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  1. The Brits will never get tired of gossips about their royals but as for Canadians as soon as the novelty wears off about the royal refugees settling in Canada I can't believe people could care about them very long. After all, from the Canadian view they are foreigners.
  2. A real old peoples' meeting this election. Biden, Sanders, Bloomberg and Warren on one side and Trump on the other side. All of them 1940s. In four years time when there is going to be a new President elected I expect there to be a real generation-change. Someone born in 1975-80 will get elected. We may not even know about that person today yet.
  3. I don't follow these celebrities at all so I don't know so I have to ask was Meghan famous in any way before she started dating Harry?
  4. This is not going to end in two weeks time. There will be fierce attempts to force another referendum to rejoin.
  5. I read recently that before the two term-limit was added to the constitution it was a kind of unwritten rule that nobody served as President more than two terms. Roosevelt broke that tradition by getting elected four times but he died shortly after his fourth election-victory. After that the limit was written down in the constitution. It is also noteworthy that the two term-limit is strict. Two terms, no more, instead of some babble about consecutive terms.
  6. She didn't like the royal life and living in Britain at all. Can't blame her for that. Harry wanted to break out of the golden cage. Therefore an easy decision to move out. However, this racism-accusation is BS. It is certainly more to do with being a foreigner. Britain is according to most surveys the least racist country in Europe if not in the world. Certainly less than the USA and probably Canada as well. If she wants to experience real racism she should go to Poland or Hungary.
  7. I have never been to Canada so I don't know what it is like there. Colder than Finland I guess. Must be as it is +5C now here in Finland and it is the middle of January. However, I trust Canada is a much nicer place to live in than the UK. Not that it takes much to achieve that.
  8. This must be the longest continuous period in over three years when Brexit hasn't dominated the news headlines in the UK but after all this is much more important, isn't it?
  9. There have been speculations that Harry would become the next GG of Canada but apparently that is not possible. The GG must be a citizen of the country he is the GG of.
  10. I can understand the arguments made for constitutional monarchy against republic but I just can't understand why should anyone be remotely interested in the lives of the royals. I must be in the minority with my view because if nobody was interested in them the tabloids wouldn't go to the lengths as they do to make stories about the royals.
  11. Russians admitting that they have made a mistake or would have been wrong? Dream on. There are plenty of other things Russians have not apologized for or have admitted having done wrong. For example, Russia Still insists that they never invaded the Baltic countries but they voluntarily joined the Soviet Union.
  12. A lot of Canadians and Swedes among the passengers. Looking at the list of the passengers names it is a bit difficult to say who were Canadians and who were Swedes.
  13. Makes you think that if the Iranian anti-aircraft is at that level that they can't tell a civilian plane from a military one what would happen if real fighter jets attacked them.
  14. I'm sure they have had a very interesting conversation at the Iranian military-hq once they realised that they had made a serious mistake.
  15. The plane had gone through maintenance only two days before. The Ukrainians insist there was no technical fault in the plane.
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