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  1. Lardy, they fire their missiles at Israeli kindergartens but miss and kill their own kids. All round nice guys http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/890791.html
  2. Gee what an enlightened post gotta remember that debating technique no credibility left at all
  3. Naturally you are including yourself in that statement LOL Never mind summers here weather's way too nice to be on line, see you much later unless it rains.
  4. TAKE A STAND - FIGHT THE BOYCOTT and the anti-semitic rabble hate and McCarthyism a smart implementation of a classic Bolshevik strategy. The recent escalation in the efforts to boycott Israel by British organizations like the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and the University and College Teachers Union (UCU) is a serious threat to Israel, Jews and open societies. We must do everything we can to stop this dangerous boycott and prevent it from spreading elsewhere. ADL is fighting back and we need your help. Sign your name to ADL’s letter to the British NUJ and UCU. This week, we began
  5. Wow utter drivel it never fails to amaze that you can spout off about other posters while doing exactly what you go on about and then some signed fellow conspirator and I do love blintzes and sour cream
  6. I see.. so that is perfectly ok with yuo then? What he said was cool? LOL Seems that way can't believe I'm reading this crap and spin on amansheens tirade. The three amigos on here must be the only ones spinning his words cos every news piece I've read says the same thing all boils down to one thing any way you cut it. Talk about fools rushing in. Ahmadinejad says clock ticking to Israel's 'destruction' http://www2.aljazeera.com/news/newsfull.ph...=937303/06/2007 :15:05 AM GMT Comments (3) Add a comment TEHRAN (AFP) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sun
  7. Don't think a lot of people understand a minority government and still buy into the scary scary stuff but people know Liberals still need time out on the benches.
  8. somebody has to do it and by golly doncha know everyone is a fanatic (see the poll)
  9. I'll second that Happy Anniversary One thing is still sure today their neighbours still want them as dead.
  10. I watch it for news don't give a hoot about short skirts etc. Live news is live news, nice to get a different opinion also. I do suppose all you guys who like to slam Fox watch it on a regular basis so you can make informed comments
  11. It's disgusting, contemptuous behaviour. Shows no respect for the Military, their families or the Government. There are a number of ways to state your opinion without resorting to the vulgar and the disgusting. I agree I'm blown away after reading this stuff and where on earth is the moderator? this forum has been going down hill since around March and nothing is done. Didn't I read somewhere that this forum is some kind of project or experiment, does this mean that maybe its time is over and no one is moderating, maybe the funding's gone and all that. Seems to me that there is no ov
  12. The only one doing that in a bigotted way is you, keep it up - you are always improving! btw - what are 'jooos'? I don't recognize that word. Sure you do, 'the only good joos a dead one ' right (sarcasam here not my feeling) Care to enlighten us about the holocaust Bcat, was it 6 million or it really didn't happen that way ! enquiring minds would like to know, no wait don't bother we know.
  13. Is a good analogy but Buffy and her buddy are too caught up in bashing the States and of course they would prefer more dead Israelis.
  14. Single people do not normally receive dependant benefits in any workplace plan, this is nothing but another vicious bash Harper thread with no morallity to it at all. The problem of married and single benefits is one of the reasons some companies offer a plan which gives a flat amount of $$$ per employee which that employee can use any way they wish. It sure doesn't reflect on the CPC or the Liberals for that matter its a normal occurence within any organization.
  15. Yeah, what was granny doing with a gun in the first place not sure what this has to with politics or Harper, its not making any sense unless it is nothing but a reason to bash U.S. practices
  16. Well said Kimmy its all partisan BS
  17. Now now Hiti, the wheels fell off your wagon when Stevie beat out your hero, Stockie - get over it will yah if that hadn't happened you'd be rooting for the CPC like you did the Alliance.
  18. Yes, Harper would love to have soliders in Iraq and soldiers on the streets of Canada. He is the anti-christ and wants to boil your children in oil from Alberta, before eating them with fava beans. That is the most ridiculous response on so many levels. I'm not even sure I follow - are you denying that Harper supported the Iraq war? Or are you having such a difficult time coming up with an explanation for this MONSTROUS misjudgement on the part of your infallible hero that your only attempt at a justification is to put childish words in the mouth of the person who is raising this legitim
  19. Guess you could say they are getting the short end of the deal Where do these Imams come up with this stuff and they all buy into it !
  20. I guess by some people's lites only Liberals should get appointments LOL
  21. Right on Kimmy You forgot all the flamethrowing fearmongering socon stuff LOL The Liberal partisans on here are conveniently forgetting its a minority gov't which ain't easy to keep any semblance order &direction when you have nearly 200 aggressive self-interested political pit bulls and their staffers with re-election dollar signs in their eyes going on the rabid attack day in day out. gee sounds like MLW Me, I think Stephen Harper and our government have done a great job. Yup there have been some disappointments but considering how they are fending off those pit bulls waiting to rip
  22. My question too cos our troops will be shot at there and it could motivate the radicals to take it out on us. Its muslim against muslim there too. There is also humanitarian aid needed in Afghanastan. You can bet if the troops were being killed in Darfur Harper would made to wear that one too.
  23. Its not Harper's war, its Natos war. Harper went there because its his job and to give the troops moral support. Its disgusting the way opposition uses his visits for partisan purposes.
  24. Boring pretty much sums its up, not much to yak about maybe after summer break it will heat up again LOL
  25. So, Canadians want us to send troops to Darfur Islam's killing fields, even tho Sudan's government doesn't want us there. Why is it okay to put our troops in harms way there even tho we could become targets of Islamist extremists. Bet if the U.S. wanted us to go, Canadians would think differently. LOL read more herehttp://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/s...c1-afe56eb27e21
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