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  1. I only think we should be there now because we are part of NATO I would not support extending past 2009 having said that I can't bear to think about what will happen to the women when we leave. We went in there after 9/11 for a good reason, As for Iran it is allready radical can't get much more radical then threatening to wipe Israel off the map and adovcating genocide, supporting terrorists and all that -
  2. Get real, Nov. 11 is for sure about fighting for freedom, and remembering those who fought for it freedom if they had not we would all be speaking German now if we were alive.
  3. Its an insult and pure political expression but they are pretending it isn't so.
  4. I don't know, I think the UK and others are looking into it will have to read up on the legislation. Ah well, back to lurking for a while.
  5. Weeell the terrorists think they are I heard on the news the terrorists mentioned the democrats listen to the video. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,228636,00.html CAIRO, Egypt — Al Qaeda in Iraq's purported leader vowed on Friday that his fighters would never rest until they have reached Jerusalem and destroy the White House. In the audio tape made available on a militant web site, a man introduced as Abu Hamza al-Muhajir said Al Qaeda has 12,000 fighters at the ready in Iraq. "We will not rest from our Jihad until we are under the olive trees of Rumieh and we have destroyed the di
  6. Well, looks like Jim F. is going to plug some more tax loopholes. Wonder how the Libertoids will defend offshore havens for tax cheats? OTTAWA - The federal government, having just shut down one costly tax-avoidance scheme with income trusts, has another in its sights -- offshore tax havens. "There's some significant tax avoidance there," Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said yesterday, after telling the Commons finance committee the government was reviewing the use of offshore tax havens to avoid paying tax. Using offshore tax havens to avoid paying tax is not illegal but is costly to the
  7. I tried it once just to find out what its like and I inhaled - there is no way I could have driven. Heck I don't get that high on a couple of glasses of wine.
  8. These are all sensible moves and they are inevitable. We must allow more foreign competition in Canada (why not foreign airlines?) and the CRTC should be disbanded. Thumbs up for that one
  9. Extreme socialist views - BS normie ,Harper never voted to kill gays or agreed with gay bashing, C250 was never about that, you know damn well it wasn't what the legislation is about, now thats an extremeist statement pure spin and propaganda. You know the operative term was the undefined sexual orientation and about criminalizing opposition and free speech. Existing law is more than enough to prosecute violence against homosexuals same as it is enough to stop people from advocating violence against anyone else. There is no need to include the term "sexual orientation" in any6 current hate
  10. The money will be collected by Ottawa and funnelled back to the lumber producing provinces. Without agreement, the latest U.S. Department of Commerce administrative review of the duties would have raised combined duties to around 14.7 per cent. hmmm I'd rather have a credible fully competent Harper as PM than the dithering incompetent Paul Martin, and that crook Chretien. It makes the best of a bad situation IMHO, but ole normie wouldn't like anything the CPC did anyway - wonder if something happened during childhood to give him an unfounded fear of Harper. Maybe somebody whispered b
  11. Normie opined: "I can't support the idea of Canadians, no matter how well intentioned, giving up their lives to prop up a bribe-supported, Islamic fundamentalist theocracy whose government is filled with corrupt officials, drug smugglers, warlords and mullahs." Well Normie guess you couldn't support the previous liberal government cos we know that was bribe supported ROTFLMAO wakey wakey Mind you Normie does have a point.
  12. Sure you knew they where there, you know too there are others that the moderates listen to. You also know we are in Afghanistan because we are part of NATO, ask the Liberals about that one and also to back up a more moderate gov't than the Taliban. At least under this gov't women can go to school and even run for politics. What they have now and what NATO is there for is to protect the freedom they have gained. But you know all that your just trolling to bash Harper
  13. The federal government did the right thing for the future health of the Canadian economy and the fairness of the tax system
  14. Harper doesn't have ESP, what he did was worth it, like you think we would get the money anyway, it wasn't happening before why would this get us the money. Nope I recognize what had to be done and it was a helluva lot better than what the liberals did which was nada. The deal was what was best for Canada and its worked. better that than letting the Liberals continual betray Canada. Nope, it doesn't fly, sour grapes from Liberals cos they lost and Harper brokered a good deal thats all.
  15. It was a preemptive strike against the dems, less room for them to tie up business with endless Rummy bashing.
  16. I call B.S. on that assertion. Iraq's oil infrastructure is so badly damaged that it not even in the top 10 producing countries anymore. IOW: taking Iraq's oil off the market would not create a crisis but it would likely cause oil prices to spike until other producers picked up the slack.http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/topworldtables1_2.html First, who cares if Iran declares victory? Iran spouts a lot of rhetoric and is looking to be the dominate diplomatic power in the region but that does not mean Iran is a problem for anyone other than their immediate neighbors. Since when does it mat
  17. It says the infidel must be killed It basically says anyone who denies Islam is an infidel. And if they do not comply completely with Islamic teachings MUST be killed. Westerners should keep this in mind. It is the basis for killing people who either leave Islam, or for preaching Christianity. Its these verses the radicals believe in and act on, theres lots more. Q 9:5 When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. IV.89: They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so th
  18. Hey, all I can say is its mindless bashing shows no depth at all. If its all they can find to worry about we should be happy. You go Rona
  19. nwar Sadat was murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood. True. Good to have some Canadian leadership and committment for a change, Go CPC support Israel.
  20. Some thoughts on this, and petty and vindictive doesn't even begin the describe some dems. 1. The US election is no way any endorsement of the liberal extremist position, heck a quite a few of the new dems are conservative or at least centrist in nature. 2. We know Iraq is not going well, but they can't do much at this point, more likely will engage in trying to pillary Bush and endless enquiries 3. The Democrats will wake up and realize (like Bob Rae in Ont.) that its a different kettle of fish to continually opposing for the sake of opposing, they need solutions and committments and ha
  21. Still at it mindlessly bashing Harper huh wot no Grewal bashing yet LOL Good thing for us the majority of canucks dont think the libs are ready to govern so bye-bye Liberals LOL and hello 4 years of good policy. The dems will not be able to change much war wise until the next elections by that time we can get out Afghan. too, too bad so sad for Harper bashers. They will have to come up with some decent policy to win big next time around so far its just like opposition here with no substance or alternatives Bush will vetoe any really extreme bills anyway but the problem here is that t
  22. Normie says: I have no use for people who take offense at "everything" just as I have no use for those who are racist or sexist or homophobic. Any one can fit those terms normie defending on who you want to bash today.
  23. Have to say I've lost a lot of empathy since reading some of this stuff and elsewhere, it sure has opened my eyes.
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