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  1. Australia has the extreme temperatures at the other end of the scale which Canadians are used to. Hence drought and severe water-shortages. Nothing to envy about that.
  2. If the Central-- and South-American countries instead of being different countries with different identities had become some sort of Estados Unidos Hispanicos with the obvious exception of Brazil would that country be better off than today's various separate countries? At least nothing like what is happening in Venezuela wouldn't be allowed.
  3. Such a shame that the election next week is like 95% over one issue only even though parliamentary elections should be over a wide variety of issues. After almost 10 years of Tory-rule there is certainly calls for a change but what can you do when the alternative is a terrorist-sympathizing Marxist. I wonder if Brexit ever happens will the whole farce go on and the remainers become rejoiners and the leavers become, well, outstayers.
  4. You mean that if there was an Estados Unidos Americanos Hispanics, or something like that as I don't speak Spanish, from Mexico to the southernmost point of Chile obviously not including Brazil. Would such a huge country be a roaring success as two English-speaking geographically large countries have become very successful?
  5. The history of English, or British, monarchy is quite different from other monarchies in the sense that it has been more or less the same for at least 200 years meaning that the monarch obeys Parliament, not the other way round. The German Kaiser or the Russian Czar were tyrants as recently as in the early part of the 20th century shortly before their regimes were overthrown.
  6. If all the Canadian provinces were separate independent countries would all of them or none of them be better off compared to forming Canada which is a giant country?
  7. When Diana died the resulting mass-hysteria with all the excessive outpouring of grief was ridiculous. People wept for a person as if a family-member had died.
  8. Diana's death must be the third most popular conspiracy-theory right after 9/11 and JFK.
  9. The role of the GG in countries such as Canada, Australia, NZ etc is similar to that of presidents in republics such as Germany, Hungary, Italy and numerous others were the position of presidency is largely a ceremonial role. In the Australian republic-referendum 20 years ago republic did not lose because people would love the monarchy so much but because people did not like the kind of republic they were offered whereby the GG would only become president.
  10. If we compare Canada and Australia as rlation to the USA and the UK one could say that Canada is more inclined to the USA 90% compared to being inclined to the UK. Obvious Geographic reasons really despite Canada being a Commonwealth country. I guess a lot of Canadians don't follow nor are even interested in British politics and why should they anyway as it has nothing to do with them. In Australia it is definitely the other way round. They really are a British outpost down under. Whatever goes on in the UK is well-known 10000km away on the other side of the world.
  11. Could it be said that the likelihood that Trump is removed from office by this current impeachment-process is about 0.1% based on that there seems to be no plan B within the Republicans preparing for a possible primaries or if such an unlikely event happens that Trump is kicked out would Pence be an automatic Republican candidate?
  12. I guess in Winnipeg there is far more interest in hockey than in Atlanta or any other southern US-city.
  13. If Canada, or Australia and New Zealand for that matter, were ever tou turn into a republic it would only mean that the office of the GG would be changed that to the president.
  14. I kind of have wondered why do a lot of countries agree to have a foreigner as their head of state but apparently the majority of people in those countries either support such an arrangement or don't consider it big enough a deal to kick a fuss about.
  15. If the UK ever decided to become a republic, and therefore obviously needing to change the name of the country, could Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a number of other countries where the British Monarch is the head of state of those countries too keep the British Monarch even if the institution ceased to exist? Would all those countries be forced to become republics as their head of state would exist no longer?
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