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  1. Yes, but decriminalization means less money to law enforcement, and no union ever argued to lose work.
  2. BTW, I might as well shut down your other lame argument before you think you can debate or something. Aboriginals fall under federal responsibility for things like housing, treaties, etc. But in terms of health care, employment, living standards, etc., they're included in provincial statistics. That's not to mention that nearly half the population lives off reserve and are practically ignored by the feds. Nonetheless, this is not to say I'm even negative about the future of Aboriginals in Canada. Though widespread FAS is a great cause for concern, there are a lot of really positive indication
  3. Actually, ironically, it is legal and available in any pharmancy. It's called Desyoxn. No controversy there compared to, say, medical marijuana. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
  4. First off, you support my habit now by paying for law enforcement and tax amnesty. I'm not sure what you mean by all adults are not responsible--not capable of handling an innocuous product where too much usage gives them a good night's sleep. We're not talking alcohol, where you turn into a raving loogan. And I never said anything about no drug wars. There are lots of drug wars. That's what decriminalization would stop.
  5. Actually, sexual oritentation is clearly written into the charter.
  6. Good idea. Play the racism card if you have no brains for a real argument. I said, reserves are in bad shape. I blame the fact that Aboriginals had all their decent land stolen from them and were sent into the bush to make a new life for themselves. What do you blame for their dire conditions?
  7. Not use the notwithstanding clause.
  8. You also forgot to mention this, from the features page of this website, "the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police argues that law enforcement spends too much of its time and resources on petty drug possession charges while major producers and traffickers expand their operations. Decriminalization, they argue, will free up vital resources."
  9. Yes, I am. And the charter says no discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. All the rights of marriage have been denied homosexuals, therefore they are being discriminated against. The charter is only 22 years old, and lots of things have to shake through it before they are implemented. Once the charter was made law, SSM was inevitable.
  10. Harper admitted in the debate he wouldn't use the notwithstanding clause. That means, Leafless, that no matter how much you hate to mind your own business, homosexuals will be free and equal to participate in this society like you are. No matter what a free vote in the House of cCommons decides. It's a done deal. Unless you want to use SSM as a basis on which to dump the charter, it doesn't make any difference what people think about it or who gets elected.
  11. Whether or not 55% believe a free vote is the way to go is irrelevant if that free vote would just be overturned because it clearly violates the charter. The only relevant issue is whether there is a willingness to use the notwithstanding clause. Harper had the balls to say no to that, despite pressure from his party. Therefore he would have a free vote that would accomplish nothing and is totally a non-issue.
  12. And you can always take Sparhawk's word for things. Like when Sparhawk said people remain impaired from smoking marijuana for up to a year.
  13. It doesn't really matter what they think. It's what the supreme court thinks the charter says and whether they would use the notwithstanding clause to override the charter.
  14. That's a bit overly simplistic. That's like saying under capitalism, the corporate elites hoard all the wealth, leaving scraps for the rest. That's only the case if you work at Wal-Mart.
  15. Nobody gets rich from their salary as a politician in Canada. They all wind up rich by the time they're done though.
  16. No, I just live in MB. We have 4-gallon jugs (for about 3 bucks) and cartons.
  17. No way! You have to pay a premium in AB to get health care? I wasn't aware of that. Wow! With all their money. I'm glad you guys are giving us transfer payments in MB so we don't have to do that.
  18. Well-screened questions that concern them. If you take an unscreened media source, like say Mapleleafweb, it's a lot more prominent. It's a major feature issue on the home page and a popular topic in the discussion forum (14 pages and nearly 2000 views so far). That's why I'm lobbying for a very smiley face with red eyes to add to the end of all my posts.
  19. CPCers just want to bury this issue because they know their position is irrational. When their arguments are shut down, they shut up, say the issue is"not on people's radar," or desperately try to change the subject.
  20. Uh-huh. Not blaming; just stating facts. Ever seen a reserve? They aren't pretty (unless maybe they struck oil).
  21. What are you talking about? Do you have pictures?
  22. Has anyone ever asked Stephen Harper if he ever smoked pot?
  23. Buthenagain, you could say the ones who think they know what's going on are all just totally gullible anyway. If you don't believe anyone, it's hard to feel truly informed.
  24. They still sell milk by the bag? That always seemed really mammarian to me. Is that a word?...probably not.
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