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  1. On 7/14/2020 at 10:48 AM, Shady said:

    Yes, it's just a complete coincidence.  Yet places that reopened didn't see any increase in cases 2, 3, 4, 5 weeks after opening.

    They saw incremental increases that grew exponentially. 

    I see you're still struggling with the term "exponentially". I realize it's math, which is hard and therefore "gobbledygook ". But here's a hint: it doesn't have to be a whole number exponent to be an exponent.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Shady said:

    But it isn't necessarily a problem outdoors, if you're not crammed in with thousands of people.  There's people walking in the park near where I live every day, and they're not catching covid.  There's also people playing soccer in the field every day, and they're not catching covid.  

    So it only happens if protesting police is involved. Interesting theory.

    Good thing no one listens to you.

  3. 3 hours ago, Shady said:

    Yes, the spike in cases that coincides exactly with protests is just a coincidence! :lol:

    I always agreed with you that it could only be a result of the protests and then commented about how incredibly wrong you were to say it wasn't a problem out of doors. Too bad they took your advice. I bet they feel stupid now for listening to you.

  4. 1 minute ago, Shady said:

    People aren't surfaces.  But please keep making excuses for mass protests, where people are literally on top of each other.  Please keep arguing that that can't spread the virus.  It's very amusing! :lol:

    Not as funny as someone desperately trying to convey to rational people that the protests were the primary cause for the spike without any evidence to back it up, other than his uninformed feels. 

    Regardless , if it's so contagious, why would DeVos insist schools should reopen regardless? Seems pretty irresponsible. 

  5. 1 minute ago, Shady said:

    Keep ignoring the science.  Keep ignoring Houston as the epicenter.  Keep your head in the sand.  Texas was open since the beginning of May, but didn't see a spike in cases until lat June.  That's almost 8 weeks.  If opening was the cause, cases would've spike much sooner.  Stop your nonsense.

    That is total nonsense. You're using your complete ignorance on the subject as a debate tactic. You will never have to concede a debate if you never learn what you're talking about. :lol:

  6. All any government can do is try to limit the infections. The death rate takes care of itself. NYC has done an admirable job of limiting new infections,  even though they seemed to have lost control a few months ago. Now Florida is worse but they aren't doing much to control the infection rate, other than reopening Disney World. This could get ugly. We can only hope the virus has mutated to become less lethal (which may fortunately be the case).

  7. Yes, we are agreed the U.S. was, overall, the worst imaginable shitshow. Quebec and Ontario's numbers would have been better if they didn't have such close proximity to that incompetent mess. The worst part is they actually listened to the idiots and opened up too soon. Now I fear it gets really bad.

  8. 24 minutes ago, Shady said:

    New York has 31,000 dead and counting.  Texas and Florida 3,000.  But damn did New York ever do a great job! LOL. :lol:

    I guess when you fuck it up as bad as possible, then later on when things are better you can claim victory in Bubber’s world! :lol:

    It's true having an incompetent,  unfit president is no help when he keeps tweeting it's a hoax, but trying to play politics with death rates is soon going to come back to haunt you in a terrible way. I hope I'm wrong, but you're going to look like more of an idiot than ever soon.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Shady said:

    Well you have to remember that these historic rates are only historic because they never had really high rates like New York back in the spring.  

    It must bother you how well New York has since managed to get it under control. That's from taking it seriously.  Now let's watch Florida and Texas get it under control. Do you anticipate comparable competence?

  10. 3 hours ago, Shady said:

    Yes, I mostly agree.  Until people start taking it more seriously, particularly younger people, lockdowns are irrelvant.

    Hard for them to take it seriously when their president keeps pushing the idea it's a hoax that was created just to make him look like a bumbling, incompetent, dangerous clown.

  11. 57 minutes ago, Shady said:

    I didn’t say organ damage was temporary, but who says it’s permanent?  At what rate do people experience this from COVID?  At what ages?  At what health history etc?  All you’ve provided is information that it can happen, but with no real specifics at all.  Regardless, when you take all of the cases of COVID, all of the recoveries, all of the asymptotic cases, it’s pretty close to 99% as being a bad flu for a couple of weeks, and then recovery.  It doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous, but it’s also not the plague that you and other alarmists like to insist it is.

    Pretty close? But you don't have any data whatsoever to back you up. Science!

  12. Well, that certainly doesn't say it's harmless for anyone. That just says it's particularly dangerous for the elderly in terms of fatalities. What about the rate of organ damage and brain injury?

    In the future, I would suggest you at least keep your posts at a level that wouldn't get you banned from twitter. :lol:


  13. 9 minutes ago, Shady said:

    Yes, it’s exactly what I said.  It’s not particularly dangerous to younger healthy people.  The science is overwhelming in that regard.  You’re a science denier.


    Because all scientific claims can be cited. Don't just give me death rates (which aren't exactly compelling anyway). I want data on long-term organ damage, et cetera. You can't make a scientific claim without evidence, so I assume you have it at hand.

    I await your silent concession I win and a desperate attempt to change the subject. :lol:

  14. 25 minutes ago, Shady said:

    The virus is dangerous to certain people.  To healthy people under a certain age, it’s not.  Those are facts.  That is the science.

    No, it's not. If you were able to find a source that says it is not dangerous to healthy people you would have cited it. You couldn't,  so now you're doubling down on culty misinformation to avoid further embarrassment. 

    Sorry, you lose again.

  15. 3 minutes ago, Shady said:

    The science doesn’t change because of a broadway star.  But can you provide his complete medical history?  Otherwise we don’t know what other health conditions he suffered from.  Don’t be an idiot and repeat irresponsible BS.

    Nothing irresponsible about warning people that a virus is dangerous.  Trumpy projection looks really dumb when you just try to use it automatically like that.

  16. 3 minutes ago, Shady said:

    The harmlessness or harmfulness really depends on age and health.

    Tell that to the young Broadway star who had his legs cut off before he died. But I don't know what that has to do with the false claim that it's harmless for 99% of people who get it. You're just trying to change the subject because you couldn't find anyone reputable to back up that claim.

    Neither could Trump.

  17. 4 minutes ago, Shady said:

    Complete nonsense.  When you factor in asymptomatic cases, it’s easily in the high 90s.

    It's hilarious how you pull figures out of your ass and expect people to take you seriously. Don't be an idiot and repeat irresponsible BS just because you are loyal to Putin/Trump.

  18. 26 minutes ago, Shady said:

    Nope, it's perfectly accurate.  Try again.  Although I will admit that harmless is subjective.

    I already cited one risk of brain damage. There are many other risks, including heart and liver damage.

    There is no reputable source that says it's harmless for 99% of the people who get it. You just have to believe that because to do otherwise would be disloyal, and cult members are never disloyal.

    You really should shut up though rather than spread dangerous misinformation. It makes you look desperate and stupid.


  19. 17 minutes ago, Shady said:

    Yeah the protests really fucked things up.  Way too early to have been doing that kind of thing.

    It's true. I bet you're embarrassed for saying they were insane to limit outdoor gatherings. Just shows you don't know anything about this virus. Rather irresponsible of you to spout uneducated theories as though they were fact though. You should be more careful.


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