel. They also misrepresented their reasons for going. Under international law, this is considered illegal. Even the UN Secretary General said so. I feel bad for the troops there, but I don't support their cause of liberating Iraq's oil fields.

  2. You can't buy an election. That implies that the vote was tainted. They just stole money that they used towards the election: it could have still gone either way. The reason they won was simply because the right was in total disarray at that point.

    If you could buy an election, the CPC will surely win this one because Harper is continually bragging about how much cash they have.

  3. He is no such thing. He doesn't believe in strong governmental control of the economy, and has shown no signs of forcible suppression of opposition and is not anti-democratic. This just gets in the way of defining him for what he really is: a neoconservative with some social libertarian views. The Liberal Party fits that definition of fascism better than the CPC, but I wouldn't call them that either.

  4. I don't have evidence. That's why I qualified it with "I think." I think Harper believes strongly in what he believes in. He was willing to help found a political party to advance his beliefs, so I don't think he's willing to go soft on them now.

    I also believe the Quebec wing and the Atlantic wing and the Manitoba wing of the CPC are made up largely of PC supporters who are much more moderate. I have no evidence of a civil war, but there are clearly two sides to this party (with Stronach's defection giving ample evidence of that), and the climate is ripe for conflict.

  5. I am not calling him a liar, you are. I'm saying he is not wishy-washy, that his ideas are well thought-out and he knows exactly what he believes. You seem to be saying that he has renounced the principles he stood for when he founded the Reform Party and was president of the NCC, when he hasn't. I am saying, just as you are, that he may be willing to make policy concessions to get elected and stay in power. I don't agree with neoconservativism and so I would agree that it is a negative term (based on my own ideology). You probably have no problem with the ideology, but you're scared to use the term because you think it is pejorative. That's probably because the most incompetent government on the face of the earth is a neocon government, and you don't like being associated with them.

  6. I believe that there is a civil war in the CPC: neocons versus moderate conservatives; Harper supporters and the anybody-but-Harper former PCers who supported Stronach. To appease the moderates and to get elected, Harper is downplaying his personal beliefs that he very willingly expressed for 15 years in political life. Whether or not his agenda will come to fruition after he is elected depends a lot on how badly he wants to get reelected and how strong the remaining moderates are in the party. So his agenda isn't exactly hidden, since it's been clearly put on the record over the years, but it's certainly being downplayed.

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