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  1. I am personally preparing my own white flight as I live in the capital-region but I am looking at the price of property and availability of jobs deeper in Finland.
  2. I feel extreme sense of unfairness. There have been reports here in Finland how we should prepare to take up to 1m, yes million, asylum-seekers and how that would affect our infrastructure. WTF are we talking about here? Since when was Finland a major world-power which must take its full responsibility about the world? I mean, don't get me wrong, the Brits, the French, the former colonial masters all across the world but we the Finns?? As for the Britis and the French who have a history of expanding their nationalism way over their own borders there is a high time that they get a taste of their own medicine. There is nothing so bad that those counties wouldn't deserve.
  3. Church and state should be separate ( self-evident for you guys there in North-America but not so much for us here in Europe). Religion should not be a career or a livelihood for anyone nor should it have any hierarchy. (This is 21st century talk, prior to that it would be childish and naive beyond words)
  4. Unfortunately things don't work in a way that even if people elct a government which is very pro-multiculture and when they get fed up with it and elect another government which is not so pro-multiculture and the new government could just unravel the work of the previous government. A harmful government can do a lot of irrepairable damage. There will be elections in Sweden in three weeks time and very anti-immigration Sweden Democrats are tipped to become the largest party with estimated 26-30% of the votes. Even if they become the largest party the other parties are likely to gang up on the SD and keep them out of the government. However, even if SD one day wins an absolute majority and could legislate as they wanted do you think they could just kick out all the foreigners. It just doesn't work that way.
  5. -TSS-

    Canada's Refugee System in Chaos

    You can have open borders or you can have a welfare-state but you just can't have both. Take your pick. Canada does not have open borders. Since you are looking at things from the Canadian perspective and see immigration rising all the time you see all the new people who were allowed into your country but the thing is that you don't see any of the people who were refused entry to your country and the number of those people is manyfold compared to those who were allowed into your country. If all the people who would wish to move to canada were alowed to do so you would be inundated with third worlders within no time at all.
  6. -TSS-

    Canada's Refugee System in Chaos

    Here in Finland, if Russians conquered a square inch of forest somewhere in the middle of nowhere hundreds of thousands of Finnish men would be sent to die in a pointless war but at the same time the western border is wide open and hundreds of thousands of Africans can walk in at will. By the way three years ago over 30000 asylum seekers enterd Finland from the western border. Yes, they came from Sweden, a terribly dangerous country that must be. What followed was, and I'm not joking here, Finnish soldiers were ordered to carry the bags and suitcases of the arriving asylum-seekers instead of turning them away back to the perfectly safe country they arrived from. So much for the winter-war and all that stuff about Finnish soldiers. Now they were reduced to something like hotel-piccolos.
  7. -TSS-

    Maybe no Brexit exit.

    May herself is a remainer. The idea of her in charge of the negotiations for Brexit is laughable to begin with. As a remainer she obviously wants as bad a deal as possible and calls for a new referendum.
  8. -TSS-

    White South African Farmer Plight.

    The situation in South-Africa is really deplorable and it is getting worse all the time. I don't think the whites who insist on staying there even if they had a choice to go somewhere else are brave, they are just foolhardy. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of whites who really have nowhere to go; no money, no overseas relatives, no nothing. They just have to bear the brunt of the immense hatred the whites are facing over there.
  9. -TSS-

    America under President Trump

    In New Hampshire having 94% of the state white, the lowest unemployment in the USA and the lowest murder-rate in the USA and that is a problem, at least some decision-makers in NH think so. There must be more diversity.
  10. Your country has moved to 4-year terms insread of earlier 5-year terms? Perhaps that is better. 5 years is quite a long time when as 3 years is quite a short time which is the interval in Australia and NZ. Therefore 4 years is suitable.
  11. -TSS-

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    On one hand Justin Trudeau is a very famous person and people world over know he is the PM of Canada. When Stephen Harper or Jean Chretien were PM's it was by no means certain that people outside Canada had ever even heard of them. On another hand, Justin Trudeau being a very famous person world over must be getting something of an embarassment for many Canadians.
  12. -TSS-

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    How are the recent polss showing? Would Trudeau's party win if there was an election now? There's going to be an election in 18 months time at most anyway, right?
  13. -TSS-

    Canada's Refugee System in Chaos

    It is somewhat contradictory also that many people in Canada and Australia who advocate the rights of the first nations or aboriginals, the same people are at the same time very vocal supporters of mass-immigration. In the view of common sense that just doesn't make any sense. How does promoting for immigration make the issue of the first nations better? However, it is all about virtue-signalling. You get being considered a good person by your liberal-friends when you both advocate for the first nations and for more immigration without realising that they are contradictory things.
  14. -TSS-

    Canada's Refugee System in Chaos

    There was a good clip on Lauren Southern's visit to Australia. On it some Australian minister was going on about the usual multicultural cliches about how all Australians except the aboriginals are from somewhere else. Thankfully, a white male, even a journalist, interrupted her by saying that he was born and grew up in Australia and he is certainly not from somewhere else. However, you can easily understand that foreigners may think that Australians, as well as you Canadians, are all immigrants anyway but Australians, nor you Canadians, should never develop such a mind-set and think that way. When even a minister in Australia thinks that they are all from somewhere else it is really worrying.
  15. -TSS-

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Obviously he's just a mascot who hasn't got a clue what is really going on but who is/are the one(s) who make the real decisions?