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  1. The Star doesn't hide its left wing leanings all you have to do is read the Atkinson principles.
  2. Slow these days long weekend and summer coming, less time for forums, but here's something not so new but still relevant. Course its all Israel's fault doncha know. http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/is...6d-a440d0ea656e
  3. Nobody called names but a predictable reaction from a cur when cornered. I agree whitedoors, definitely an agenda havn't seen either one of them admit that Hamas has problems with gun control - I also notice that because anti semitism can be spotted they often replace it with rants about zionism which is easier to condone but is just a copout for anti semitism. We could accept their critique more easily if they didn't ignore Palestinian terorrism. You know, when in doubt blame Israel.
  4. Ms Buffy and Ms kuzadd believe their own propaganda cos they have to listen to it so much -
  5. Protestants in southern Ireland know what suffering is too it goes both ways.
  6. He's not evil just deluded and on a power trip.
  7. Our tax dollars pay for this bias, sheez more examples well at least the RCs aren't rioting pillaging and burning over it.
  8. Argus said: When Israel starts bombing markets and restaurants of no military value with no military targets you can then make your claim to equivilency. Until that happens you are simply excusing terrorism against the people you don't like. They cannot make an equivilency because there isn't one. Strange how these two creatures seem to find the whole situation a LOL matter. I wonder if they would find it so funnyy if there on the receiving end of a Palestinian child bomber or a rocket attack bet they wouldn't be laughing then. Notice they still have not condemned the MM propaganda cou
  9. Argus said: You should know. You will never read this happening in Palestine. No Jewish family would survive moving into an Arab neighbourhood. There would be no protests or petitions. They would simply be attacked and murdered as soon as they arrived. But that won't bother the likes of you. It reminds me of the fuss international media kicked up last year because one organization's Palestinian cameraman was denied credentials by Israel. There were all kinds of threats of boycotts, and sit-ins and such. Then someone pointed out that The Palestinian Authority held out the death penalty for
  10. That happens here too, also happens while waiting in emergency rooms.
  11. Bourque this morning had a headline about this and a picture of the 3 Stooges.... not there now.
  12. Good think you included Trudeau, he's taking a beating
  13. Good post, this was a letter written to the Toronto Sun recently in answer to a column, don't know if it was printed yet. very well said The Editor: Stories like this one burn me up. As a father who has a son in the Armed Forces who recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan; first and foremost I am proud of his contribution to the war on terrorism. Too soon we forget that it is much more comfortable to be clashing with the enemy in Afghanistan than in down town Toronto or elsewhere in Canada. During his tour in Afghanistan; my wife and I were very concerned for his welfare. But as he st
  14. Fixed election dates are the best thing to happen here since sliced bread.
  15. Gotta wonder about some people and their fixation on blaming the CPC about everything. Think the needles stuck. Most people have known for what two years or so about this and its all Harpers fault, this is getting to be like a broken record. Who can take anyone seriously when they have such a blatent hate on for someone. No credibility there now. Besides some one else said there are provisions for emergencies this is just another case of mountains out of molehills. Somepeople need to get a life huh
  16. Good find, maybe someone should write to Jack Layton and ask how manages to reconcile lowering prices with cutting back on pollution and all that.
  17. I am with you on that one, they sure wouldn't let it go, wouldn't let her religious comments go either. Have to agree that Dion has shown poor judgement on this and could sure live to regret it. Guess its Harper's fault tho LOL
  18. The labour protests were never in the same league as those silly rioting students just having a bit of fun hmmm not politically correct to mention that they just happened to be Muslims. They spread to Sweden and Norway too but not widely reported in the MSM.
  19. Don't you horny people who can't wait the appropriate place - Most people with an ounce of intelligence know you are on your best behaviour while flying these days. Whos to say it wouldn't happen in Canada, I bet it would
  20. Yeah, and its all the fault of Mike Harris Yawn ZZZZZ
  21. Really cos its odd everytime Israel defends itself theres the usual screams of indignation and you know, its all disproportionate. There's not usually any balance with it and I think mostly its not constructive its mainly to demonize Israel.
  22. You all seem to forget this is a war, the Taliban don't play by the rules, if they did this would all be over by now. Not that I condone major torture but how about trying to win this one.
  23. I don't see this thread as any more bigoted than the usual propaganda about Israel and Zionists or Christians.
  24. I think there are double standards here, when discussion of Islam is deemed to be bigoted but the same standard doesn't apply to discussion of other religions.
  25. I see Harper as way better than Dion, maybe Dion's lack of English is part of the problem but the Libs aren't ready for the big time yet. They need to stay in the penalty box for a couple more terms.
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