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  1. Thank you armyguy and anyone else in our forces on here you are doing great work. Don't let the rabble get you down.
  2. Thats what happens when your from rabble.ca
  3. The opposition and Harperhaters will pump this for all its worth and blow it out of proportion when in fact it is simply an argument over accounting practices between Elections Canada and the CPC. It is good for drive by smears and attacks but nothing else. Does anyone seriously believe that the rules were DELIBERATELY broken, only the feeble minded and those blinded by hatred will fall for this, but Gomery it is not, not even close. Are rules retroactive, are other parties being forced to similarly balance previous convention balance sheets, I bet not. Either way, changes have been made
  4. I agree with Argus we cannot go in there, it would only bring more hardshipship to our troops and increase the odds of attacks against Canada. As for aids, there is not much we can do, no matter what we did or how many free drugs we sent it would not be contained unless behaviour is.
  5. He can only do so much with a minority gov't. I also am looking forward to a reformed senate, fixed election dates etc. Won't get that under the Liberals.
  6. It is difficult to impossible to form a majority government with less than 40% of the vote. (Chretien managed it because of the split between the PCs and Reform.) Poll taken during or just after the Liberal convention (ie. polls most slanted to the Liberals) show them at best in the high 30s. The only news here is that the NDP has sunk and the Green Party will remain a fringe party. The other news is what happens in Quebec where I think the Tories and the Liberals will add a few seats at the expense of the BQ. I agree that Dion'll need 40% to win a majority. However, the trendline sh
  7. Power at any cost, thats the Liberals for you !!!! Lets start another useless thread.
  8. Unfortunately it looks like the no tolerance rule has been forgotten. http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index.php?showtopic=7087 http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index....=zero+tolerance I agree GHatrick is bringing this forum down not so good reading anymore toodles
  9. Look at the situation objectively. Harper and Dion are going to stay where they are for a long time.Whoever loses the next election, both Harper and Dion will stay on for at least another electoral cycle if not more. Neither Harper nor Dion is going to relinquish the party leadership easily since both are tenacious. They both like the job of political leader and both really like the job of PM. Since I figure we're in for several minority governments, they'll both have the argument that they're really close to getting back into power or getting a majority. So, this is the line up Canada wi
  10. I believe the GG allready set the precedence by renouncing her French citizenship.
  11. As in where people who express opinions questioning any aspect of Islam are butchered and the government does nothing about it? Yeah, and I here a lot of Dutch people are leaving, they are too afraid to live there anymore.
  12. Not too often Too bad tho people who do object to SSM for morality or other reasons have to be called names. That is all too typical of Liberals too, anyone who disagrees with them is either a racist, a hater or put your slur of the day here____________
  13. Best thing to do with spammers like GH is to not reply, hard not to tho I know, if you don't feed the trolls they get hungry and go somewhere else. I wonder if he a paid liberal or NDP staffer ?
  14. Thank you southerncomfort. That's the kindest thing you've ever said about me since we both joined this site on November 28, 2005. I feel honoured that you followed me to this site. I'm not worthy. Your welcome LOL but I think you followed me here I'm kinda surprised your not posting on Rabble you'd get less opposition.
  15. I have made some facetious comments myself and lurk more than post but does anyone else find that these forums are not at the top debating level they once where. They have really degenerated lately into a lot of heavily partisan Harper bashing, like who can post the most anti Harper stuff. Oh well have fun.
  16. Where's Normie on this one, the silence is deafening
  17. Harper voted against legislation because there was no opt out portion it was all or nothing. Are you particularly thick or something, or are you willfully misinterpreting why people oppose it. Keep spinning tho, you might wear out your keyboard.
  18. I couldn't agree more. Yes, but only morally. Enforcement of that should be left to each one's own conscience. . Exactly! User fees are the fairest way to allocate cost of infrastructure. I'm glad to see you agree margrace. Welfare is fine on a temporary basis, not on a permanent basis. Yes, ser fees are fairer, why not, those who use services should pay for them. Does that mean that my road taxes will go down
  19. Normies always had a preoccupation with lesbians and Grewal and a hate on for Harper go back to before the election, Not healthy to obsess like that and completely misinterpret opposition for the bill. Okay deliberately misinterpret opposition to the bill he knows what has been said he chooses to spin it negatively against Harper. Must say tho he's good at spinning webs. Sorta like Warren Kinsella before Chretien got the boot.
  20. How does that go now, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, guess its now an MP scorned. Boy talk about having hissy fits.
  21. Maybe they do, free Tim Hortons and all that, maybe Iran next I hear they have some great beaches LOL But you know how it is Normie, those partisan Taliban loving Liberals always loved a free junket, and donuts to boot.
  22. There are none so blind as those who don't want to see.
  23. The GG non partisan LOL she's left wing CBC hack. Wouldn't it be nice for the opposition if she was hurt they'd really score some points there, more photo ops and coverage if she was hurt or god forbid killed More troops would have to be provided for security we don't have, send her somewhere else but not Kandahar. Boy, this is strictly political and opposition using the troops and that CBC partisan Jean GG for political gain. .
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