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  1. There will a lot of angry people on Nov 1. Who those people Still remains to be seen but it is inevitable that in three weeks time there will be some hassle.
  2. I have been wondering how on earth are politicians these days such a mediocre bunch. Perhaps the brightest minds choose to go to the business-life rather than politics.
  3. Why do people always assume that an eco-fascist government which takes drastic measures to combat climate change is going to be some green socialist open borders government? After all, immigration from low carbon footprint countries into high ones is definitely not a good policy. A future eco-fascist government could be one to shoot everyone who attempts to enter the country without permission.
  4. If I were British I would have voted for Brexit. After all, Britain is a major country and they will always be all right. The EU needs them as much as the other way round. Britain has half the rest of the World on its side in form of the Commonwealth. The Brits are going to be all right. If there a was a referendum here in Finland on seceding from the EU I don't think I would vote for it. We are not Britain.
  5. The EU itself shouldn't have granted this current extension. Britain should have been kicked out in the end of March as origannally planned.
  6. The British Parliament is so theatrical.
  7. Johnson either has very high self-confidence or he knows something we don't as he plays this do or die-game. If Britain is still in the EU on Nov 1st his credibility is zero. The court's ruling is correct. Totally unthinkable that the PM would have power to stop Parliament from meeting. Nov1st will be a very restless day in Britain depending on whether Brexit has happened/been delayed/been cancelled.
  8. Remoaners dont really want another referendum. They just want to ignore the first one saying that it was only advisory, which is true, no denying that. However, if there was a second referendum and leave won agaiin, perhaps even with a bigger margin, do you think then the remoaners would accept defeat and give up? In your dreams!
  9. This reminds me of the episode how Prince Harry wore a nazi-uniform in some fancy-dress party. The outrage was huge. Later he married a mixed-race woman. I don't think Harry is a real nazi.
  10. Have any actual minorities expressed outrage at this terrible terrible scandal or is it, as usually, white middle-class leftists and champagne-socialists virtue signalling? If Trudeau wasn't such a hypocrite I'd almost feel sorry for him about this witch-hunt.
  11. The stances are clear except for one party; the LibDems want to cancel Brexit altogether, no new referendum. The Labour-party wants a new referendum between remain and a shitty deal. The deal is so shitty that even many hard-core Brexiteers would prefer remain. The new party, the Farage-party, sorry, I meant the Brexit-party wants a hard Brexit but they call it a clean break Brexit. Only the Tories' stance is not clear. They are hopelessly divided between a Brexiteer leader and ardent remoaners.
  12. Is anyone of you old enough to remember the time when Pierre Trudeau was PM? Probably considered as good old times since Justin has got where he is now because of his name, not his merits.
  13. Do you think there are people who were going to vote for the Liberals but this incident made them change their minds? Surely no one can be that fickle. Nice timing though to discover that photo.
  14. If there is one country for which Brexit could be a disaster it is Ireland. Namely, Britain will always manage, in or out of the EU, but Ireland is totally dependant on Britain and if there is a no deal Brexit it will be a big blow for Ireland.
  15. Just like the debt-crisis destroyed the political framework in Greece the same is happening in Britain because of Brexit. This has been fun to watch. Some sort of a political realignment is taking place and the old two-party division is breaking down.
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