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  1. They'll never learn that banning things doesn't work; it just creates black markets and organized crime and a worse situation than before they messed with it. That was the case with prohibition, that's the case with marijuana, and that's the case with handguns. More people drank under prohibition, more people smoke weed under its prohibition, and now gun crimes are rising in Canada.

  2. So Leafless, you wrote:


    On top of this immigrants take advantage of our Charter and many never do become Canadian...

    And in another thread, wrote:

    So in fact at this time since I excluded 'love' as a proper word to describe ones feelings towards the country and the Liberals have destroyed the ingredients for one being patriotic towards this country, so at this time I can describe myself with little loyality left to support this country period.

    So I can't resist. Just where do you come from?

  3. Well honestly, if you want to make some kind of analogy to Rosa Parks, then you ought to get your ass off the basement couch where I would bet you have been doing most of your crusade for legalized pot...go to a public place, call the cops, smoke a joint in front of them, get charged with simple possession and take a run at the law which you deem to be "unethical".

    Well, FTA, I am no Rosa Parks. I just used that analogy to demonstrate that sometimes conscientiously breaking the law can be a moral stand. But I'm far too cowardly to deliberately get arrested. If you therefore find it unethical for me to be stoned and b*tching at the man in my basement, well, I can live with that. That wasn't what the debate was about anyway.

  4. Wrong, again, Bubber.  I think you need to be a little closer to the right in your ideology to actually know what righties are thinking on Christmas, you pot crusader!!  At any rate Christmas is still the most highly anticipated holiday of the year, judging by the amount of Christmas shoppers in any mall this time of year.

    I didn't think a winking smiley face was necessary when I said Christmas is on its way out, Sharkman I thought the sarcasm would be obvious. I must remember to s-p-e-l-l things out for you more clearly. (Oh, and BTW, why'd you back down from the pot debate? Out of your league, again.

  5. To clarify, I think CPCers are overly defensive. Anything that isn't taken verbatum from conservative.ca is dismissed as "out-of-date" and "scare tactics." They don't seem to realize that this defensiveness and reluctance to stand by their stated positions is what makes them seem like they have a "hidden agenda."

  6. What parts aren't the policy? All of them? How do they differ?


    feel free to look it up yourself...if your'e not at least going to educate yourself about the parties before the election, do the rest of the country a favour and abstain from voting.

    I've read the CPC policy and I've read the speech and, again, I don't really see a lot of differences. They certainly don't conflict with each other

  7. I think he would be more electable if he were willing to just show his cards more. People wouldn't have to just trust him by his soft, warm eyes. It's not like this speech makes him seem like a wingnut or anything. For some reason, CPCers knee-jerk reactions whenever something shows how he thinks is "That's not what we think."

  8. But when Harper keeps his actual positions so close to his vest, or obviously waters them down to appear more electable, this gives voters a chance to see what he really stands for. If CPCers are going to discount it as an "8-year-old speech--that means nothing," I'd like to seem them identify the positions he discusses that they don't agree with.

  9. I realize Leafless's writing style leaves a lot to be desired in terms of being able to understand just what he's getting at so it probably slipped past you, but I'm just referring to the following quote from earlier in this thread that was defending Harper's apparent inability to feel the love.

    Love- "An intense feeling of deep affection or fondness for a person or thing."

    I would say, I to would be unable to express those kind of seniments especially after being left in the destructive hands of the Liberals for to many years of merry making.

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