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  1. There are a heckuva lotta lightweights, thats fer sure.
  2. That's not to mention the Aboriginal gangs. Who let them in?
  3. Seeing the picture of that girl that the police released this evening, I think this event is going to colour the rest of the election campaign. People will be angry--not only angry that a $2B gun control problem obviously did less than nothing towards solving the problem, but angry that there is a likelihood that whoever was responsible will be convicted and, yet, one day be free to go shopping on Yonge St. Conservatives will rightfully jump on this issue. I think the other parties would be wise to jump on a strong law-and-order platform quickly. :angry:
  4. There are regular public English schools, but immigrants and francophones are not allowed to attend them.
  5. I would fall under Protestant- 8,654,850 That doesn't mean I go to church. I provided you with data of people who actually practice religion, not people whose families used to go to church. Former traditions and two bits will buy a phone call. They don't count for much. Canadians have replaced religion with TV and Internet and celebrity worship and drugs and porn. I know you don't like it, but judging from your posts you certainly don't disagree with that.
  6. Oh, and if you don't like the sounds of religioustolerance.org (because I know you can't tolerate the tolerant), how about christianity.ca, which says "By 2000, weekly attendance had hit a low of 21 percent of Canadians, but surveys in 2002 and 2003 by Mr. Bibby, Vision TV, and Allan Gregg's Strategic Counsel pegged weekly attendance at levels ranging from 26 to 30 percent." So attendance is on its way up, but that includes all religions. So I would say at least 70-74 percent are not practicing christians. But I would agree with you that the few of you left shouldn't be allowed to form a min
  7. According to religioustolerance.org, in 1990-91 38% of Canadians go to church regularly, but "the true figures show that only about 20% of Americans and 10% of Canadians actually go to church one or more times a week. Many Americans and Canadians tell pollsters that they have gone to church even though they have not. Whether this happens in other countries, with different cultures, is difficult to predict." That puts you solidly in the minority. The majority is blissfully agnostic and secular and not at all self-righteous (OK, a little but not as bad). And we live in a highly successful, equa
  8. I may be wrong, but didn't Bourassa use the Notwithstanding clause to keep Bill 101 in place back around late 1988?
  9. How do you know he doesn't volunteer at a food bank? If he doesn't, would it be hypocritical for him to advocate for food bank recipients? I think your reply demonstrates typical conservative evasion of issues by going after the person asking the question.
  10. You seem like you might enjoy having your own mini-society where sex and porn are banned and people speak freely in run-on sentences.
  11. I agree. Too many innocent people have died because of criminalization.
  12. (1) SSM doesn't take away any of the majority's rights, it just gives rights to a minority. It's doesn't hurt you at all. (2) Official bilingualism wasn't based on the idea of minority rights. It was based on the concept of two founding cultures: French and English. (3) The only major religion in Canada is secularism. If you're concerned about Christian rights, then you should be fighting for minority rights. (4) English is the minority in Quebec, so again you should be fighting for minority rights in that case too. (The charter was the basis for striking down Bill 101.) (5) I have no idea
  13. Personally, I'm not a great fan of the charter. I always thought of it as a scheme by lawyers to get more work.
  14. Canada's traditional religion is dead here. The tradition is over. No one goes to church at all anymore. We worship at the altar of secularism. Christmas is a celebration of consumerism. Get over it, Leafless. You're the minority now so it's time you start fighting for minority religious rights. Time to get in bed with the muslims.
  15. I agree too. Law and order isn't necessarily a left-right issue; it's more common sense than anything.
  16. You still didn't give one example.
  17. Actually paedophile is a british variation on the north american "pedophile" (check the Canadian Oxford). But anyway, who cares? I agree that hard-core pedophiles probably will do what they do regardless of the law, and for that they should be locked up for good and I won't complain. I think the point was that having a too-low age of consent might be attractive to pedophiles who don't want to go to jail. But good luck on your crusade to ban sex, Leafless. Maybe you'd enjoy Saudi Arabia. Personally, I live in a world where that probably wouldn't work.
  18. I don't think the laws as they existed did much to protect 14-year-olds either. If we really want to prevent an influx of pedophiles, we could concentrate on raising the age of consent. I don't care what consenting adults do, but I agree the age of consent is at least two years too low.
  19. So, there's like three non-conservatives on this post and you have them all on ignore? Debates at your house must be very agreeable.
  20. Actually most stuff is ok by me. I'm not the one all upset about what people do if it doesn't hurt anyone else. I'm also not big on slippery-slope arguments because I find them intellectually lazy (i.e., we made a rational decision now so we will never be able to make a rational decision again). But, for your first question, you're forgetting my point that few people survive incest without being somehow psychologically damaged. Having a bunch of psychologically messed-up people is bad for society, and when you're throwing in the increased likelihood of Deliverance babies, well, that makes it
  21. But bigamy, that's a different story. There's the old joke that the reason it's illegal is to save people from themselves. I had an uncle who had two "wives" concurrently for over 30 years, and had children with both. Of course, legally only one was his wife, but they all lived together quite happily (he's a rich conservative cattle rancher, so he could afford it). I often wondered what would have happened to his non-official wife if he died before her after the kids were all grown up. I think under the present law she would be at his legal wife's mercy. She's dead now so I may never know. I
  22. one word: inbreeding. It's bad for society because, if you haven't seen Deliverance, it can lead to some pretty nasty genetic results.
  23. In my day, conservatives were appalled at deficits in general; now they rush to defend empire-crushing deficits. I vote NDP and would love to see some strong federal balanced budget legislation. It's topsy-turvy land.
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