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  1. You beat me to the punch most Canucks I talk to don't have a clue about Kyoto. Sure they are worried about pollution and think Kyoto is the b all to end all, they havn't read up on it. What very few canucks are aware of is the purchase of credits and that Kyoto is really about distributing wealth. And oh gee, can't China and India for example continue polluting at a higher rate. Oh yea, cagies Harping is getting boring
  2. Thanks for the posts armyguy, and maybe you should offer jacko some scones with that tea.
  3. This and these leaked proposals could have an impact, could lose them a lot of votes. Think I'll start printing this stuff out for when they knock on my door LOL Think this gives a new meaning to whacko jacko
  4. Guess it doesn't take much to flabbergast you LOL but then, we know this stuff is okay if its liberals doing it don't we.
  5. Further to this they have finally jumped the shark, next it will be white hoods and burning crosses, some have crossed the line from critique of Israel to anti semitism. Not a forum I would want to post in and be associated with, I'm surprised the owner has allowed it to go that far.
  6. Hezbollah like other terrorist garbage hides among civilians The Israelis are targeting the infrastructure to prevent guns and ammunition from entering the country they are not attacking civilians while we know Hezbollah is as they kill civilians by firing rockets into Israel populations. Hamas and Hezbolla have created this situation and are to blame for civilian casualties. Heck Israel actually dropped leaflets telling people to get out, like Hebellah would do that now. Israel WITHDREW from Gaza - the result - 1100 rocket attacks and an attack over the border through a 670 metre tunn
  7. Agreed but I kinda doubt the Pals. would agree to it either they do not want peace all they really want is the destruction of Israel. Israel's last resort After withdrawal, Hamas and Hezbollah have waged endless, ruthless war Eleven months ago, Israel withdrew from every last inch of the Gaza Strip. They dismantled all military bases, turned over functioning greenhouses that could employ 4,000 people, expelled all 7,500 Israeli settlers at a huge financial and political cost and declared the lines that divide Israel from Gaza to be an international frontier, making Gaza the first independ
  8. Key words are "stand-off" and "aggressive" along with "does not always trigger violence" implying violence occurs MOST of the time. "Intended for results".....like something terrorists would do,without consideration of anything or anyone. Jerry J. is right,keep the peace and take your civil suits to court(you do have lawyers do you not?) Agree with this for sure.
  9. Sheez guess we throw out democracy and appoint people based on race and sex. NOT
  10. How do you negotiate with a group which insists on firing rockets into your towns and villages? Pay them ofF? Promise to convert? At the moment, they are involved in a continuing escalation which might end in re-occupying Lebanon and Gaza. As I originally said, the soldiers should be returned. A return to negotiation should resume after things have cooled off. At the moment, things could go to full out war. I guess there comes a point when you can't negotiatiate any more. Eight Israeli soldiers died in two ambushes and two now kidnapped. Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah is 10
  11. I've been reading this with interest, for the most part I agree with Riverwind and others. rant on. Some of us choose not to walk through life with a chip on our shoulders and make the best of life, I choose to work for a living and raise my children to be proud of their heritages. I completely disagree with the way Governments have handled this whole issue. It stinks. Self Government, don't think so, not when most native groups don't handle what they have given to them now well. I see how these people CHOOSE to live, and don't give me that crap about being held down. They have new house
  12. A representative from the Toronto Police Force was on the Ted Woloshyn show on CFRB this morning and said that there have been some Toronto police injured by rifles but most of the gun crime is with hand guns and gangsters don't register their weapons anyway. So removing the long gun portion would not be much of a factor. I think that a lot of people in general think that all gun registration may be scrapped. I heard Stephen Harper speak once on the issuein a campaign and he was specific saying "long gun registry." But what people in general hear is talk about scrapping the gun registry and I
  13. Yup, but its typical liberal strategy to demonize your opponent and call them racist, it wins points with more than a few voters.
  14. Harpers in majority land, too bad its not an opportune time to call an election the public wouldn't go for it this soon. I'd like to see an election late fall or early spring at the latest. The liebrals will start circling the wagons as soon as they have a leader. As it is now, they are just being obstrunctionist.
  15. Rabble is always looking for money too. I notice its the anti abortionists and religious crowd which seems to keep the FD alive, but I think its only a very few intolerant bigots on FD and no foul langage. I seem to remember a thread way back when, asking the moderators to do something. They do give the others a bad name. Talking about other websites (is it allowed even ) http://www.canadawebpages.com/ yikes, talk about tin foil hatters and moonbats. At least one of em is from that 50plus site which was closed down. (Kuzadd) near 5000 posts on anti U.S. and anti Israel rants, on 50
  16. Wowzer, Mikey tell it like it is i'll go for this one anytime. In fact, the answer to both problems is entirely obvious and is found in one measure: Cut income tax by 30% immediately. Scrap the baby bonus just as we have scrapped socialized daycare and allow parents, along with non-parents and anybody and everybody else, to choose to do what they want with their money. Because it is, yes, their money. The daycare fetish is merely one example of our sorry dependency on the state. We hand over our money to people who happen to have jobs in the civil service or have managed to find a seat in P
  17. guess the whining will continue cos anyone with such an intense dislike of one person (harper) would never see anything good in whatever harper does. Imagine when Harper gets a majority, 4 more years of whining.
  18. LoL lets let em all out of prison and group hugs all the way round to send them on their merry criminal way
  19. ROTFLMAO guess that means the liberals won't be having a liberal as a leader.......
  20. It's not what I think is spew, it's what the proprieters of the site think. Look: forums like babble and this one are not free-for-alls, they are privately operated web sites, which gives whoever operates them the right to dictate what they consider acceptable behaviour. For instance, here, calling somebody a "motherf**king c**ksucker" would probably get you banned, whereas on babble, such an epitheth would lead to a lengthy discussion over whether the term "motherf**king c**ksucker" is homophobic and misogynist. I'm not gonna quibble over the different standards, but I will abide by them. As
  21. In a nutshell no but I can see it coming, and whos gonna pay for all of this. Oh right, you and me. Whats in your wallet!!
  22. Its painfully obvious, doubt that nothing Harper can or will do would meet with approval, tunnel vision I guess. Reminds me of the Bush haters on another forum, hatred blinds people to other points of view. Guess hatred is too strong a word, intense dislike would be better.
  23. This really is an overstatement of what has happened. Mr. Harper has enough to do in starting up a new government without having to initiate processes with the previous adminstation's ethics office - an office that is really a lame duck now. His measures are stronger than what was in place before, and they will improve the political process in Canada far and above the US process. Yup !!!! and then some.
  24. It's funny to read people whining about getting banned from babble, as if they have a god-given right to spew whatever they want wherever they want. Like this board, babble has a clear policy on what behaviours are acceptable and unacceptable. Unlike this board, babble is quite explicit in its ideological leanings (there are similar boards from the conservative side of the spectrum with even more rigorous enforcement of their standards of idealogical conformity). So if you are a rabid right winger looking to wage war on progressive ideas, you won't last long there. But there' remains a large c
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