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  1. I look forward to a majority. Heck the conservatives have done more for the environment now then the Libs did in 13 years. I heard on CTV news last night that a Liberal (don't recall who) actually admitted that Martin and company never intended to live up to Kyoto.
  2. Didn't vote because of that, neither of them would be my choice
  3. Totally a plot hatched and generated from the White House, who knows what other machinery is being prepared to wipe out all ethnic areas. We all know they have a weather generating machine they use to creat panic and drive up oil prices.
  4. They might give a mild reprimand but they don't go after them with the same zeal as they do Imus and others like him. Heck, if they really wanted to condemn the worst of the rap crap, they would demand that the producers and record company owners resign and or quit producing that stuff. Better still demand that the rappers quit and or be fired for demeaning their own race and all. Doubt that'll ever happen, besides Sharpton has a pretty good rap sheet himself .
  5. Hysteria and hyperbole the sky is falling - not
  6. What a stupid question. Everyone's second choice is the Liberals. CPC's logical second is the LPC, the NDP's logical second is the LPC or the Greens. Sillyness! Well, I voted CPC as I think Harper and the Tories are our best bet I sure wouldn't vote NDP and with Dion as liberal leader no chance. I might not vote....or just void my ballot. The more I read the hysterical crappolla about Harper on here the more I like him -
  7. It's a very beneficial relationship - Harper gets his own private militia in the police and the military and they get their own private PM and benefactor. They lie and leak in his favour and he gives them more powers and funding. You people display such nauseating hypocrisy it's impossible to take you seriously. I find myself without the patience to do more than point out your ignorance on a constant basis, as few of your are in any way worthy of respect and real debate. =======. And you all applauded like trained seals, none of you seeing a problem with any of that. You're now frantical
  8. How'd you get tickets to the event? Good question sounds like she was there how else would she know how the audience reacted and all, hmmm
  9. iLooking at it another way maybe it is nothing more than a power struggle by lawyers et al to keep control over the appointments system. Why on earth should they consist of lawyers and judges only, heck Police depts. have civilian watchdogs, maybe these guys need one too. Just more Liberal hype over something they have been master of for years you know stacking the benches didn't hear the liberal shills complaining about that. Actually they just want to keep it that way. .
  10. Huh, how was Harper part of the oil industry please explain I'm listening. LOL
  11. Just an observation but anyone else noticed that the forums mainly federal politics seems to have been swamped with extremist posts? There used to be a good mix of intelligent debate, today it just seems to be a barrage of over the top attack partisan posts don't see them as being there for debate just for malicious mischief and dirty stuff. My take anyway. have a good one.
  12. Well, catchme's posts have sure made it clear about the radical left wing agenda, it is quite clear that they wish to silence all voices other than their own. Fortunately these posts show what democracy is up against these days.
  13. zactly Exactly !!!!! 10 years of darkness to undo
  14. Speaking as a rational centrist, I would rather have our system than people going without health care or being bankrupted by serious illness. So would I but I sure don't support paying for day care for people who have more kids than they can afford.
  15. Probably but I am wondering why they don't close a thread when it gets really long starts meandering and gets off topic.
  16. So we are all agreed that catchme's assertions are poppycock with no proof, good cos I believe that too. No proof is not a proof, or a proof how did that go What is this with the religious thing and who cares what Harper or anyone else believes, its a non issue. It really sounds like the Liberal definition of hate speech. Where's Svend when you need him.
  17. Can Dion hold tight to the reigns, can he steer the good ship Liberal before she runs aground LOL OTTAWA - A spokesman for Liberal leader Stephane Dion said yesterday the party will "absolutely not" revisit its opposition to extending two controversial provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act despite a potential mutiny that appeared to be shaping up among Liberal MPs. Spokesman Andre Fortin made the statement amid growing opposition within Liberal ranks, where some see one of the measures as vital to an RCMP probe into the 1985 Air India bombing. Among Liberal MPs citing the Air India case ar
  18. You are operating behind a moniker, why should we trust what you say.
  19. Actually YES!!!! Actually it sounds like more like the old Chretien standard when it was the benchmark of acceptable behaviour in public office was defined as "anything short of a crime." Remember Shawinigan affair, when Mr. Chretien's steered (wink wink nudge nudge) public funds to a friend and supporter,but said the RCMP found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing like it was the end of it. After all, he had been "exonerated." Same potatoes here another RCMP investigation into alleged Liberal criminal activity and again the Liberals are declaring themselves "exonerated." LOL
  20. Jest wondering what a weight problem has to do with good government and debate. Your going to have to back up that little tidibt about the medication, nothing like those drive by smears huh.
  21. Very accurate and of course very honest. I wonder if Hamas and the rest of them are ready for full nation hood and all the various levels of government needed to maintain a national infrastucture. What would they do with the money they would get including Canada's aid. Would they honour the peace and help their people?
  22. Scary and scarier now who has the hidden agenda, watch out Alberta whoops better make sure the big bonus from that big oil company I work for is in the bank. LOL Scary, and really scary Forget al-Qaida, Liberals provide the biggest threat to our oilpatch The fallout from Mark Holland's big mouth continues. There should be a warning in here somewhere to Ed Stelmach and the sleepy Alberta Tories that the greatest threat to the Alberta oilpatch is not Al Qaida terrorists as the other local newspaper would have you believe, but Ottawa Liberals such as the above-mentioned Toronto- area MP.
  23. No, we get extra stipends from the oil company executives we work for. Man, it just shows you how the hysteria of this global warming junk science has gripped weaker minds that anyone daring to criticize it must be part of some kind of evil conservative capitalist cabal. : :
  24. hmmmm Too soon for an election call, but who knows this would make a good wedge huh ! I say go for it, there is so much double speak and hypocrsy from the liberals and now more fodder for a CPC campaign http://news.gc.ca/cfmx/view/en/index.jsp?articleid=276859 RCMP Concludes Income Trusts Investigation Ottawa, February 15, 2007 – RCMP "A" Division Ottawa Commercial Crime, assisted by the Integrated Market Enforcement Teams, laid a charge against Serge Nadeau earlier today in connection with the income trusts investigation. The investigation was initiated in December 2005 when the RCMP r
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