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  1. I often jocularly tease one of my Russian work-mates by asking shouldn't there be more black people in Russia. No way is his answer. I try to say that there are about 150 million people in Russia so something like 5-10 million black people would make no difference. Not going to happen is the answer of my work-mate. If anyone in Russia ever tried to push such an agenda it would lead to a civil-war. On a serious note, there may be no black people in Russia but there are millions of Caucasians(not meaning the American definition for white people) and they are a real PITA for Russia.
  2. Does anyone think there is anything good about Biden other than that his not Trump?
  3. It is absolutely annoying how the woke-crowd are trying to push the American identity-politics into the European countries as well even though the context and the circumstances couldn't be more different. In Europe we just don't categorize ourselves by things like white, black, latino, asian etc. In Euriope we categorize ourselves based on our nations and the people from those nations.
  4. Currently looks good for Biden. The big question is that do people hate Trump more than dislike the idea of electing a senile goofy. 4 years ago people hated Trump less than could stomach the idea of another Clinton in the White House. Elections are always a question of picking lesser evils.
  5. I'm glad that here in Europe nobody really cares about abortion. It just isn't an issue over here. That would only needlessly divide the nationalistic lines.
  6. It looks like the disease has been suppressed here in Finland. There are less than 20 people in hospital-treatment for the disease and people are acting like the virus is just a bad memory. My main fear is that people will fetch the disease back by travelling as tourism begins to open up. Unfortunately many Finns are such oikophobic people that the idea of spending an entire year in our home-country is just too much to ask for.
  7. I was reading some posts of this thread and I was wondering how they seemed somehow strange and then I looked at the date when the thread was started.
  8. A mask protects you from the virus like barbed wire protects you from mosquitos.
  9. In many third world countries it is the major source of revenue that their people living in rich countries send money back home. Even the unemployment-benefit in almost any western country is a huge sum in the third world countries.
  10. When Bush Sr lost 28 years ago it was because of his "read my lips, no new taxes"-quip from the campaign 4 years earlier. A similar thing for Trump could be "We are going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it".
  11. Co-incidence or not, this time 28 years ago was the LA-riots. That was also an election-year. Later that year the incumbent president Bush sr lost. I guess some people hope that history would repeat itself.
  12. Even if Trump wins again, and that's a big if, he almost certainly loses the popular vote again like four years ago. That is because of California and New York.
  13. In many countries toying with the idea of seceding is a serious offence no matter how ridiculous or unrealistic it is. Therefore the American, or perhaps the Washington-state, authorities have shown great restraint with these lunatics.
  14. Does "taking a knee" sound less submissive and groveling than kneel?
  15. The authorities are being very patient; instead of cutting off water and electricity to CHAZ they wait that the citizens of the New country get bored. Or hungry.
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