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  1. I didn't say the CPC is newcon. They are not presently running on a neocon platform, so I don't know. I do know their leader is, along with David Frum, a poster boy for neoconservativism. I also know the Reform Party was the definition of Canadian neoconservativism. You wonder why people accuse the CPC of having a hidden agenda when they deny their own leader's clearly stated principles. If they didn't want a neocon leader, they should have elected Peter Mackay or Bernard Lord or Belinda Stronach as their leader.
  2. What, scared? I'm just saying he knows what he's talking about. When he speaks his mind, he can eloquently express his neocon principles.
  3. Bubber is: Social Libertarian 13.6% Economical Authoritarian 20.5%
  4. You're willing to call the NDP communist, which few members would admit to being, but are unwilling to acknowledge that Harper is a neocon, which even he has admitted and never denied being.
  5. Yeah, but he's no George W. He knows his way around an ideology.
  6. Are you denying he helped found a neoconservative party back in the 80s? You don't think anyone should be interested that he was president of the NCS, an organization founded on working towards eliminating public health care? And I'll probably vote NDP (but I'm strategizing).
  7. I'm from the west, and the hatred for the federal government I hear is coming largely from Alberta. I think that's mostly a money thing. They're just tired of sharing.
  8. how can anyone, with a straight face, say Harper is not a neoconservative, unless they don't have a clue what a newcon is? The Reform Party is the Canadian definition of a neoconservative party. It may not be a popular term now with the neocon GOP in power down south, and the CPC may not be running on a neocon platform because everybody agrees it isn't presently electable, but Harper was clearly, uncategorically, undeniably and reliably a neocon until, oh, around two years ago. I'll concede the CPC may have members among them who actually believe in some of the moderate platform they've been r
  9. Canada wouldn't be strong. Unless you consider Europe a strong country, because Canada would just become a collection of trading partners with a common currency. The only problem is most of those partners would be tiny; some of them are so small and isolated, they could wind up with Third World economies in 20 years (though I suppose if you don't live there, you don't care). Considering trade between provinces is already often more difficult than with the U.S. because of provincial trade restrictions, I just don't think it's good for the country as a whole to break it up any further. I know
  10. They might be getting tired of repeatedly being called hating, corrupt, entitlement-presuming idiots who will never concede defeat (even after 12 years).
  11. Decentralization of federal power to the provinces has nothing to do with hate, and it's no lie that Harper and the Reform party supported it (and practically founded their party on the principle). Whether or not you agree that this is "breaking up the country" is probably just a question of semantics.
  12. Forums sure are boring when everyone agrees with one another.
  13. I don't think you'll hear Thomas Sophonow or David Milgaard calling for a return of the death penalty.
  14. Hasn't the blood in sussex only been there for two years?
  15. Well, Harper's neither amiable nor a dunce. And the contempt for humanity thing is only based on my own stoner vibes, and what's more reliable than strong stoner vibes?
  16. I'd say when you can't adjust your convictions, you become brain dead. Stronach said "I didn't get involved in putting the two parties together so we could break up the country." Destroying the central government and replacing it with regional fiefdoms with firewalls around them could be considered a hidden agenda, considering they certainly aren't mentioning it during the campaign.
  17. Contempt for humanity? Maybe he just has contempt for idiots. Though I can understand how there'd be little difference for you. Yes, Argus, I am a total idiot, but I'm not stupid enough to fall for the weed is "way more dangerous today because it's so much stronger than the stuff hippies used to smoke" argument.
  18. So you must be mad as hell at Harper for indicating he would be willing to include Quebec at the table in international relations.
  19. Yeah, and that election wasn't really interesting till it was over.
  20. Don't you think that by voting conservative, you're stealing federalist anti-lib votes from the Bloq and benefiting the Liberals? Have you considered voting strategically? I'm an NDPer, and we do it all the time.
  21. That's true. Not a big priority. And Anne McClellan wasn't exactly keen on the idea (but she's from AB).
  22. Then again, you never know. Bill Clinton managed eight years (though perhaps he was more extremely willing than perverted--then again, that cigar was freaky).
  23. But talk about ban-crazy, the CPC is the only party advocating criminalization of possessing small amounts of weed.
  24. That's true. Some weasel Liberal would get you to reveal your identity and out you as the despicable perverted argus. Harper would make you resign within three hours.
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