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  1. Do Albertans lament the lack of democracy in their province, what with the Conservatives halfway through their 400-year period of unchallenged power?
  2. Liberal democracy has been enormously successful, but not by the bs&t of "countless" generations. A hundred and fifty years ago, Canada wasn't yet a democracy and totalitarian-inclined countries in South American were economic powerhouses by comparison. It was only in the second half of the the 20th century, after the Depression and WWII, that Canada has enjoyed a standard of living remarkably better than many third world countries. The bs&t of that generation helped a lot, but so did the social programs they set up and the relatively corruption-free democratic governments. This create
  3. That appears to be the case. Both are based on conjecture, but you don't have to worry about being proven wrong. At least I can come back in a year or two and make you eat crow.
  4. I guess we'll see the specifics once they happen. Are you denying the convervatives are in favour of tax cuts? Harper is pretty clear where he stands on these things. His apologists, however, don't seem to know what to think.
  5. If you are so in favour of employing people in programs that could save lives, there are lots of other potential projects that are far more likely to save lives--ones that could even guarantee saving lives. Why are conservatives only in favour of social programs that feed the military industrial complex and not actual people?
  6. There's nothing contentioius about not being willing to blow the bank on an unproven, likely unnecessary technology. Conservatives claim to be fiscally responsible, but they love deficits and they're more always than willing to "give it a try" when feeding the trough of the military industrial complex.
  7. It's simple math. Massive corporate tax cuts + "no reduction in social programs" + elimination of waiting periods in health care + reduction of the GST to 5% + tons more money into the military including missile defence + $25 per kid per week to every family + tax cuts for high-income families = deficit.
  8. Yes, they would never go back on a working agreement. My point is, the U.S. administration only wants to act unilaterally. That's why they mislead Congress; that's why they don't bother using their secret courts before wiretapping; that's why they don't care about NAFTA. You're incredibly naive to think that they would include Canada as a partner at the table in any serious defence issues.
  9. So long as we're talking projected deficits, the CPC never discusses theirs either. And after all the corporate tax cuts, it's much more likely than a deficit under the NDP plan. You just have to do the math.
  10. TML, Why do misrepresent the NDP as "Marxist," which few NDPers would agree to being, and yet disagree with calling Harper a neocon when he would admit to being one?
  11. You actually believe that the present administration would listen to anything Canada has to say about defence? They believe in one thing--their ability to act unilaterally. They wouldn't even tell their Congress what they're doing, never mind Canada.
  12. They wouldn't tell us anyway.
  13. Hellnback, I think you give Argus too much credit. If he were an actual plant, he would be better equipped to debate his points and wouldn't be reduced to calling other people's arguments drivel when lacking an actual refutation.
  14. He had to make it clear that they offered him equal coverage. Otherwise you would be crying that they wouldn't give him a chance to speak.
  15. I don't think anyone who saw Peter Mansbridge questioning Martin about the military ad would say the CBC's coverage is biased towards the Libs. Harper finally agreed to do a Town Hall himself, and I bet he's softer on him than he was on Martin.
  16. You don't have to assimilate to integrate. I think most Canadians agree with that. Perhaps you're the one having problems integrating.
  17. Personally, I agree with him. I don't see the difference between breaking up Canada into individual provinces as Harper is suggesting and the Bloq's idea of sovereignty-association. That's why the CPC is gaining ground in Quebec. They're running on a sovereignty-association platform.
  18. They have for every budget for six years in Manitoba.
  19. Conservative supporters are so naive. Conservative governments continually run up deficits, and yet they blindly follow, hoping that this time they won't get ripped off. In the states, the GOP can always be counted on to ring up whopping deficits. In Canada (with the exception of AB who have such a ridiculous amount of money from oil that they can't spend it all), conservative governments are quick to run up a deficit by cutting taxes for the wealthy and blowing the bank on corporate welfare. Under the CPC, I'm sure Canada will soon lose its status as the only G-8 country with a surplus.
  20. Everybody is a minority one way or another. Fundamentalist christians are a minority. Pot-smokers are a minority. Welfare recipients are a minority. Millionaires are a minority.
  21. “In matters of conscience, the law of majority has no place. – Mahatma Gandhi
  22. But by saying it's okay, you don't need to trust me, he admits that people find him untrustworthy. That's not shrewd at all.
  23. Cliches become cliches based on the fact they are true. And we agree. We're all immigrants from somewhere. Of the thousands of immigrants, you cherry-pick a few bad examples. Your arguments don't hold up when compared to the vast majority of immigrants who are positive, productive contributors to this country. Piano, actually. by immigrants. And you probably define "fitting in" as being just like you. You have no sense of history whatsoever. In Winnipeg in 1919, there were riots about eastern europeans coming here. They were referred to as the "enemy alien." Where I come from
  24. But seriously, Canada's social programs have contributed to its prosperity far more than it has taken away. The overall effect of extreme poverty on a society is very negative. No one wants to invest and live in a community filled with disease and misery. It's only by having governments (relatively) free of corruption and a strong social safety net that Canada has been able to leave South America in the dust (which 100 years ago was an economic powerhouse by comparison). Think about what differentiates us from them. We didn't become this prosperous because of our good looks.
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