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  1. You haven't discreditted squat. You are nothing but an internet bully. You jump down peoples throats for the smallest reasons. Usually for something that has nothing to do with the point of the post. You insult them and their intelligence, and when it comes back to you, you act all innocent like you aren't intentionally browbeating every poster on this site who disagrees with you. People like you ruin forums. Just look at your previous post. Nothing is said about you being wrong, which you are, or appologizing for what you said about me. All you do is hurl insults. I am not irate but I am sick of the games you perpetuate and the way in which you perpetuate them. I am calling you out for what you are; a bully. Just a spineless little bully who gets his jollies from disecting other peoples posts and insulting them until they go away. Well let 'er rip tough guy. Do your worst. You still have no proof to back up your claim that I used to post here under a different name, and until you do, you are a liar. This is the same BS you handed me so enjoy.
  2. Are you daft? I came back after not posting since before the election. But no you couldn't sit and think about that for two seconds you just jump down my throat. You sir, have no proof to back up your claims, and I label YOU a LIAR until you do.
  3. I did not lie. To say I lied denotes intent. I made a mistake and I admitted it. You call me a liar in your pompous manner only to deflect from the real issue which is the Alberta Govt., which is the Flagship for Conservative Govt., has serious problems. But you wouldn't admit that. You only focus on the narrowest of points in which you find fault, and ingnore the larger picture. Perhaps people rag on you the most, because you come across as a self-centred know-it-all jerk who uses inuendo and threats to try and belittle other posters and control what goes on in this forum. Just because you tell some one to piss-off in a fancy manner doesn't change what you are doing. I am calling you a liar now. Where is your proof I am not who I say I am, or was at this site under a different name. You have none. But that doesn't stop you from spewing out more useless garbage. Must be nice to have an "in" with the mod so you don't get deleted yourself. Greg can delete me if he chooses, it is his site. This forum is so whack and people like you only ruin it for others. I only came back to laugh at the Conservatives and their immoral useless minority govt. anyway.
  4. Gee thanks snoopy. The wait times at the hospitals where several hours. But of course you are the Grammar master, and everything must be said perfectly around your precious little ears. And to all of you who doubt me. Look it up. Do it yourself. Do some of your own reseasrch to refute what I say. Glad to see this place is still pumpng out the Idiot Fuel I came back for.
  5. Go find it yourself. It was reportedly said during a meeting with Harper before Belinda left. Do your own work. Edit: I found it. You having trouble? Do you need instructions for Google?
  6. What glamorous choices she had. Belinda did what was best for her, her conscience and her constituents. Sitting as an independant would have got her nothing. Joining the Liberals got her a cabinet post. By the way, she did leave the party when the platform was made clear. That platform was the destruction of the Liberal Govt. by any means necessary, even if it meant ignoring the best interests of the people who elected them to parliament. If Harper had agreed to let the budget pass, Belinda would most likely still be a Conservative. The Platform also included, ensuring a male was the head of the party. Understandably Belinda was pissed when Harper said "You will never be leader of this party." So it isn't as cut and dry as you would like to make it. Regardless, the blatent purchase of Emerson by the CPC, far exceeds anything Belinda did. Especially when Harper just ran a campaign against such actions. May I suggest you do some research.
  7. 11 times in January alone snoopy: Snoopy proof But I'm a liar right? Not suprising you opened your mouth before checking the facts. I'll keep that in mind from now on.
  8. Just for you Snoopy: Snoopy's proof Next time you want to call me a liar get your facts straight before you do. OK snoopy?
  9. It's not a lie Snoopy. That was the news report out of Edmonton. No Ambulances available because paramedics were waiting up to 7 hours with their patients, at local hospitals.
  10. How did she join the winning side when the Govt. was poised to fall within two days? She jumped from a Conservative party that was increasing in popularity, to a Liberal party that was going to be thrown out of govt. in 48hrs. Let's not kid ourselves here. Stronach was pissed when Harper bluntly made it clear she would never be leader of the CPC. But she also disagreed with the CPC stance on SSM, and wanted to pass the budget which had money ear marked for her riding. But to say she just wanted to be on the winning team is silly. You don't join a winning team, by jumping onto a sinking ship. She joined a party that could only have 48hrs left in power. Harper is an fool for not keeping her. Regardless, it doesn't change the fact Harper is an Idiot, who couldn't even wait until the spring session of Parliament to start breaking promises and committing the same immoral acts he blasted the Liberals for. I called Harper an Idiot all along, and I must say Vindication feels good. Half a day! Not even Kim Campbell was that quick to start screwing things up. Oh well, enjoy all the power a 120-something seat minority brings. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha I say we're having another election campaign by Canada Day. By the time Harper is done kissing Quebec's arse he will have alienated half of his western supporters. How does he plan on fixing fiscal imbalance without taking Oil money from Alberta? Speaking of Alberta, remember the show where they took an Ontario Liberal out to Alberta to meet some real "conservative" people? They showed some fancey privately funded shelter, and suggested that the healthcare in Alberta was doing great. Well I have been listening to Edmonton and Calgary hockey games, and have heard some disturbing news. There is a growing crisis in Alberta's big cities, of a shortage of Ambulances and Paramedics. Not that there isn't enough for any normal city, it is that there is a law which mandates the paramedics have to stay with their patient until they are admitted, or something along those lines. The point is, the Paramedics are spending up to 7 hours waitng at local hospitals to pass off care of the patient. The News story I was listening to, said there were no ambulances available at all for several hours, because of the hospital wait times. Gotta love those Conservative social programs. But what can you expect from a party that considers $100 a month a "Social Program"? Bottom line is Harper is/was and always will be full of $#!T. He is nothing more than a greasy, slimy, used-car salesman of a politician, and his policies, which are doomed to fail, are nothing more than pleasantries, and empty promises he used to get elected. Government Accounability? Where? Not in Ottawa! Not with Harper!
  11. How can you be so blind? Harper ran a campaign of "Ethics in Government", and "Accountability", which included having elected senators, and condemming the crossing of the floor by Stronach. Never forget that some CPC members called her a Whore, for what she did. And Belinda atleast had an opposing view to SSM, and the proposed budget, to her party's official stance. She did not change political parties simply to be on the winning side. The Govt. was poised to fall within days of her crossing, so it is not like she was moving into a secure position. Harper has tossed out his election platform like the piece of garbage it was. He has about as much morality as the crack dealer on the streetcorner.
  12. Handing out $100 a month is not a Social Program it is an Election Bribe designed to buy votes for the CPC. Congrats it worked. Come on. Harper F*@#ed up bad, just admit it. Glad to see the NDP sticking their collective noses up the CPC's arse. Freaking bums cost the Libs the election.
  13. Ah, good ol' Mr. Flaherty. The man who truly runs the CPC. He will eventually stick his head too far up Harpers arse, and people will see him every time Harper opens his mouth. The moderate conservatives have every right to feel hoodwinked and bamboozled. They were spoon fed sugar coated metal Krusty-O's, and told it was Fruitloops. Thanks. I was running low on Idiot fuel and thought I would stop by to pick some up. Such an abundance around here. Harper has already broken/tarnished/tainted/F*@#ed-up the so-called Integrity that he just based an entire election campaign on. The best part is it only took him a couple of hours! Hehehehehehehe. Actually I have been laughing since election night. Having fewer seats than the Liberals had in the previous govt., I am sure, was far from what the Calgary Group had envisioned. Hehehehe As far as forwarding a Neo-Con agenda, Harper is as impotent as a 80yr old anabolic steroid user, who's alergic to Viagra. So I will sit back on the sidelines and enjoy a drink, and perhaps even a puff, as I watch the inevitable implosion of the CPC. Rant: I don't know about you, but it seriously pisses me off to know my taxes are going to buy crack and ciggarettes for the single welfare mothers abundant in my little crap hole town. That's right I said Crack and Ciggarettes, f*@# "Beer and Popcorn!". Don't tell me the crackhead single mothers don't exist, because I used to know atleast a dozen. Almost half this town is messed up on either Crack or Hillbilly Heroin. I hear of people who sell their prescriptions of Hillbilly Heroin so they can afford to buy Crack, because that is their drug of choice. Now they get an extra $100 a month if they've been dumb enough to bring a child into their own personal hell within the last 6 years. WTF Man?!? Instead of rewarding people by handing out money to those who have kids, try handing out some birth control. Give me and my wife some money because we are not burdening over crowded education, and healthcare systems with our spawn. My taxes have helped to provide school for all my neighbours 5 brats, meanwhile I carry a student loan like an anchor around my neck. He stands to get $300 a month of our money, my money, your money, because he's too F'n dumb to wrap his pecker. If only I were that stupid. :angry: :End Rant
  14. First 1/2 day in office - Two political ethics promises broken. All I can say is Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha These idiots are lucky Canadians are sick of elections, otherwise they wouldn't last to the spring sitting of Parliament. Where has all the morality gone? Where is the Ethics bill that was supposed to the first thing the govt. took care of? Oh right, it has to wait to go through until after the current govt. was done doing the exact same crap they tore down the previous govt. for. I love it. Consevative MP's are pissed at the party and it's leader. They haven't even had a single day in the House Of Commons yet. Hopefully 23 or more will choose to sit as independants or join another party. Harper can't even keep 124 people happy, how the hell is he supposed to unite a country? Still, after everything Harper and his party said during the Election campaign, his first week as Prime Minister has been the best joke politics since someone stole Joe Clark's chin. People in the Conservative party called Belinda a whore for what she did. And that was with atleast some moral objection to her party's stance on some issues. So what do we call Emerson? A Gold Digging Man-Whore? I seem to distinctly remember Harper saying he wouldn't appopint any senators. That he felt they should be elected, and he would bring in legislation to make sure senators have to be elected to sit in the senate. So WTF is he doing appointing a senator who never even ran for election, let alone actually got elected. I know conservatives don't want to hear this but, We told you so! We told you so! We told you so! We told you so! We told you so! Enjoy your 6 month's as PM Stevie, you idiot. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
  15. You just have to love how when it is a conservative "people are allowed to have their day in court before they're found guilty", but even with exhonoration of Martin by Justice Gomery, he has stilll been tarred and feathered with the no regard to the facts. If this candidate nominated the judge presiding over the case, then maybe he could be more confident like Martin was, by appointing Gomery. Idiot Politician, drop the bs about Martin being exhonorated, we all know Martin could never be found anything BUT innocent. If someone else had have done the investigation, he'd have been found guilty!! I get so tired of hearing this same line of BS from sad-sack Liberals. Look Leaky Crackhead, this guy is going on trial for smuggling a car and a bunch of booze. That is far beyond an investigation. Especially an investigation that cleared you. So you are claiming Justice Gomery is a fraud? Well let's all get the RCMP in here to investigate. That is a crock. Just another baseless accusation. Lay off the pipe man.
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