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  1. The talk of a CPC majority came directly from Harper today. To paraphrase, he said, yes, we are right-wing wackos that don't represent mainstream Canadian views but, fortunately, the Liberal senate is there to keep us in check. I love the fact that Harper is honest. Unlike the rest of his party, he's never said he has changed his neocon positions since gaining the CPC leadership. At least he's no hypocrite.
  2. I'm sorry, Leafless. I find it difficult to debate with you because of your extreme propensity for the run-on sentence (it's very, very hard to understand what you're saying). But if you look at how messed-up society was 200 years ago when religion had more control over it (i.e., slavery, extreme bigotry, rampant wars, dire poverty), I think socially we're better off without it. I also think that people with no religious affiliation who live an ethical life (i.e., act in a positive manner and don't hurt anyone else) are far more moral than those who attend church and yet are extremely nega
  3. TML, I notice you have a quote from Eisenhower in your signature. Here's another one, which gets to the heart of the missile defence program. "The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded. Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientifictechnological elite." Missile defence is a classic example of how the military industrial
  4. Besides, Leafless would be very much surprised how much his personal christ superstition is founded on pagan traditions. Merry belated Xmas.
  5. I guess that might be helpful if the need is there.
  6. So you consider the status quo is working perfectly and there's no need to change it? Obviously you don't own property on Hastings.
  7. You're not that handsome, Argus. And hellnback didn't sputter once. There was nothing paranoid in his post either, unless you consider his claim that Harper would have probably led us into the U.S. oil wars as paranoid. I think that's just facing reality. And the only one who is delusional is you, with your ridiculous generalization that the shooting in T.O. was just a result of immigration. For starters, are you aboriginal? If not, you're an immigrant. Immigrants have always taken at least a generation to assimilate into Canadian society (unless they came straight from Britain). You haven't
  8. I agree with Argus that a CPC is a very scary prospect indeed.
  9. What's socialism got to do with supplying junkies? Most socialist and communist countries have traditionally dealt with junkies with a bullet to the head. Nonetheless, when my own quality of life is affected by drug addicts mugging and stealing from innocent people to get a fix, and I see neighbourhoods like around Hastings in Vancouver and the West End of Winnipeg wind up looking like Sarajevo in the 90s, I think people who are interested in maintaining the status quo are either incredibly stupid or profiting off the situation. Criminalization hurts everybody. Treating it like a disease is
  10. Well, I don’t think too much about sex clubs, etc., because I’m not that interested in them, so I don’t purport to be an expert on their morality. I don’t think I would be comfortable in one, but if consenting adults enjoy them, who am I to say they’re wrong? As for SSM, that’s clearly more moral than a homosexual misrepresenting himself and marrying a woman and starting a family. It’s honest, represents a commitment to the relationship, and doesn’t hurt anyone else. I’d say that’s the foundation of morality. As for religion, after the crusades and oppression and terrorism in the name of god,
  11. I think Leafless is the perfect example how it is difficult to be moral WITH religion. It's just a self-righteous opiate for the contemptuous.
  12. And reform will never happen so long as there is a lucrative black market that those with money can invest in to get 300% return in six months
  13. Do you live anywhere near real, live gangsters? If you did, you would find that they rarely come from a "normal" home. Where I come from, most of the gangsters are Aboriginal. The rest are recent immigrants from Africa are southeast asia. What is the common ground there? Oh, maybe, extreme poverty? This is not an issue of kids watching too many Fiddy Cent videos.
  14. Sure, they should be responsible for their actions and they should be punished soundly when they do wrong. But when a 12-year-old kid who was raised in sh*t with a crackho for a mum and no dad joins a gang, it's pretty easy to sit on your middle class high horse and preach personal responsibility. If you had any compassion (and if you were serious about tackling the problem) you would realize, gee, maybe it's cheaper for us (society) in the long run to give this kid a break now, show that we have an interest in him not becoming a gangster, and try and help him on the right path, rather than sp
  15. So the millions in tax relief the Libs are offering should be counted in the billions?
  16. Does the Charter apply to the military? I guess it probably does, but this might be a job for FTA Lawyer.
  17. but judging from both Lib and CPC campaign promises, that course ain't gonna be stayed.
  18. Are CPC supporters going to actually be surprised when we have a deficit under Harper's government within 2 years? Neocons always run big deficits by cutting taxes and then trough-feeding their corporate friends. Just look at Reagan, Bush Jr. etc. Already Harper's saying he'll cut taxes, never get rid of a social program, and look into missile defence.
  19. I've never heard of a daycare that only takes kids from low-income families. And that's the only one you trusted?
  20. CPCers on this site are not interested in the truth. They're willing to forget every position Harper expressed prior to 2004 on Iraq, health care, Canadian unity, whatever, in order to promote an image of moderation that is electable. At least Harper isn't as hypocritical. He's willing to admit that his positions haven't fundamentally changed in the last 10 years.
  21. The feds have had increasing involvement in consititutionally defined provincial issues since the income tax was established in WWI. That's because they have more power of taxation. And It hasn't hurt the country at all. It makes sense to have Canadian standards for education, health care, etc. Without a reasonably level playing field you would have even more exodus from the poorer regions to the wealthy areas, and Alberta can only take so many Maritimers and Quebecers.
  22. He looks like he's had a few too many sixpacks.
  23. I think Dr. Pepper counts as a cola. And R.C. is a sort of fringe, Green Party sort of cola.
  24. But interest rates were at about 13% when Martin introduced his first balanced budget. Wake up and read a history book.
  25. Then why does Harper flip-flop like a fish and say he'll not get rid of *any* social programs?
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