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  1. It would be impossible to find jurors who would be impartial on this issue. Somebody living in a cave for the past year could pass for one but there aren't too many of those. The whole trial by jury is a failed concept but what instead? The judge would be able to decide on his own? Not a good idea either.
  2. If Chauvin had been acquited, as he should have given all the real data concerning the case, the consequences would have been horrible. So, it was for common good to sacrifice the life of one individual. I can't blame the jurors for weighing the pros and cons and coming to the conclusion they did but doesn't that just show how sick the society is where you really have to take such things into account when passing a verdict?
  3. In general it is stupid to praise or blame any president for anything. For example saying president X was a good president, he created millions of jobs, but president Y was a bad president, he destroyed the economy. Of course that is exactly what all political debate is all about but does somebody really believe in it?
  4. Trump has been gone for some time now but some people really can't let go off him. What are you going to blame for the troubles ahead when you can no longer blame Trump?
  5. Gorbachev is praised in the west for facilitating the fall of the Berlin Wall and the political freedom of the Eastern-bloc countries. However, in Russia he is absolutely despided. It is funny how people in the west think that if they just got rid of Putin there would be some Gorbached 2.0 to take his place. Instead there could be someone like Zhirinovsky.
  6. I see this two ways: If the tinfoil-hats are right and the coronavirus is just a hoax to gain a total control then the restrictions are not going to go away for a long time but if it is a hoax you are not going to get sick since it is a hoax in the first place. However, as there are a lot of people in hospitals because of the virus we can assume that it is real and we can get sick but if the virus is real all epidemics have their life-spans and they. end sooner or later. So win-win.
  7. Jamaica has a similar arrangement like Canada that Elizabeth is their head of state but they want to change that and become a republic.
  8. Do Canadian MPs need to swear the oath of allegiance to the Queen in order to take their seats? In Britain that requirement has stopped the Sinn Feiners from taking their seats as obviously they can't make such an oath.
  9. At least America has Mexico and Central-America south of its border but there is no easily explainable immigration into Canada. All immigration into Canada is something which Canada somehow wants.
  10. I guess it must be the case in Canada as well with people who vote for the Liberals but in America with the Democrat-voters most of them are not that keen on immigration but they just don't consider the issue of immigration as a big deal like many other issues. It is a very small minority of the population who base their voting on wanting more immigration and would stop voting for a party if the party made its stand on immigration stricter. Of course if a party rallies around traditional left-wing issues such as workers rights but at the same time was a very pro open borders those is
  11. Just wait till the corona-crisis is over and borders will be open again. They will really do their best to make up for "the lost time".
  12. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear coronavirus, happy birthday to you. Namely, on this date a year ago the first covid-case was discovered here in Finland. It was a Chinese tourist. Did our feminist government close the borders or at least force arrivals on quarantine? Of course they didn't. One year on and now we are on the verge of a lockdown and a curfew has been proposed. e
  13. America is a one party-state now and will be to the foreseeable future but are the democrats happy? No they aren't. They seem to get angrier than ever.
  14. Didn't they actually lose the overall vote in the last election but yet remained the largest party in parliament because of the way the electoral districts are formed?
  15. It is quite silly to believe that one person, even if that person is the President of the USA, is to be blamed or praised for the economy being good or bad. Politicians draw the guidelines but a huge economy such as the US is a mechanism of its own. If the economy is going well the president taking credit for it is like a cock taking credit for the dawn. In the opposite situation people need a scapegoat for hard times and the president is a perfect one for being one.
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