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  1. Relax tune into 91.1 Jazz Toronto....Talk radio is very annoying
  2. Quebec's language laws have nothing to do with race. They are no more or less racists then the rest of us. The Prime Minister runs a tight ship. I think he makes all the decisions and is very vindictive. He made his biggest blunder turning Quebec against him just like Mulroney did with Meech. He had the last election in his back pocket but in order to appeal to his Alberta based support turned the art community against him and he lost Quebec. Iggy wont join any coalition with the NDP and he wont vote against the budget. The Liberals are rebuilding....the NDP will continue with their base
  3. Where is there encouragement or incitement of violence towards a racial group? I don't support Hezbollah or any terrorists, and I'm not fond of either side in the current conflict... but how quick you are to trash a peaceful protest because you don't agree with their viewpoint. From the article: "They called for an immediate ceasefire that would end hostilities." “They should all get together and try to find a way to live in peace.” Then we have your Jew's hating Jews I'm sure in your mind: “We are totally in opposition in every step of the way to what the state of Israel is doing,” sa
  4. This topic is both sick and irrelevant. Israel is fighting for survival while surrounded by millions of people that follow leaders that say that they will destroy it. Germany invaded her neighbours. Unprovoked. Israle will do what is has to simply to survive. Don't forget who started this last war.
  5. I kind of like this. It's very much like Putin "arriving at the doors of power through legitimate elections". The fact that Putin is a scumbag, a mass murderer, and a man singly determined to destroy the last vestiges of democracy in Russia is, of course, beside the point. Why is Putin quiet about Chechnya? He has his hands full with Hamas like terrorists. He idiscrinatly kills people yet the world stays quiet......Don't forget Putin was the head of the notorious KGB
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