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  1. I wonder were they going to leave Trump alone after his Presidency is over if the Capitol-incident hadn't happened. I don't think so. They were going to destroy him anyway. However, with the Capitol-incident something really snapped. Now they are going to destroy him even more completely and enjoy it. I think Trump should go into exile while he still can as if they can treat him like this when he is still President you can only guess what they are going to do to him after the 20th.
  2. When George Bush Sr picked Dan Quayle as his VP who soon turned out to be a total dimwit who should never be allowed to become President there were a lot of jokes and even not jokes saying that if anything happens to Bush the first thing the secret service must do is to shoot Quayle. I guess there are a lot of similar thoughts regarding Kamala Harris.
  3. Everybody automatically these days assumes that the 2024 election will be between the incumbent President Kamala Harris and whatever RINO there is going to be against her. Nobody believes a lot that Biden would last very long.
  4. I haven't had the privilege of being in possession of that briefcase which has the nuclear arms-codes so I can only guess but my view is that you can't launch missiles by accident nor can you do so on a whim or just for fun. There has to be someone else who agrees with it. The President can alone decide on launching missiles and the military must obey him but there must surely be some clause that if, for example, the President wants to nuke his own cities his commands can be ignored.
  5. Trump's speech was on when I was doing something else but I heard it and it made it clear that even though it is admirable that you can speak by heart without looking at a teleprompter you end up repeating things which you already have said which Trump did many times during his speech. Another thing is that. I guess it is a cultural thing I dont know, but most American politicians when they give speeches they sound like they are talking to children. Trump is really the worst in that respect. It is not about the English language as British politicians dont sound as ridiculous when the
  6. They want to get rid of Trump now, not on the 20th. Why such a hurry that you can't wait 12 days? They are probably afraid that Trump would publish some classified information before he leaves office. Or going to do something else which drags everyone else down with him.
  7. Isis, al-qaeda and others must be kicking themselves as they certainly never knew that invading the Congress-building is that easy. I'm sure that some people responsible for the security of the building will have to answer some very serious questions.
  8. The latest conspiracy-theory is that the ones who invaded Congress were actually antifa in a maga-disguise. It is common that when something happens which makes you look bad you shout: false flag!
  9. I don't believe that the government is going to poison us through vaccinations and even if the tinfoil-hats are correct that the vaccine will make us infertile that is past my concern as I am almost 50. I don't have children anyway and never wanted any but still if I were younger I could give more listening to the tinfoil-hats. Even though the vaccine won't be compulsory it will be practically compulsory as it will be demanded here and there that you have had it.
  10. What do you think: If that Quebec-referendum 25 years ago had gone just as narrowly the other way as it actually did, mainly a few thousands of votes, would it really have started negotiations on secession and now 25 years later would there be an independent Quebec?
  11. If Biden is Chernenko then there will be an American Gorbachev and later an American Yeltsin. Wait, doesn't that analogy suggest that after the American Gorbachev the country will be disintegrated? There would even be an attempted coup?
  12. Since I don't vote in American elections and don't know in detail the election-process and the vote counting-process so I may not have a clue but on a general note one would imagine that if you want to commit election-fraud it would be much easier to "lose" a lot of legitimate votes of the candidate you want to lose rather than fabricate millions of fake-votes for the candidate you want to win.
  13. That would never be allowed to happen. I don't think Americans would react in the soviet-style by sending tanks to the streets but other than that it would just not be allowed to happen.
  14. It's going to be a gridlock for President Biden if the Republicans win the Georgia Senate-race and thus retain the Senate. Biden can't do anything and a considerable amount of the population believe he is illegitimate as President. He's a lame duck before taking office.
  15. It seems that the 1980's was the peak of American power. Since then it has been downhill and over the past few years the speed of going downhill has accelerated. One could even say that the end of the cold war and the dissolution of the external enemy, the Soviet Union, was a curse in disguise. China back then was not as powerful yet as they are now. Having this powerful external enemy which was the enemy of all Americans was something which united the nation. In this new situation the country is deep in the process of balkanisation and even though it is unlikely that there woul
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