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  1. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Right on, or Write on.
  2. Could Canada be next, my gawd, I think Christmas is overkill most of the time, but this? Renamed, really to what pray tell. Maybe we should rename Ramadan - The Killing Deserts, or The Sword of the Beheaded. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,17454097-421,00.html Anger over attack on Christmas From: The Sunday Mail (Qld) By Ainsley Pavey December 04, 2005 RELIGIOUS groups have launched an attack on Christmas – calling for it to be renamed and toned down. A leading Islamic body says the use of the term "Christmas" is politically incorrect because it excludes too many people in mult
  3. Did you all know Nancy Green's against Kyoto. but you make a good point, they are all offering tax cuts but no mention of how they will buy these credit or who'll pay for it.
  4. Trust me, you've provided me with more chuckles than you know. -k <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It would be funnier except this guy seems to believe everything he posts, good thing we all know better eh.
  5. Gawd, imagine going through this again in 6 months if that isn't enough to get people out and get rid of the liberals once and for all it should be.
  6. This is a bit odd of a topic considering its been a month since this idea was presented but it has been in hibernation sinse. But I will answer your question anyway. Yes, I think their should be mandatory voting. Every generation their is a loss in the number of people voting and watching the news earlier this morning it said a wopping 38% of young adults vote. That is horrbile that is below 50%. I just truned legal voting age and I definatly plan to vote in this up coming election it will be exciting as it is my first vote. But here's my view why are we a democracy if nobody cares? I t
  7. Did you not know that Normies neck of the woods, B.C. grows the finest and most potent marijuana in the world - grow-ops in half million dollar homes - cops can't keep up with the abundance of grow-ops; tunnels dug into the U.S. for illegal export; drug wars; increased useage in schools - if you get satellite TV you can pick up B.C. news - it's all there. No wonder BCers want it legalized. Well if it must be legalized then it should be done so like alcohol but then how does one deal with a car driver who is high - how does one test his/her pot level of intoxication? Never smoked the da
  8. It's kind of hard to believe that you ONLY oppose social conservatism in the CPC since your earlier posts(and lo, they are legion!) opine on just about every issue the CPC is promising, including the GST and Health care, and you oppose it all. By the way, don't you feel you've done a lot of posting today Norman? I know it's Saturday, but don't you have any outside interests or responsibilities? Your stats say you're averaging 30 posts a day. That's a little over the top. Maybe the bartender should cut you off! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Boy I'll say, that boy doesn't have a life
  9. Martin a left wing radical? How do his policies differ from the former Progressive Conservatives? How do they differ from Joe Clark's? Or are the former PCs also left wing radicals by your definition? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah but they obviously do difer if Clark could not even get his feet off the ground and the voters did not like PC policies so votedt for Liberal. I think Clark was an honest and decent man and the media and lefties laughed at him but now that he is no longer in power, suddenly he is respected. Talk about hypocracy. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Your
  10. Well, I have Normie on my ignore list but it doesn't help LOL I don't see any platform from tbe U,.S. thats a silly thing to say isn't it. I'm in full agreement with this one, I saw what it did (pot) to one of my kids. The liberals want to legalize prostitution too, Ahem....wake up Canada, time to get rid of this slime.
  11. While I salivate at the concept of paying lower taxes personally, I don't think it would be of longterm benefit to hike corporate taxes (if you can imagine that, coming from me). Lower corporate taxes are an important incentive to draw business out of the US and to encourage foreign investment aimed at the US to Canada instead. If our corporate taxes were equal to or higher than the US' the incentive would disappear. It doesn't necessarily mean that foreign investment would dry up, of course, but it would be one less reason to choose Canada as a place to build new plants or start new enterpri
  12. Right now polls mean nothing but a hill of beans, it can change in 24 hours - I think the conservatives have some momentum going for them at the moment, I'm guessing as they release their platform bit by bit we'll see bigger changes. Hmmm, sorta like a strip tease you know, maybe they are saving the best for last LOL (maybe a lesbian or two for NormanC )
  13. I agree. Harper should say nothing about his socially conservative agenda and his plans to strip rights away from lesbians until AFTER the election. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wrong - the issue has been debated to death and we now have to move on to the needs of this country and not the select few who keep on and on about their issue that it become a turnoff. Get over it and get on to things important to ALL canadians. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He's going to do whaaaattt, strip rights from lesbians..... (wonder if that includes gay men LOL ) maybe Normanchateau has a thi
  14. Wow, wasn't it Hargrove who came up with the strategic voting, e.g. don't vote NDP if it will split the vote, vote liberal to stop the conservatives? These guys promote strategic voting, sell out the NDPers then moan and whine when they don't get enough seats to qualify for funding status etc. Wow, what a sell out, and slimey.
  15. I agree, I looked at these forums and liked these because they are polite and seem to offer good debate, no mudslinging or personal attacks. There seems to be one poster out to change that, please don't let it happen to this forum. I agree, best not to post when this is happening, or just ignore the bad penny who shows up now and then. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or happy whatever you celebrate.
  16. This guys obviously a one issue person, no depth, shallow innuendo. Just attack and call names. He's sure brought down the level of these forums in a hurry.
  17. This guys on my ignore list, have him pegged also. Boy, talk abut malicious innuendo and smear tactics. Not hard to figure out his strategy, attack, insult label, smear and call names. Put people on the defensive and deflect from real issues. Man, ignore him, he's not worth it, he's stirring the pot and sitting back laffin.
  18. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Why would the CPC use GWB ? If anything its the liberals who will come out attacking and using the scary anti-Americanism card. Ya know, that little streak of intolerance Canucks aren't supposed to have.
  19. No it was not a policy, and they have never said such a thing, and is not a policy now. This is just more drive by slander. Wait for it, it'll get worse Last election it was "scary", now it's "Harper hates Canada". or Harper wil.... insert whatever scary comment here. Sigh
  20. Random CBC Link <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hey, Team Martin let it slip they planned to go negative before the vote even no surprise there, they specialize in that. I'm guessing the worst is yet to come, well they said it is.
  21. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Excellent post shoop. Now, back to the campaign, I took time off work to do this. Good luck
  22. How can you be a neocon and a neolib Martin's dithered about a few things, SSM for one, why is it okay for him to change his mind. double standards here. Playing on anti American sympathies doesn't cut it either.
  23. That's Normies style, continually attacking the CPC and Harper, he's from 50plus which just closed down cos of this type of attacking. These forums look to be better moderated. Anyhoo, I'm helping on the election no time for reading unsubstantiated nonsense. I'm not a betting gal, but I'm guessing it will be a liberal minority again thanks to Ontario. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  24. Should we warn the administrator LOL I will ignore the baiting from that quarter. Well, I'm looking forward to having Harper defend the clarity act, and defend Alberta too.
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