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  1. Yeah, and that election wasn't really interesting till it was over.
  2. Don't you think that by voting conservative, you're stealing federalist anti-lib votes from the Bloq and benefiting the Liberals? Have you considered voting strategically? I'm an NDPer, and we do it all the time.
  3. That's true. Not a big priority. And Anne McClellan wasn't exactly keen on the idea (but she's from AB).
  4. Then again, you never know. Bill Clinton managed eight years (though perhaps he was more extremely willing than perverted--then again, that cigar was freaky).
  5. But talk about ban-crazy, the CPC is the only party advocating criminalization of possessing small amounts of weed.
  6. That's true. Some weasel Liberal would get you to reveal your identity and out you as the despicable perverted argus. Harper would make you resign within three hours.
  7. I certainly don't hate Harper (don't even know him). But I do think he's moderating his image and suppressing his personal political opinions in order to get elected. But that's just politics, not cause for hatred. But as for him, I'm not convinced he has anything but contempt for humanity in general.
  8. I've been to conservative.ca. That dude has scary eyes, man.
  9. I'm not a liberal, but I am a drug addict.
  10. Canada has higher greenhouse gas emissions because we have to heat our homes and businesses from this gawd-awful cold. That sucks up a lot of energy, even more than the air conditioners in Arizona.
  11. So based on that, you actually believe the republicans are standing up for the environment?
  12. You must not have spent much time here recently. If I were a Liberal, my feelings would have been very hurt by now.
  13. I would consider SSM to be an issue of personal responsibility (as marriage is a responsible commitment) and allowing it a sign of respect for others. In fact, I would say it strengthens family values, because it supports commitment in relationships, which is what families are based on. And I don't see how getting tough on crime (which I personally fully support) does anything to strengthen the family.
  14. Dubious unsourced stats, and an apparent lack of understand of the definition of neocon.
  15. If the NDP is a communist party, does that make MB and SK communist republics?
  16. I don't think family values have gone away, but how would a government propose to bring them back if they had?
  17. Because neocons always stand up for the environment. Just ask the caribou in the arctic wildlife refuge.
  18. 1) They preach hatred because some ad agencies engineered some kickbacks? 2) Other than Carolyn Parrish, whom they expelled, they don't preach hatred against Americans. They preach Canadian sovereignty, which Conservatives don't seem to understand. 3) Canada was coming out of a recession in 1995 and, at the time, conservatives raved how Martin was finally balancing the budget. 4) I don't presume to know how the inner workings of international shipping companies. My guess, though, is that the flag flown has a lot more to do with paperwork and bottom-line taxation than with loyalty. The compan
  19. Maybe it's just link-rot. I don't think anyone's really afraid of receiving email.
  20. I'm not a Liberal (I vote NDP too), but I don't get the "culture of entitlement" thing. Back when they had no real opposition, I was surprised how Chretien seemed to campaign against Stockwell Day as if he were a real alternative. And I understand how Martin's "10-year plans" appear presumptuous, but I don't think that's any different than Harper saying he'd lower the GST to 5% in five years. It's just putting forward a plan that voters can take or leave.
  21. How does the Liberal party preach hate? From what I can tell from this site, the Conservatives are doing a whole lot of hating these days.
  22. I think the price drop is directly linked to the number of grow-ops that have sprung up in the past 10 years. Before they had that technology, it had to be imported from mexico and central america.
  23. I don't know about Layton, but Conservatives on this site are definitely haters.
  24. People who dispute the similarity between Bush and Harper must not understand what a neoconservative is. Harper made no bones about being one (until he became leader of the CPC) and Bush allows them to run the country for him.
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