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  1. As I understand it, the cops weigh the plant and give it a value of $15 a gram, which back in the day was what bud cost on the street.
  2. That's true. Bush probably couldn't even define neocon. But he's a puppet president with neocons actually running the show. Cheney is a recent neocon convert (he used to be a moderate republican), Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz are definitive neocons. Condoleeza Rice--I don't think anybody's figured her out yet.
  3. Okay. For starters, how about Same-sex marriage Criminalization of marijuana Kyoto?
  4. I'm not a liberal. I vote NDP (though I may, for the first time, be a strategic voter). So how are the CPC different from the republicans? Stephen Harper comes from the same school of thought as David Frum. I can't see how they are anything but a GOP Mini-Me.
  5. No chance that a conservative government would run a deficit? That's what the republicans said in 2000. All neo-cons run deficits because their reason-for-being is to run government into the ground because (remember?) they're anti-government. Under a blue government, Canada would be in the red in a year.
  6. Argus, what is it with you and kiddie porn and incest?
  7. I'm no CPC supporter (and I'm no Lib either), but it's clear that Harper's campaign so far has been light years ahead of Martin's. That's a no-brainer.
  8. Nobody will ever change the way you believe. And nobody's forcing anything on you. You don't have to have a gay marriage, if that's what you're worried about. You'll still be free to marry whomever you wish.
  9. Just because you keep losing, you think the whole system needs to change. But if you win the next election, I guess it will all be fine.
  10. After being identified as an Alberta separatist under the name "psycho" on many blogs including freedominion.ca, CPC candidate Peter Goldring's campaign manager Gordon Stamp resigned. One of his many quotes "I am fairly positive 1/2 our campaign team will be working for separation after January 23 if the Liberals remain in power." Go figure.
  11. Thanks for the bible lesson, Thelonious. I wasn't aware of that. But, eeew, do you really think they meant "meat?"
  12. The institution of marriage as we knew it? Pleease. Again, why are you not out crusading to reinstate the previous laws for divorce? Why are you not boycotting advertisers of FOX TV shows like Married by America? I don't see how my heterosexual marriage is in any way affected by SSM. Even if I had something against homosexuality, I think I could summon the strength to mind my own business enough to let them live as they want to live.
  13. Gee, I always thought there was just one God, which was the creator of everybody: muslims, jews, hindus, etc. But I'll take your word for it.
  14. By not following their Party Constitution, yes. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I would agree it makes your argument that they are a wolf in sheep's clothing ineffectual.
  15. So by not acting as socialists, they are ineffectual?
  16. The NDP has been in power for 6 years in Manitoba. They have not recommended or implemented one initiative that could remotely be considered socialist (except slight incremental increases in the minimum wage). More like a lamb in sheep's clothing.
  17. Marriage may not be a right as defined under the UN Declaration, but it is a privilege enjoyed by all members of society except gay people. What is the point of allowing same-sex unions with all of the incidents and privileges of marriage without calling it marriage? That's just a wishy-washy concession to appease people who just need to get over the fact that gay people live among us. It's disrespectful to say that homosexual marriage would tarnish or diminish heterosexual marriage. Forcing gay people to accept a term that only exists to placate this outright bigotry is forcing them to accept
  18. How is being allowed to marry the person you love not a basic right? If you don't care for that term, how does this somehow diminish heterosexual marriage? Doesn't divorce and marrying for citizenship diminish it more than homosexuals wanting in? It seems to me the institution of marriage is strengthened because it shows that people really want it. If people opposed to SSM were really serious about the institution of marriage (and not just bigoted against gay people), they would be campaigning to strike down recent (as of the '60s) liberal divorce laws.
  19. How is it a christian value to contemptuously deny basic rights to other people? I don't think the New Testament said anything about homosexuality, but it says a lot about respecting others.
  20. I think it's far more accurte to call the CPC the Republican Party of Canada than to call the NDP the Canadian Socialist Party. If the CPC get in, how long before Canada starts recording record deficits? A year?
  21. Okay, how about comparing T.O. to Chicago or Houston? They're roughly the same size. Both those U.S. cities have nearly 10 times the murder rate of Toronto.
  22. How do you feel about the young offender's act (and whatever they call the act that replaced it)?
  23. I wouldn't have used the comma between the two children, and I wouldn't have read anything into the quote. Woman, child, girl...who cares?
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