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  1. But that was the point Hicksey. After WWII, the civilized world agreed to invade only with U.N. approval. This was supposed to help us prevent another Reich.
  2. Or the guy who saved Canada from Conservative deficits in the early 90s, setting them on the course to wicked prosperity after the conservatives bankrupted the U.S.
  3. Second-rate socialist countries aren't as nice to live in as this place. Canada is doing very well for itself. You should be grateful (not to the Libs, necessarily--but geez, ever go to South America?).
  4. Personally I've never seen so many people indoctrinated to one end of the spectrum as I've seen in Alberta. They're the only province in this country to have the same party in power for, like, 40 years, and no sign of ever changing (and yet, these are the same people who feel it's outrageous that the Liberals have been in power for 12 years).
  5. True, but people aren't scared that Martin would go too far to the right. They saw what he did in the early 90s, and that seemed to them just moderate enough. People aren't scared of Martin. They're just either mad about the scandals or finding his campaigning skills rather incompetent.
  6. Is there a difference between francophone Quebec and the separatists?
  7. Perhaps if Harper didn't flip-flop on the issues by going from president of the NCC to saying he won't get rid of *any* social programs, he would seem more credible and not someone who would say anything to get elected. The hidden agenda tag sticks because his platform does not resemble in any way his positions prior to 2004.
  8. Fed Ex is outrageously expensive compared to USPS if you're ordering from the States (Crazy brokerage fees) Air Canada is a private corporation. Canada has the best public school system in the world in which everyone can participate, not just rich kids who can have their education paid for. And Canada was built on public enterprise, from the CNR coast to coast, to public utilities where private enterprise wasn't willing to foot the bill (but were more than willing to come in afterward, once the infrastructure was built by taxpayers' money). Oh, and Manitoba has some of the best, cheapest a
  9. I would believe Harper has changed his views if he had indicated he has changed his views. Fortunately, he's not as hypocritical as his apologists.
  10. But don't you find it a little convenient that Harper's image as a moderate conservative coincided directly with his leadership of the CPC? You don't have to believe the "Liberal garbage" TML, just look at every bloody thing the guy said prior to 2004. It seems you're being deliberately naive in the vain hope of finding a politician you agree with. And people can change, yes, that's true. But people with well thought-out beliefs (and yes, Harper is no ideological slouch) do not change with the wind. They just make it appear so to become elected.
  11. Once again, you're deliberately forgetting every position he had prior to 2004. Do you think a former president of the NCC, an organization founded by Colin M. Brown to fight against the creation of public healthcare, could logically fall under "the left wing of the Democratic Party" unless he's just lying to get elected? Someone whose positions fall somewhere in the centre-left of the Democratic Party would never have said "Your country (the USA) and particularly your conservative movement, is a light and an inspiration to people in this country and across the world." You're either very n
  12. Don't you worry that you totally lose credibility when you imply that stealing money to fund an election campaign is "fixing" an election?
  13. Of course it's to supply military supply companies. I would say it is even incredibly naive to believe otherwise. The Iraq war was also started to supply companies like Haliburton with billions of dollars (and to loot the oil). The argument that it was because "Sadaam is evil" is laughable. And that's why I could never vote for Harper, because I would never feel comfortable with a leader who would have blindly taken Canada into that quagmire. I believe Colin Powell's Pottery Barn rule (you break it, you own it), though I don't think the U.S. will follow that. They'll retreat for political r
  14. There are some moderate CPCers out there, but they're living in a dreamland where Harper is just like them. Even though he helped found a party in the 80s to do away with people like them.
  15. Don't they just register domestic arrangements for estate and tax purposes now? What's the difference, other than the word "marriage?" Or is that it?
  16. Damn. I was going to tell my wife "TML said it was OK." But there has to be some sort of legal definition. Otherwise it gets very messy come divorce time or death time or tax time (et cetera). You could get into the whole civil union argument, but that's just semantics (one term as opposed to another).
  17. I would be interested to see that quote. But I'm sure if it was well sourced, it would have been included well before the questionable Sheila Copps ones on the conservative website. It's interesting the CPC posts those few lame references to Martin's position on Iraq, but CPCers on this site get all huffy if you try to mention Harper's much clearer position. But back to the thread topic of Harper's spendy promises, I'm glad the Libs are finally pointing out that Harper would likely do what every other neocon government (Reagan, Bush Jr...) have done: institute unaffordable tax cuts and spend,
  18. Naturally. You're entitled to think however you like. My marriage commissioner was licenced by the province. Legally, it's a marriage like any other marriage. But do you think adultery wouldn't count then?
  19. I don't like to do the typical thing often done here by CPC supporters: immediately discredit the source. But Shelia Copps? Come on, she'd say anything to smear Martin. I don't dispute Paul Celucci's quote, but training security forces and taking part in an invasion are two very different things. In total, it's like I said. Martin probably thought Canada should go but there's little evidence to support that.
  20. I was married by a marriage commissioner in my back yard in a service that didn't mention any higher power. Would you say I'm not married then?
  21. Martin was pretty wishy-washy about Iraq. There were rumours he was against Chretien's position, but there's little evidence to support that (though he probably was). Harper's position was clear. How can you possibly say that isn't a reason to not vote for him? Demonstrating the lack of judgment to oppose a war that was clearly morally bankrupt is the best reason I can think of not to vote for him (and I can think of a lot). But if someone is voting against him for that reason, they should probably be uncomfortable voting for Martin too and go NDP.
  22. Marriage is a religious and a legal institution. Lots of people are married in completely secular ceremonies. And it's only where it is a legal institution that the issue of rights comes in. I've always considered it a rights issue because I pay into Blue Cross at work and my spouse benefits. It simply isn't fair to disallow that to others because you don't like them. Anyway, I agree that the issue is dead. A free vote isn't going to amount to anything.
  23. You don't get much more Eastern than the Chinese.
  24. Conservatives will win a minority January 23, but Prime Minister Dryden and the Libs will get a majority two years later.
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