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  1. Here in Europe people are talking about how we are witnessing the implementation of the Kalergi-plan. Google it if you dont know what it means. Obviously, leftists have denounced that as far-right conspiracy-theories but if you look at the demographic development in the European countries over the past 20 or so years talking about population-replacement isn't exaggeration. Especially in cities. It seems that the Kalergi-plan is being implemented in Canada as well.
  2. There will be a war in the gulf coming soon following the false flag attacks on the tankers. The British will go there too as always but you Canadians don't have to go if you don't want to even though the Queen is your Queen as well.
  3. Many immigrants themselves dont want more immigration. Hypocritical? Yes. Common sense? Yes. If you become an immigrant in the first place from the so-called shithole countries the last thing you want is your countrymen to follow you. -
  4. Without his name he wouldn't lead even a local council let alone a country.
  5. The original greens were created by Stasi in order to subvert the West-German society. The plan has worked out perfectly. The greens are very popular in Finland as well. The background of the older figures of the greens goes to the communists. It is a very accurate description of the greens to call them water-melons; green on the outside, red on the inside.
  6. All politicians are puppets but with Macron it is so obvious that even the most naive idealists can see it.
  7. The French, the British or the Spanish or even the Dutch and the Belgians etc who complain about immigration into their countries they can be told that they themselves went into those countries where from people coming to your countries are from so stop whining. I mean colonialism. However, the same does not apply to Finland. Finns never went anywhere as conquerors. That would be such a strong argument in our favour but unfortunately we have similar cultural-marxists running our politics who tell us we absolutely must admit all refugees entering Finland when they have fled war and persecution by travelling through 10 safe countries before entering Finland and we must be grateful to have them over here.
  8. Theresa May, that useless excuse for PM, has finally come to the obvious conclusion and decided to let someone else take over.
  9. There has been lately these completely opposite-news of New abortion-laws in different states. This week there was news that Alabama practically bans abortion when as earlier this year New York state passed a law allowing a very late-term abortion. What stops people from travelling for tight abortion-law states to easier abortion-law states? Is it something about not covered by insurance and therefore costing a fortune? If not that then what? I wonder do the white conservative males who push for the tight abortion-laws think that there is not enough black crime in America.
  10. Q Quora. That's it! I was wondering how do these threads seem so familiar in their style.
  11. I'm not Canadian but I think the same answer applies everywhere; quality should be before quantity.
  12. sThe European revolution will, or has already started, in France. The globalist puppet whom the French in some disarray elected as their president is facing the yellow vests who wont budge until that stooge is out and out for good. The upcoming European elections will be met with the usual apathy since there should not even be such a thing as a European parliament but it seems that the nationals will be making inroads or even become the largest group in that useless talking shop. The EU commision leader Druncker has stated that nobody from nationalists will be allowed near decision making within the EU. Very typical talk by a bureaucrat who has never seen a day's real work.
  13. Many people who aren't British but who watch the British parliament meetings say that the parliaments in their own countries are boring compared to the British parliament.
  14. Parliament is supreme and it can walk over a referendum-result if it sees fit. However, doing so would be a very dangerous precedent. If you have no intention of honouring a possible "wrong" referendum-result then dont have a referendum. Another thing is to ask is it right that parliament is supreme. Have you ever watched the meetings of the British parliament? In my opinion it reminds more of a zoo than a group of sensible adults discussing issues.
  15. I can understand that if you hate Trump you will clutch at any straws in trying to get him out but honestly did anyone sincerely believe in that Russian collusion BS? It was similar BS from the start as the WMD-rubbish which was used as an excuse to go to war in Iraq.
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