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  1. Many people who aren't British but who watch the British parliament meetings say that the parliaments in their own countries are boring compared to the British parliament.
  2. Parliament is supreme and it can walk over a referendum-result if it sees fit. However, doing so would be a very dangerous precedent. If you have no intention of honouring a possible "wrong" referendum-result then dont have a referendum. Another thing is to ask is it right that parliament is supreme. Have you ever watched the meetings of the British parliament? In my opinion it reminds more of a zoo than a group of sensible adults discussing issues.
  3. I can understand that if you hate Trump you will clutch at any straws in trying to get him out but honestly did anyone sincerely believe in that Russian collusion BS? It was similar BS from the start as the WMD-rubbish which was used as an excuse to go to war in Iraq.
  4. If Quebec had voted for independence in 1995 I wonder would it have happened by now. I mean, look at the Brexit-shambles in Britain.
  5. Macron is a lame duck already though he still has 3 years left to serve.
  6. If you insist on having single-member constituencies, or ridings as you call them, there should at least be a run-off between top2 candidates if nobody gets over 50% of the votes.
  7. I could imagine that in Britain there is a new unit of time called Bre. Namely, the time it takes to switch of TV when in the news it says: Now some more news about Bre... (switch off TV)
  8. Jared Taylor has been banned from entering the Schengen-area. I thought you cant close borders. That's what we've been told. What was Jared's crime? He holds views which are not desirable in Europe.
  9. There should be no such thing as a non-binding referendum. Either a referendum should be binding or there shouldnt be a referendum.
  10. I wonder have they already started saying that Putin must have bribed Mueller.
  11. Russian collusion didnt work for Trump-haters but they still have almost six years to get him out of the White House before he finally must go. Winning an election doesnt seem like the best way to achieve that objective.
  12. The number of drownings in the Mediterranean has reduce significantly thanks to the current Italian government. People like Merkel and Macron seem to prefer that people keep on drowning.
  13. I know that if there was a referendum in the UK about abolishing the monarchy it would be soundly rejected. That doesnt change the fact that these days kings and queens belong to the deck of cards,
  14. This was an immigrant vs immigrant-case.
  15. Is breaking this promise going to be harmful for Trudeau in the election?
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