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  1. Sounds to me like if the office of GG was abolished hardly anybody would notice any difference. His/her duties only include the formal appointments and granting resignations of the government.
  2. The superpower-status is the only glue which keeps America together. Without it its entirely different parts would start pulling into different directions. Now it just seems that even the superpower-status isn't helping any longer.
  3. It is a very delicate balancing act between sheltering the population and trying to keep the economy going. People who demand that everything must be shut down and a curfew imposed don't seem to realise that the effects of tanking the economy surely kill more people than any virus ever could. On the other hand if you do it like they do in Sweden and let everything stay as normal and a lot of mainly elderly people die that gives quite a cynical view of the government if there was a way to stop a lot of deaths but nothing was done. The answer is somewhere in the middle of those stances
  4. If Trump loses it doesn't mean that people would support BLM or antifa. Quite on the contrary, he would lose because he hasn't done more to stop the mayhem. Which kind of brings me to my other point that I guess that even many Americans don't know exactly how their political system works. The worst riots have happened in Democrat-controlled states and the the threshold for any federal intervention is very high.
  5. I could understand if there was some strict party-hierarchy and now it's Biden's turn to run for President. However, there's no such thing. Instead Biden won the primaries of the party. Just think about it; The Democrat voters view this guy the best they've got. I think somebody like Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard or the nobody whose name nobody could pronounce correctly would all have been better options.
  6. I'm sure there will be no debates. The covid-situation is a perfect excuse to avoid debates which would be Biden's Achilles heel. The fewer people see that Biden is a demented goofy the better his chances of winning the election.
  7. If Trump won again the electoral college while losing the popular vote a real shit-storm would break out. He's not going to win though. The demented zombie will be voted in. The oath of office will be fun. There are too long sentences to be repeated for him to remember.
  8. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are de facto republics with the GG being a kind of powerless President like the ones in Germany or Italy. I mean the Queen can't fire the GG, can she?
  9. Biden is like some grandpa who has been dragged from a senior citizens home and has been given a microphone and told to repeat what he can read on the teleprompter but told to say nothing else.
  10. That is total bullshit that if Trump loses he would barricade himself in the White House and refuse to leave. Stuff like that happens in some African or Central-American banana republics but not in any developed western country.
  11. Isn't the coronavirus-situation in Canada relatively under control at least when compared to the USA? Politicians are eager to take credit for things like that and some people are silly enough to believe them.
  12. The former Australian PM Bob Hawke said something along the lines that if they played cricket in China and Russia the world would be a more peaceful place. I guess he meant that they would be more civilised not to wage wars having learned the game but you could also understand the statement so that they would fall asleep watching something so long-winding and boring that they couldn't go to war because they would be sleeping.
  13. That makes sense in a way but if the government wants to have a new election because the polls look good they would have to bring themselves down by voting against themselves.
  14. Could you imagine that the USA received two medals at the olympics? That would be totally unacceptable. Or China. If China received only two medals at the olympics their sport-bosses would be sent to labour-camps. If either the USA or China received only two medals at the olympics that would be viewed as a total humiliation. However, a huge country India did just that at the 2016 olympics. A silver medal and a bronze-medal. All in all India have received 28 medals over the years at olympics. The USA and China get more than that even at one olympics. However, that doesn't seem to both
  15. In the spring when the virus interrupted all the North-American professional sports leagues as well as the European soccer leagues it was easy to see that you really don't need those for anything at all. The multimillion owners of the sports clubs may disagree but let them disagree as much as they want, that doesn't change the fact. They say that people need bread and circus but circus is always inferior to bread.
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