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  1. I've said it before but it's worth repeating. This isn't just about the Liberals accusing Harper of "knowing about bribes to Cadman". Their website - totally outside the purpiew of Parliament - said the following:

    1) Harper must come clean about allegations of Conservative Bribery

    2) He knew that it was immoral

    3) He knew that it was unethical

    4) He knew it was illegal

    These statements, for which the Liberal Party and its leader refuse to offer an apology, are shameful and go far beyond the usual unsavoury Parliamentary antics. These personal attacks on a sitting Prime Minister of any stripe are totally unacceptable and fully warrant the litigation that is underway.

    Totally agree, so far no proof of any bribe it's all in the minds of the Liberal patriots

  2. Dona Cadman's message should clear it up now, this is a mountain out of a molehill to further the Liberal agenda , it diverts attention from their sorry a..es. There is exactly the same evidence here for the alleged bribery of Belinda Stronach, so get over it, there's nothing here to see.

  3. I thought it was just the evil Israeli's that didn't want the Palestinian Homocide Bomber's. Amazing how the leftwing MSM have kept quiet about the Moslem wall's keeping the Palestinian, killers out of their Moslem land's.

    Amazing how the terrorist supporters think that the wall should be kept open in order to kill more Israelis isn't it - very telling. Also amazing how they never condemn those rocket attack etc. oh yea - that's okay baby as long as it's Israelis being killed.

  4. It is my great pleasure to report that a team of protesters including Six Nations Confederacy people and residents of Haldimand County (HALT) have stopped trucks from delivering garbage to the recently expanded Edwards landfill.

    The landfill operators agree to halt work until next week, and to consult with the Six Nations Confederacy's development team. If work resumes without an agreement, there will be further protest action.

    Was just cruising this morning and saw this, it's the same post....


    I'd like to have the pleasure to report that finally someone is putting a stop to native terrorism.

  5. Maybe this is a culture we should prefer, heck can't be any worse than listening to nasty tele-evamgelicalism or whatever.

    Saudi gang-rape victim is jailed

    Saudi women are subject to strict sex segregation laws

    An appeal court in Saudi Arabia has doubled the number of lashes and added a jail sentence as punishment for a woman who was gang-raped.

    The victim was initially punished for violating laws on segregation of the sexes - she was in an unrelated man's car at the time of the attack.

    When she appealed, the judges said she had been attempting to use the media to influence them.

    The attackers' sentences - originally of up to five years - were doubled.

    According to the Arab News newspaper, the 19-year-old woman, who is from Saudi Arabia's Shia minority, was gang-raped 14 times in an attack in the eastern province a year-and-a-half ago.

    Seven men from the majority Sunni community were found guilty of the rape and sentenced to prison terms ranging from just under a year to five years.

    But the victim was also punished for violating Saudi Arabia's laws on segregation that forbid unrelated men and women from associating with each other. She was initially sentenced to 90 lashes for being in the car of a strange man.

    On appeal, the Arab News reported that the punishment was not reduced but increased to 200 lashes and a six-month prison sentence.

    read more here


  6. A Christian sect holes up in a Cave waiting for the end of the world, yikes they have kids living in that cave. A Christian cult runs amok. Where do these nut jobs come from, and why would any sane person follow a leader that's barking mad. Note to self: Stock up on water just in case they are right.


    Guess they'll have a long wait LOL ah well it gives some fodder to the kuzzy types then they can ignore the real atrocities committed by other religions

  7. I don't have a freaking clue who Hagey is but Jean Chretien met with the Pope, so what, no news value here oopsy maybe the Liberals wanna turn Canada into a RC State oooh booga booga

    Too bad Harper never talks about his beliefs cos if he did people wouldn't wantto resort to innuendo but am really looking forward to hearing your little insights and deep investigative journalism into Stephane Dion's religious beliefs along the lines of how much genuflecting he does, or if he believes in transubstantiation and all, ditto for Paul Martin et al

    Ah well, tis politically correct to Christian bash so maybe Kuzzy doesn't think RC's are christian mind you it's those Christian bashers who are the true bigots they insult the rest of us with their politically correct Christian bashing.

  8. I appreciate the support southern. I really do. Many have been supportive of me on this forum and I appreciate it and it humbles me. I may sound like I am picking on Buffy but I actually blast her precisely because I happen to respect her idealism and caring about the suffering of people and do not think she is intentionally being anti-semitic at all.

    Your welcome I don't post a lot just read mostly. You might be right about the last part who knows but she sure seems to support terrorism against Israel.

    back to lurking now :)- keep up the good work Rue

  9. While I disagree with making fun of someone's religion, I can't help but wonder what would happen if a politician believed that the earth was flat because of their religion?

    All you have to do is look at what happened to Day when he commented on creationism, like wow, he was crucified (so to speak). Heck look at all the PMs who are RC and what they are supposed to believe in. e.g. virgin birth, transubstaniation, wine blood and all that... how much kookier can that get, but nobody ridicules them.

  10. My words are directed specifically to what you state not who you are. Your words speak for themselves and have consequences. Continue to make negative generalizations about ANY people or group and I will continue to challenge your statements and expose them as prattle. My concern is to what you say not who you are. In my opinion I find it inconsistent you find challenges to what you say personal attacks, you appear to have no problems dishing out the same criticism in the form of group negative generalizations against Jews and Israelis.

    I find it inconsistent you do to others what you now complain of.

    I wish I had the knowledge and ability to write like you do Rue, I can only say thanks for putting my feelings (and I'm sure others) into words. I totally support your posts.

  11. This looks to be the firing part of it, or did they move the people in the jobs too?

    This is going too far for sure, affirmative action gone nuts.


    The town branded too white and too British

    A town is being stripped of scores of public sector jobs because its residents are "too white and British".

    The Prison Service is relocating the posts to a nearby city where there are more ethnic minorities

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